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November 9, 2016
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July 8, 1998
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September 9, 1959
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Sanitized - Appr 62-0 68ORO X042 YQr Y'" 'I'll NR G MI `:i.'tW, iq1. "LL1UF. 'CE AARMCY Washington 25, D .C D.C. 9 September 195 ) 1 MORANDUM FORS: Members of the Chapter IX Subcommittee SUBJECT: Minutes of NI S Chapter IX Subcomali.ittee Meseting, 24 August 1959 1. A meeting of the NIS Chaqter V Subcommittee was held at 1)3(:) on 2l August 1959 to establish the Chapl.er IX schedule for FY 1901, review the forecast for FY 1962, and oixrli.ne a forecast for FY 1963 The following were in attendance 25X1A9a Mr. Arthur Cavanagh Mr. Edwin Killalea Mr. Alvin Munn Mr. Eugene F. Doerflr Mx . Dicka?ara 7C . Bovyepi.an Mr. John V. McNairy Miss Mary Ser,: ing Mr. Willis R:,: Meyers ACIC ( ambe'. ACIC (alter gate) ACSI (.m~,arbe x.-) ACSI Ct;E AWS (alternate) USRHo Charts (member) USNRO Oceanography (w-inher CIA (chairman) CIA CIA 2. Representation of R.rie ae .t '?hatea GC Subcommittee meet n ;as The chairman raisad a. quest. on es to the practice o." having mo: : than one representaat?.i.'veee o`?' +~a con';ri.t:-iting agency at Subcr),am1ttee metA;ings- It was noted that the ;~zaa:l;M1.1 ie x%apresen.ta ;iron of sorttr age acies may ''end to handicap the ss;pr: ,{,:.a>_ t of ag, ncy vi n b t by cthier? 3 :.'cendees. After sox discussion, 1b > roue dat.tirrrinad that on_1.y h t,,ti-omatttee ;aembe,rs or their cal terntttes &iouif . sA -nl meetings for the purx,o ae of exipre:aai.n?; agency viewpoints. Attenc ante b;/- other persons should be limited by those instances in which a n~ u.,Wm e ? recuire ; a techrti.ezel -onsu1tant or in which a replacema.- "oye the member or l is alternate iar to be int-oduceri: 3 , ate "c.wo of faint en -anc a at.adi.es to New Studies In establishing the cI er:.a1.:;:s and forecasts for : " Ot'1 63, th'! Subcommittee conside ad tae guI1d:anca: ec;at: fined in CL :?s `s tiff Study o Maintenance dated 18 t'+a;r 1.9`9, e =:mc ra^dxrii of *27 April =959 from the Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-0068OR000200120004-0 ..S i ' ,ed -Approved. For Release,: CIAfFD -006 0.80002 , 0120004-0= Chairm=an of the NIS Committee, the J:-o" priority I .st , arld the a,~-;,u&.1 mapping situations in individual. N IS Areas. The ACIC tuber proposed that Chapters IX for all Areas in Category I of the JCS priority be revised every 3 years and that provision be made for revising pasts of chapters as needed, without the necessity of revising subsections pertaintng to mapping situations that have changed too little to warrant revision. Other Subcommittee members felt that to revise as many Category I Chapters IX as ACIC proposed would preclude the accomplishment of new work. The ACID member agreed to table the scheduling proposal. pending final action by the NIS Coi,imittee on the F"f 1963 schedule. Action on limiting the revision of subsections was felt to be outside the Subcommittee?s province. 