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December 15, 2016
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April 17, 2001
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February 6, 1957
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Approved For Release 200.2/11/19: CIA= rw *USAF Declass/Release Instructions On File* ~9b7 General Nathan F. Twining Chief of Staff d States Mr Force Washington 25. D. G. Dear General d at some length with General Gabett the planned as presented in your tatter of 2 February 1957. approval of the deployment of Detachment C to Atsugi, Japan, is greatly appreciated. As soon as Admiral Burke grants us access to that base we shall arrange to have necessary hangar modifications carried out expeditiously and subsequently to have the Detachment deployed. We will make additional space available to the Air Force at just as rapidly as possible so that the Air Force U-2 training can proceed there free from the limitations currently imposed by the presence of Detachment :p of CIA representatives will remain there a the only continuing Detachment C completes its move from only a 25X114 25X1 activities of this Agency will be the completion of the research and develop- ment program related to this project. I may remind you that the develop- most work which remains to be completed is highly classified which pre- cludes its move to another location and is of very direct interest to the Air Force. I am confident that our remaining requirements will not seriously interfere with the Air Force program. The senior CIA representative remaining at after the 25X1A deployment of Detachment C will be a support commander who win responsible for the administration of base support and who wilt handle tattoos with the company that furnishes base maintenance and meaning ,4CIA-RDP62B00844R Approved Fe elease' 2002/11/19 ;a F -RDP62BOO844R000200040058-6 25X1A and rotations withO concerning the support of _ __ . ---- __ L. Two senior security officers will act as advisers to the USAF ea 25X1A charge of security. One USAF Captain wilt handle the re;xnaaini % L rv effort on our final pieces of equipment. CIA communications cryptographers -"It bee needed in sending and receiving Agency message traffic. CIA supply al .~._` d an a jrtrrave clerks Witt assist in the base sup tion. ALL ssee Agency personnel will be I user stand this procedure has been discussesd and agreed to by USAF and Agency planning groups. ? for this small Agency group, the USAF shall have complete operational and security control during Its occupancy. I completely accept your view that the USAF must establish as expeditiously as possible, against the Contingency Of a war emergency, a reconnaissance capability based on the U-2. White I would like to concur fully in your plan for bringing We capability into being, I feet I must call your attention at this time to a problem which may arise in the future if the Steps outlined in your letter are taken as and when presently planned. I do so not for the purpose of proposing that you now modify or delay the Air Force program but. because I believe we should be prepared together to review this problem at a later date if it should arise. The problem is that of maintaining the plausibility of the various explanations that have been given out or have been allowed to circulate to explain the nature and activities of our Detachments and the reason for their presence at various locations overseas. I am sure you share my profound hop* that we will be granted permission to have this joint Project resume overflights both in Lurope and in the Far East beginning this spring or in the *arty summer. Though such overflights might be limited in number and closely controlled in timing by higher authority, most certainly a great deal of vital intelligence could be obtained, even with a low sortie rats. If :+ operations wweere about to begin or were underway when the tI A F units . openly ?stablishod themselvees at Laughlin Air Force Base as part of a SAC. Wing, previously known as a Strategic Reconnaissance organization. but recently redesignated a Weather Reconnaissance Wing, I fear the copse-- uence,s could be serious. The danger is that the association of the U?2 E wing, and with the recent redeeignation would give rise to much speculation both in the general ress p and In the aviation preens concerning the true mission of our units, their use of what would