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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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May 1, 1958
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nitized - Approved For Release 0231A000100100096-8 ce Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO Chief, Industrial Division, ORR FROM Chief, Guided Missile Branch, D`I SUBJECT: Monthly Report for April, 1958. DATE: 1 1,'-,ay 1958 1. Accomplishments: a. Branch Projects 3ubmitted: (1) Project 37.2104 -- A collection guide was prepared for and submitted to DD/P for guidance in coverage of the May Day parade in Moscow. Project Completed. (2) Project 37.2084 (NIE 11-5-58) -- Although no further contributions were submitted to GMIC during April, the Branch provided continuing support to GMIC and the GMIC Secretariat with respect to several sections of the GMIC draft of the NIE. 25X1A9a b. Other Projects Submitted: None c. Special Research: 138 hours. exchange of views, and extended negotiations by I/GM in connection with certain problems which arose during review of the other Agency's reporting progran: for the current quarter. or an I/ (1) Project 30.2044 -- The draft collection Planning Aid has been distributed throughout the communit-r and has received favorable initial reaction. Encouraging progress has been made by the Task Force and several special collection guidance projects are now in progress. (2) Branch support was provided to the Department of State in connection with NIE 100-2-58; to GMIC for several special meetings, in addition to tho::e Sanitized - Approved For Relea P62S00231A000100100096-8 Sanitized - Approved For Releas DP62500231 A000100100096-8 SUBJECT: Monthly Report or April, 1958. 25X1A5a1 V 25X1X4 (4 (5) on VIE 11-5-58; and to OSI for its Guided Missil Forum on 30 April 1958- A program of.guided missile film presentations by GR/OCR was initiated during the month for members of I/GM and other Agency personnel. A substantial Branch effort was devoted to collection activities of all kinds. In addition to Project 30.2044, a number of 25X1 X4 requirements were submitted, including the first of a se l supplements and a revisioi of the General Introduction was initiated. (6) In conjunction with GMD/OSI, members of the Branch consulted with ATIC representatives on 11 April on a proposed ATIC publication on organizations c[' the :soviet gu7_ded missile program. CIA recommended that major revisions be made before publication of the report and it is believed that these recommendati.a s have been accepted.. Training : a. Members of the Brach have attended selected lectures in a series oresented by the Office of Naval Research on Particular ProbD.ems of Satellites and Space Operations. 25X1A6a 5X1 A9a clerk-typist, transferred froi I/GM o { . on MlApWrri33~ 5. Plans: Sanitized - Approved For Rel 4 . 1rxLJr-0ZS00231A000100100096-8 1 11 Sanitized -,Approved For ReleaUI ? P62S00231A000100100096-8 SUBJECT: Monthly Report for April, 1956 As soon as the forthcor:Ling move has been completed and additional space is available, the Branch will attennt to bring its personnel up to authorized strength as rapidly as possible. 6. Problems: No change . Recommendations: More 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Relea ,R DP62SO0231A000100100096-8