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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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June 2, 1958
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nitized - Approved For Release : Y 0231A000100100083-2 ce Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT . Chief, Industrial Division, ORR DATE: 2 June 1958 FROM : Chief, Guided Missile Branch, D/I SUBJECT: Monthly Report for May, 1958 1. Accomplishments: a. Branch Projects Submitted: (1) Project 37.2099 -- A series of specific requirements was prepared for a special, sensitive target, c-)ordi- nated with OSI and submitted to DD/P. Project com- pleted as of 29 May. No distribution except to OSI and DD/P. (2) Project 37.208+ (NIE 11-5-58) -- The Branch prepared and submitted to GMIC during the month the ORR contri- bution on the factors affecting Soviet achievement of an operational capability with surface-to-surface ballistic missiles. 25X1A9a b. Other Projects Submitted: A Current Support Memorandum and Part II item for OCI were prepared on Soviet series production of surface-to-sur- face ballistic missiles. c. Special Research: 120 hours This includ informal visit to I/GM by Messrs. for an exchange of views on the European Satellites, as well as time spent in surveyi:ig a special category of material. (1) Chief, I/GM, together with Chief, D/I, briefed the IAC Critical Collection Priorities Committee and prepared a brief written statement of collection problems con- cerning Soviet production and deployment of guided Sanitized - Approved For Releas DP62SO0231A000100100083-2 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100083-2 SUBJECT: Monthly Report for May, 1958 missile systems. 25X1X4 25X1X7 25X1A5a1 (5) In response to a request from another Agency, comments were submi_ttel concerning the problem of intelligence indicators in the guided missile field. (6) During May, the branch prepared papers in support of the Chief, Economic Research, commenting on the ariequacy of the current handling of biographic intelligence data in the community and on the value of intelligence reporting by the Clandestine Services on guided missiles. (7) Representatives of ATIC an 25X1A5a1 visited the branch on 15 Nosy for an exchange of views on data-processing problems of mutual interest. (8) The branch is completing action to revise and up-date its reading and. exploitation requirements for the ORR and OCI Reading Panels and for FDD. 2. Training: Nothing to report 3. Trips: Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62S00231A000100100083-2 Sanitized - Approved For Release GIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100083-2 SUBJECT: Monthly Report for May, 1958 25X1A6a 4. 25X1A9a a. 25X1A9a b. C. a. On 16 May, eight members of the branch, together with represen- tatives of I/EE, S/CST, St/I and the NIC, visited a NIKE surface-to-air missile site at Waldorf, Md., and received a briefing and orientation tour of the installation. ransferred from I/SH to I/GM on 19 May. transferred e bran on May from I /WA and ICI, respectively. Vacancy notices were prepared and distributed for four professional openings in the branch. d. See 3.b. above. 5. Plans: It is hoped that, as a result of circulation of the vacancy notices, the professional personnel strength of the branch can be augmented during June and July. 6. Problems: No change 7. Recommendations: None 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Releas 62S00231A000100100083-2