4. Schedule for FX 161 The schedule for FY 1961 was rreconsiderted and. approved with two changes: a) At the request of the Army mPm',e the ~ yea` . for NIS 39BM was transferred from the FY 1961 to the F! 1963 srheduln because of major topographic mapping programs in the Area which will not tae concluded in time for coverage in an earl. ier appraisal. After some discussion, NIS 25A formerly in the 1962 forecast) 4oaas aurj4tit t`d for NZS 39B14. b) At the request of the CIA contributory the date for initial contributions to NIS 103 war, changed fro kr 7a .uary 1x')60 to March 1960; the due date at OBI will remain October 1960.. The Subcommittee agreed to recommend the foil grin g Chapter IX schedule for FY 1961 to the NIS Committee: Contributions due NIS No. and Area at D /(1G Chapter to OBI 103 South Pacific Islands >a 60 Oct 60 50A Ghana and T'ogolend Sep 60 Jan 6.1 251. Gibraltar f.O r. 9c (SP0 -Iia. 01 26N U.S.S.R. eJu 1. 6 dun 61 5. Forecast for FY'19!~g In reconsidering the forecast for fr',,i. 1962p thrcC: dram es were made by the Subcommittee: as Y IS 56A was subs ituted f "o- N I'S s 1 after f1 a u considering NIa NIS 21: , NIB 20, HIS 1 ' , I 60 681, preferred because, variously, it IS in the ca general geogr chic area as :4IS 51, it would not impose an undue burden or. prodticers, it vas regarded as presently more important from the n app:Ln;ic :x praisa point of vie." , and it would not add a fifth maintenance study to the *che a .._a for the year. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-0068OR000200120004-0 Sanitized - Apprd of "r Reeas-OOR000200120004-0 b) NIS 68M was si.zbt;tituteci for NIB 25A, wkich had been =a-.*ed tc the fl 196? sci}edule. In deciding upon NIB 68 , consideration was also given to NIB r and Nis 67, but the A: r member considered NIS 68 most important because of the status of th'a mapping programs there. c At the suggestion of the Army aimber, the submittal dates of NIB 42M and Nis 89 were reversed. The forecast for F( 1962 as agreed upon by the Subcommittee is as follows.. NIS No. nd Area Contrib%;tions due et b alte 66M Iceland mar 6_-i_ Aug 61 56A Kenya and Zanzibar Apr 61 Nov 61 Protectorate 89 Chile may 61 Jan 62 42M Thailand jury 6::. Feb 62 52 Equatorial jhf e:?ic.a Aug 6: Mar 62 39AM Communist China Sep 6ii. Apr 62 14g Poland Oct 6: May 62 88 Peru Nov 6:.1- Jun 62 6. Forecast for ] '-' 3.96 The ehairman pointed out that the forecast proposed to the Subcomml:tee by the Chapter IK Coordinator represented a departure from previous schedules in that it includes only three new C apters IK. All members concurred lb the desirability of this change. lost ;of the new area selections are bays ed on the JCS priority _L:s~. :trather than on actual mapping; situations After also consider in the pom sibiii y of including NIS 4014,, NIS 4911, i 541A. NIS 56B, NIB 677, and NaIS 78, the following forecast was agreed to by the Subcommittee. The t~ttxdies are listed. in order of anticipated due d;ai;es. Nis o . and A:(.-ea 39i eta` for -11 st China 5() 3i ~r?re Leone, Gambia, and Portuguese Guinea 7 Hu.igary 3 3 erfc`Ue Iran Sanitized - Approved For Release C,IA-RDP62-0068OR000200120004-0 Sanitized - Appr 62-00R000200120004-0 Nis No ad_ AMei(con.) Denmark 56C Tanganyika 21M Yugoslavia NIS 398M was placed fir :t in priqrity et the request of ACTC and AW1, so that work on NIS 39;4 and 39A will be as close together in time as possible. 7. 1 2 _ o ( U . S . S . R . ) Scheduling The AWS representative asked whetter Section 19 of NZ 26 might be rescheduled so as to fall due ~xf' r tb Chempter ?X for the Area. Y was determined that such a proposal was outside the province of the Sub+-omm.ittee and should be made through the FIB rc)w ittee member. 8. Subcommittee M*etin on 26 A ;,ust 19 The chairman reminded the e;rou of the Subcommittee meeting sc=heduled for Wednesday, 26 August, at l1CO, to consider the pending aerial p.hotogrephy question. 23I8 Chapter Coordinator Sanitized - Approved For Releases : CIA-RDP62-00680R000200120004-0