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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-00865R000200090002-1 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF MATERIAL DEALING WITH ELECTIONS IN THE USSR AND THE SATELLITES 25X1A8a Prepared by Prepared for 25X1A8a Case Number 25X1A2g Date completed: 25 May 1953 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Release CIA-RDP62-00865R000200090002-1 SaBIBL &APA'PHY OE" I~. E S I AFt~ ~62y 58000200090002-1 ELECTIONS IN THE USSR AND THE SATELLITES 1. The USSR Ackermann, Klaus Das. Land der stummen Millionen Tuebingen, 1951 A former German POW in the Soviet Union. About elections, see pp.147,157. 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M., N51 (Russia in Transformation, Change of Government and Social Structure in the Soviet Union) An excellent analysis of the political and social forces in the Soviet Union. t'Stalinistische Autokratie and bolschewistische Staatspartei" (Stalinist Autocracy and Bolshevist Government Party)pp. 2-27; '"'Sowjets and bolschewistische Massenor ganisationen" (Soviets and the Bolshevist Mass Organizations) pp. 59-71 About elections, see pp. 59-66. Published also in Europa Archiv Jahrgang 1951, pp. 3735-66, 4351-8 Monnerot, Jules La sociologie du communisme Paris,1949 A coherent description of Soviet philosophy and tactics, this book contains also an analysis of party procedure. An English trans- lation, Sociology and Psychology of Communism, was published in Boston, 1953. Moore, Barrington Soviet Polic and the Dilemma of Power Cambridge, .1950 Outstanding study on Soviet sociology and social psychology. 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Rumania; Political Problems of an Agrarian State New Haven, Yale University Press,1951 Seton-Watson, Hugh The East European Revolution Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1945 Stransky, Jan East Wind Over Prague London, Hollis and Carter, 1950 4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-00865R000200090002-1 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-00865R000200090002-1 III. A Pamphlet on Elections in the USSR, Published in the Urdu Language in Karachi, Pakistan Ali Ahmad Khan, Choudhry Elections in the USSR published by Maktab-i-Charagh-i-Rah, Karachi at the Kaleem Press.Price: 3 annas, 32 p., in Urdu Summary of Contents: In the foreword, the author briefly traces the rise of communism, and. concludes that communism has become embodied in a new kind of police state which thrives on a new type of imperialism. Elections in the USSR are reviewed, with emphasis on the fact that they are a mockery, not free elections. This is antithetic to Islam. The booklet describes control by Russia's one-party system over every phase of life, including art and literature. Again attention is directed to the conflict with Islam. The Russian constitutional clause, "freedom of the press", is ex- plained with the conclusion that "if this is freedom of the press then we can say without any hesitation that no government in the world has ever imposed any restriction on the press". The section on the press explains in detail the part a free press should play in national elections. The author then discusses the "right of :nomination'" for Soviet elections, pointing out that a handful of men control elections, including nominations for even the lowest offices. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-00865R000200090002-1 5 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-00865R000200090002-E5X1A8a Eloccions in the USSR and the Satellites (100 copies) Distribution: 12 copies 1 copy " ~- 25X1A8a " tl y (Encl. only) 25X1A9a c y ---0*0.,,,,4 0-1 ,114_~ (~/_Q Atm-1/ -4-W. 25X1A9a DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN CLASS. ^ E] DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO. TS S NEXT REVIEW DATE: AUTH: HR 70.2 D,An;REVIEWER:_056567 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-00865R000200090002-1