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December 12, 2016
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August 10, 1999
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July 10, 1956
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Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200200047-0 tTROFFICIAL TRAIISTATTON Soviet Note No. 23 July 10, 1.956 basay of the Union of the Soviet Socialist labile presents its compliments to the Department of State of the United States of America and, acting on instructions from the Soviet Government, has the honor to state the followings According to precisely verified dataJuly 14 of this year, at 8i18 a.m. Moscow time twin-ergine medium bomber of the United States Air Force appeared from he American sot* of cyccupsti on in Western Germany and flew over the territory of the German Democratic Republic entering the air space of the Soviet Union from the direction of the Polish People's Republic at 905 in the area of Grodno. The aircraft which violated the air space of the Soviet Union flew on the route Minsk, Vilnyus Kaunas end Kaliningrad, penetrating 'territory of the Soviet Union to the depth of 320 kilometers and remaining over such territory for one hour and 32 minutes. On July 5 of this pars at 7041 Moscow time, a twin.ngine medium bomber f the United States Air Force, coming from this American Zone of occupation in Western Genssny, flew over the territcry of the German Democratic Republic, and at 864 penetrated the air space of the Soviet Union in the area of Brest coming from the direction of the Polish Republic. The aircraft violating the air frontier of the tnnt of State of the UnitedStatee of America Washington, D. C. Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200200047-0 Approved For Release-2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200200047-0 grist Union flew along Kaliningrad, tiering route Brest Pinsk, netrated Soviet territory th of 150 kilometers and having remained one hour and 20 minutes over anch territory. The same day another twin-engine bomber of the United States Lir Force invaded the air space of the Soviet Union and penetrated to a significant depth over Soviet territory. On July 9 there took place new flights of United States aircraft into the Soviet air space. The above-men.tioned violation of the air frontiers of the Soviet Union by American aircraft cannot be interpreted as other than intentional and conducted for purposes of reconnaisanoe. It must be underscored that these gross violations of the sir pace of the Soviet Union took place at a time when, as a result of the efforts of the Soviet Union and other peace.loving governments, a definite lessening of international tensions has been achieved, when relations,: between governments are improving, and Whentwutual confidence between them is growing. Such a development of international relations is fully supported by the peopleiof all countries who are vitally interested in strengthening peace. One cannot, however, fail hostile to the cause of reaoe gnise that r of countri axation of international tension which has taken by the circles do rything possible to interfere with !lather improvemnt of relations between countries and the creation of mutual trust among them. Among such attempts is the said gross violation by the Awwiricari Lir Force bf the air space of the Soviet Union, which consistently carries out a Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200200047-0 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP621300844R000200200047-0 policy of strengthening peace and broadening buLnese1ik cooperation with all countries, including the United States of America. In this connection, the fact attracts attention that the said violations of the air frontier of the: Soviet Union by American aircraft coincided with the stay of General Twining, U. S. Air Force Chief of Staff, in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Soviet Government energetically protests to the Govenment of the Untied States against such gross violation of the sir space of the Soviet Union by American military aircraft ani considers this violation as an intentional act of certain circles in the United States* planned to aggravate relations,: between the Soviet Union and the United States of Amerioa. Calling the attention of the Government ef the United States to the inadmissibility of such violations of the air apace of the Soviet Union by Loan aircraft, the Soviet Government states that all responsibility for possible consequences of such violations rests with the Goverment of the United States, The Soviet Government expects that steps will he taken by the Government of the United States to punish those guilty for the said violations and to prevent such violations in the future. Washington, D. C. Jniy 10$ 1956 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP62600844R000200200047-0