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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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August 1, 1958
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STANDARD Ma'' tized - Approved . A-RDP62S00231A000100100054-4 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT : Chief, Industrial Division, ORR FROM : Chief, Electronic Equipment Branch, ORR sUBJECr: Monthly Report, July 1958 DATE: 1 August 1958 1. Accomplishments a. Branch Projects Submitted None have been submitted officially. Project 36.2081, "The Reorganization of the Electronic Industry of the USSR", has been completed by the analyst and a copy informally given to for an advance evaluation. 25X1A9a b. Other Projects Submitted Project 10.1806, "Soviet Capabilities and Probably Courses of Action through 1965". Contributions were submitted for the Electronic Industry and the Electrical Machinery Industry. 25X1A9a Project 30.1805, "Soviet Military Expenditures through 1963", Electronic Equipment contribution. c. Special Research None. 2. Training 25X1A9a A request is being submitted for o be enrolled in V the next Agency course, "Supervision for Research Analysts". 3. Trips Nothing to report. 4. Administration 25X1A9a Effective 1 July 1958, was appointed Chairman of the EIC Subcommittee on Electronics and Telecommunications, vice 25X1A9c The Branch Secretary, has indicated her intention to .resign from the Agency of ec ive October 1958. It is recarmended that consideration be given at this time to a possible replacement. 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100054-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RD 00231A000100100054-4 SUBJECT: Monthly Report, July 1958 Because this job requires a person with a thorough knowledge of ORR and ERA procedures and a demonstrated competence in all the job requirements, it is recommended that a replacement be obtained from within the Economic Research Area, if possible. 5. Plans A Project Action Memorandum allocating Branch time in support of 25X1 X7 th conomic Sessions, is being forwarded for approval. The current Branch research program is to be exploited as the major source for intelligence support. It is therefore not expected that this project will delay the completion of currently scheduled research. An allocation of time is necessary primarily to cover the requirements for Branch coordination of EIC support, plus the attendance of Branch personnel at the conference. As a result of completed research on the Soviet Electronic Industry a number of important research gaps have been indicated which appear to be sufficiently important to require early attention, and for which no adequate allowance has been made in research projects currently scheduled. It is planned, therefore, that a portion of the 1,500 reserve research hours in the Branch FY-59 program will be allocated to projects designed to fill some of these gaps. Project proposal memoranda will be submitted. 6. Problems a. Solution to a Problem Previously Reported The Branch was notified by FDD that they have now resumed reporting on the Soviet Electronic Industry and that this reporting was now to be accomplished through a new and separate FDD Summary entitled, "The Electronic and Precision Electrical Equipment Industry of the USSR". b. Current Research Schedule As reported in the monthly report for June 1958, the unantici- pated amount of research time required for support to COCOM negotia- tions, amounting to two man-months, has made it necessary to request extensions of due dates for several Branch Projects. These are as follows: 36.900 "Methodology for Estimating Production, Electronic Industry." An extension of due date to St/PR to 1 October 1958 is requested. 36.1556 - "The Electron Tube Industry of the Sino-Soviet Bloc". An extension of due date to St/PR to 1 September 1958 is requested. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100054-4 2 - Sanitized - Approved For RaIAacP ? CIA-RDP62S00231A000100100054-4 SUBJECT: Monthly Report, July 1958 36.1935 - "Trends in the Electronic Industry of the USSR". An extension of due date to St/PR to 15 September 1958 is requested. 36.2065 - "Trends in the Electronic Industry of Communist China". An extension of due date to St/PR to 15 October 1958 is requested. 36.2081 - "The Reorganization of the Soviet Electronic Industry". An extension of due date to St/PR to 15 September 1958 is requested. 7. Recommendations 25X1A9a is under ORR contract to do research in the area of Soviet electrical equipment, under the control and supervision of this Branch. In view of the transfer of responsibility for heavy electrical machinery to the Producers Equipment Branch, and in view of 25X1A9a greater knowledgeability in this field, it has been 25X1A9a WNW e assigned to work under I/PE guidance and control for the remaining six months of the.contract. Mr. Mason has agreed and will provide a work program on Soviet turbines to assist in the collection of information on a current I/PE project. The ORR Administrative Staff has been consulted and have informed me that they will notify this Branch of the necessary administrative steps which should be taken. 8. Other Information Projects Due in August 30.2243, "Estimated Production of Specific Industries of the Sino- Soviet Bloc". 20.2041, "Copper Trade of the Sino-Soviet Bloc". 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Re a 2SO0231A000100100054-4