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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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September 3, 1958
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6TAIJDAR' andLized - Approved For R AWN IA-RDP62S00231A000100100042-7 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO Chief, Industrial Division, ORR FROM : Chief, Aircraft Branch, D/I suBJECr: Monthly Report, August 1958 DATE: 3 September 1958 I. Accomplishments a. Branch Projects abmitted Project No. 33.2057 - Production Status of Antonov-Designed Aircraft in the USSR. b. Other Projects submitted None c. Special Research Nine and one-half hours country time. d. Other 25X1 D1 a 25X1 D1 a (1) Suggested Item for the Current Intelligence Dige3t, entitled - Eat German Jet Airliner "152" Finalij to be Tested. (2) Memorandum to Chief, Control Star, ORA dated 13 August '58 (3) ONE Board was briefed on 29 August 1958 on sight:~_ng of 25X1 X1 Delta-wing aircraft II. Training 25X1A9a 11 begin his training in Introduction to Intelligence beginning 8 September 1958. Sanitized - Approved For Re 2SO0231A000100100042-7 Sanitized - Approved For Relea 62 S00231A000100100042-7 V. A. 4 . SUBJECT: Monthly Report, August 1958 III . Trips 25X1A9a egan his tour to Belgium, .England, Germany, the Netherlands and. Spain on 22 August :L958. The purpose of this trip being to maintain professional fitness by attending aeronautical conferences and observing aeronautical or scientific exhibitions, and to gain a general familiarization with the organization, responsibilities and research methods of these agencies. IV. Administrative 25X1A9a on 2 July 195 . 25X1X7 VI. Problems None VII. Recommendations None VIII.. Other Information Nothing to Report. reported to the branch with full clearance 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Release: DIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100042-7 Sanitized - Approved For Releirth9 f-RDP62SO0231A000100100042-7 3Ssp 19-56 XUW aMaWUbw"s fOr Ah* t s'r.-t InteiifMaee Digt3t, Nl a f it Outitrs ., must iteve dot ME WW 25X1 D1 a 25X1X1 25X1A9a (2) to C iet, t , Staff on ds. 1 Aumm an 29 kW&t 19J$ o sighting of Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100042-7 Sanitized - Approved For Relea fDP62SO0231A000100100042-7 25X1A9a Um'IM j OM A i ttn cm 22 lums. ., _...._ _ _. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1X7 " 4 p o r t " f la bxwm& w i t h tt ciewimce 25X1X7 vu. ~tiesl or doff c tbitfa mad to pin rri*h aApanvi a-r!G obi r 25X1A9a Distribution; Orig. and 1 - Aftlresmw o :D 2 - I/As zfur~1r (3635) 25X1A9a -2- Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100042-7 SECRET