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November 11, 2016
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April 15, 1999
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June 11, 1957
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Sanitized - pproved For Release : CIA-RD1 B00844R00020022000- 6 S-E-C-R-E-T SAPC-16511 yY Copyr~f 50 11 June 1957 The purpose of this letter is to inform you of certain readjustments in duties and responsibilities, and attendant procedural changes, which we have made in our Project Headquarters organization. Let me assure you at the outset, however, that this is not intended to change our basic pro- curement policies or change any other practices by which we have attempted unusually expeditious and secure development and procurement action, nor are we reverting to the normal procurement machinery of this Agency. As you know, the Project began with a very small nucleus of Project Headquarters personnel and as the Project gained momentum or Head- quarters staff was from time to time expanded to handle the many areas of responsibility which arose. Originally, however, and for the first year or more of the Project, the areas of development and procurement were overriding in importance. I was able to follow personally the development problems and the procurement function was the responsibility of 25X1A as the Project Contracting Officer. Eventually, as other aspects of the program (political, operational, etc.) required more and more of 25X1A my time, - became my personal representative for following develop- rrment, as well as procurement. In this dual capacity he became the logical channel for the various suppliers to communicate with Project Headquarters on all phases of development and procurement and on the numerous associated problems which impinged on these areas. These areas included many liaison functions having to do with security, materiel movement, payments, administrative and personnel problems in connection with detachments, travel arrangements. FOG problems, etc. This procedure was eminently satisfactory, since it provided for continuity from the inception of the Project and for coordination of all problems bearing on the important areas of development and procurement. , , g ypes r o Jr 25X1 A business through has placed an ever and ever heavier burden on him personally. Moreover, with the phases of major innovations behind us, an increasing proportion of his time has been occupied with straight- forward procurement and administration of procurement and development matters. Accordingly, I have felt it was wise at this time to ask - to delegate certain of these functions to his staff. As you are aware however the channelin of man t f Poject 25X1A 25X1A Sanitized - Approved Foof ei a !ET4-RDP62B00844R000200220003-6 Sanitized -Q,pproved For Release : CIA-RD1B00844R000200220003-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A I believe it appropriate also at this time to recognize officially the allocation of responsibilities that as you are aware has long been in effect in our Headquarters whereby areas of Administration and Materiel are the responsibilities of two other senior officers, the Director of Administration and the Director of Materiel. Accordingly, I urge you to work directly with these two men and their staffs on the problems pertaining to those areas. 25X1A With respect to continued work to be handled through - office (responsible for Development and Procurement), tnl change involved there is delegation downward of certain duties to the staffs This will free - from the more routine type problems arising in the development and procurement area of the Project and allow him to concentrate, as in the past, on the remaining major areas of R&D, particularly 25X1A Delegation of duties in the area of development and procurement involves primarily the separation of technical requirements and associated research and development functions from the straight procurement and 25X1A administration of procurement functions. Specifically, has been assigned the duties of Project Contracting Officer (except for 25X1A and has been assigned the duties of Project Development Officer (except for a They will have the 25X1A responsibilities indicated on the attached or anization chart and both will report to - in their respective areas. So will function as 25X1 A Director of Development and Procurement and will be my personal representative for all phases of at Project Headquarters, as well as being responsible for the con nuing overall Project development and procurement areas through No change will be made in the signatures used on Project contracts, but will now sign these 25X1A names, In the future, therefore, =(or his staff) should be the initial 25X1A contact on Project procurement and contract matters and 25X1A (or his staff) should be the initial contact on Project research, development and technical requirement matters. Correspondence should be similarly designated on the inner envelope. Other divisions in Project Headquarters should be contacted on Project business outside the area of development and procurement. Again, let me give you my personal assurance that the basic under- standings that you have had with the Project, with myself, - or with others in authority to make commitments, and which have contributed so substantially to the success of our efforts, will be fully honored and the same basic principles will continue in effect. 2 Attachments Sanitized - Approved For Release : C S-E-C-R.E-T 25X1A 25X1A Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62B00844R000200220003-6 25X1A Head uarters USAF Areas Air Force Liaison. )5X1A Director of Develot and Procurement Areas Proj Hqs Rainbow liaison (development & procurement), any genet erat development or procurement policy; GENERAL ORGANIZATION CHART Arena Any general Admin policies or pro- cedures. Includes Finance, Personnel, Security and Cover, Edwards AFB Area; All aspects Ops, Suppliers may contact Ops on any significant problems which directly affect operational aspect of program. Area.- General Proj Logs matters, i, e., availability, storage, distribution, dis- posal, programming, (FAK, Depot spares, ate.) Establish and publish Prof policy on supply and main tenAnc_e_ CIA-RDP62B00844R000200220003-6 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62B00844R000200220003-6 ORGANIZATION CHART e- DEVELOPMENT & PROCUREMENT DIVISION CHART II 25X1A F Project Personnel K A D and Technical 25X1A 25X1A Director of Development & Procurement Area.- Proj Hqs Rainbow Liaison (development and procurement), any general Proj development or procure anent policy, P or iect Contractiag Officer 25X1A Area, Negotiation of new contracts and amendments to existing contracts; formal administration of contracts (approvals, interpretations , etc, a terminations and settlements of contracts. audit arrange- ments and liaison and similar procure- ment problem a. Area includes FOG contracts. 25X1A ontract Negotiator Contract Administrato Contract Negotiator Contract Administrator 25X1A Sanitized - Approved For Release 25X1A 25X1A Rj=c Deve open Off+cX.. Area., Day-to-day liaison with suppliers on R&D and technical problems associated with equipment being developed and produced, review of old rgmts and initial recommenda- tions on new rgmtso evaluation of results' action and/or recommendations for action with reference to modifications. changesg etc. Includes common FOG items. CIA-RDP62B00844R000200220003-6