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December 14, 2016
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October 16, 2002
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November 1, 1957
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-d Approved For Release 2002/10/29 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200070052-9 UBJECT T DIRECT Upper lipper Tank Installation on U.2 20918 -2_ of 4/ 1 November 1937 1. It hap been determined from recent information from LAC that it is feasible to install slipper tanks in the field. Each detachment has the necessary people and equipment to make the modification, how. ever, this would require the service of one LAC supplied engineer or highly qualified factory mechanic to supervise the operation. The installation requires eight days' shop time at Edwards AFB but at the detachment at least two weeks for each aircraft is necessary. LAC can supply the first tank kit six weeks from start in the shop and can complete delivery of five kits in twelve weeks. 2. It has further been determined that jig drilling of the tanks for interchangeability between aircraft is not feasible at this time as tank attach bolts must pick up existing akin rivet hole patterns which were hand layout at time of wing manufacture. After slipper tanks are once instelled on a particular aircraft, it requires only some four hours to detach or reinstall the tanks to the airplane. This feature will lend a great amount of flexibility to the Unites operational capacity as they can detach or instill the tanks to an aircraft as late as receipt of the Mission Plan message. 3 ? Quoted price for five more sets of tanks would be on 3P1915 including 5.2 modification, installation and flight teat at Edwards AFB. If only slipper tank kits are supplied for use in the 25X1 field the five sets would cost and if LAC supplied an engineer to sunervlse installation on 3.-4 sets, the total cost would be 25X1 IThe *boys figures are based on clean aircraft only. 'natal- lation and treatment of tanks and Phase I/ for THERMOS would cause acme cost increase. U.2 344 is presently equipped with acceptable RAINBOW and will need slipper tanks that have been RAINBOW covered prior to shipment. LAC affirms this is feasible and practicable and that RAINBOW representative at each detachment is capable of adapting the RAINBOW installation to the slipper tanks. 4. Present U.2 and Slipper tank placement: RAINBOW Petechment "C" 342 - Clean . Clean with slipper tanks 358 - Clean 352 - Clean 343 - Clean *349 - RAINBOW & Slipper tanks 355 - RAINBOW & slipper twits 333 -CWrovedForRelease2002/10/29:CIA-RDP62B00844ROOMMOTOWEI8 36O .Clean Approved For Release 20 CIA-RDP62B00840000200070052-9 When Amoy couple no U-2 aircraft be piper tank U-2 Flow Chart be approved tor planning amch as primaJAbble. - Clear tanks ns APPROVSD Iirjr. BISSELL, JR P/DCIftIE Matt MIA 110IPM1 For Release 2002/10/29 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200070052-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/10/29 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200070052-9 U. FUN CHART 1. This ow Chart is based on following assumptions: a. Each U-2 will require 15 to 30 dais work to complete mods upon arrival EOM and prior to any other work being dons, b. RAINBOW covered aircraft will require 14 dare testing after application. c. Each U-2 req se 60 days to complete initial RAINBOW application. d. Each U-2 r uires 30 dare to reinstall RAINBOW applica If base coat is useable. o. Slipper tanks require 14 days to install on U-2 at the detachment and/Or 8 dare at NAM 2o Assigpment 1 May 19581 Detachment liBr 344 H & ST 349 R & ST 351 ST 359 R & ST Detactimpnt 355 R & ST 358 ST 367 R & ST 378 R & ST ion MED 342 R & ST 343 352 353R & ST 360 Note that chart requires an exchange of aircraft between Edwards APB and the detachments on 1 March 1958 and 1 April 1958. This appears to be the minimum amount of ferry flights necessary to accomplish scheduled mods and in well within project capability toaccompliah. Approved For Release 2002/10/29 : CIA-RDP621300844R000200070052-9