then be revealed as a cover story, and their possible connec- tion with SAC. I am sure you recognise that such a development could prejudice the chances for a continuation of overflight activity with the U-2. T8-156839 " Copy 3 of 8 Approved For Releas gQ 12(1lll~ A-RDP62B00844 gOilO (i8-6 25X1 C *Approved For Releas GF0 ~1 4IA-RDP62B00~84r4R000200040058-6 I reeaaatise, of course, that events may render this fear irrelevant or may lead us to conclude that the risk is not sufficiently serious to justify any modification of your program. I do believe. however, that It will be desirable for us to review the situation together about I May 1957 any case. several weeks before the redesig tion of the 4029th and 40 th Squadrons or their move to Laughlin Air Force Base with lI-Z air- craft. U we should find at that time that the redesignation or move would Jeopardize the security of our joint Project. I hope you would then consider matting necessary modifications in your program so as not to jeopardize a action so vital to the interests of both our Agencies. I & Leo request n the meanwhile every effort be made to maintain a degree of compart- non the Air Force units aat and the 4090th wing so that the former will not come to be associated with the tatter either Air Force until the actual move takes place. Subject only to the above comments. I concur in the USAF proposed program presented in your totter. I wish to assure you again we wilt do everything in our power to facilitate and expedite the program. Allen W. Duties Dir, ,Jr, Project Director JAG:hh (5 Feb 57) Rewritten: RMB:gjg (6 Feb 57) Distribution: Copy I & Z-Gen. Twining V3`-DDCI 4-Dep Prof Dir 5-Prof Dir Subj 6-Prof Dir Chrono (w/incoming) Tg?1$38 7-L/Cot Leo P. Geary C y,3 of g AgpaWFS Fir gJW8 2002/11118 P62B00844R%%@0$4 1f1M3-6 Appro led gyww Foe easel ;~ , WN90 119 25X1A 25X1A ' NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NO. DATE 25X1A Es o, Ex. 3985 -f~2B~0~~??,,~~ 5 Feb 5 844R 00200047 8 Appr CIA-RD -6 19 : UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET FORM N0. Replaces Form 30-4 (40) APR 55 237 which maybe used. ~. u s cnorauururoo.u.. __ - _.__ UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME AND ADDRESS INITIALS DATE Deputy Director of Central Intelligence 2 3 4 5 6 ACTION DIRECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY X APPROVAL DISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION SIGNATURE Remarks : Attached is my rather belated trip report. Row- ever, because of my absence, a considerable numb' of things have piled up and I have had trouble find- ing time to do an adequate job of reporting the trip As I stated in the report, I can not adequately ex- press my appreciation for the cooperation, understan - ing and assistance afforded to me, both in 0 and 0 Attached are copies which you may wish to route to the other officers cated. 25X1A FOLD HERE TO RETURN TO SENDER Approved For Release 2002/11/19 : CIA-RDP62B00844R000200040058-6 MEMORANDUM FOR: I'm advised that the attached report is submitted for your approval of: (1) The report itself, and (2) The proposed distribution. (All proposed recipients are cleared to receive this type information.) Do you approve the distribution as indicated? N0 Incidentally, for your information, Mr. Bissell has not yet seen this report. (It was routed through his office, however, for handling purposes.) (DATE) 7 Feb 57 FORM FORM 10-101 1 AUG USED. 54 1 0 l W H I C H MAYBE Approved For Release 2002/11/19 : CIA-RDP62B00844R000200040058-6 Approved ForRelease 2002/11-/19: CIA-RDP62B00844R000200040058-6 .3(/- 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A ROOM NOpeleas Approv TRANSMITTAL 12 Feb (Date) TO: Doris BUILDING ROOM NO. REMARKS: Attached for distribution is report. Gen. Cabell has approved the distri- bution as indicated by Although DDCI is on distri- bution for copies 1 and 2, we are returning these for your files. Thanks. FROM: Kay BUILDING ROOM NO. EXTENSION FORM NO. 36-8 SEP 1946 25X1A TRANSMITTAL SLIP DATE February 1957 TO: ROOM NO. BUILDING REMARKS: Attached hereto is a package of papers to go to DD/CI. It is de- sire that the whole package be forwarded to DD/Cl inasmuch as the distribution is a suggested one for General Cabeil's okay Also, wants to be sure DD/CI approves the report as is before further distribution is made. Thanks much. FROM: ~1(~4R0 FORM 55 241 REPLACES FORM 36-8 WHICH MAY BE USED. 25X1A 0200040058-6