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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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May 2, 1958
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nitiz -,Approved For elease : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100100-2 ce . Ylemoranaum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO Chief, Industrial Division, ORR FROM : Chief, Medium Machinery Branch, D/I SUBJECT: Monthly Report for April 1958 DATE: 2 May 1958 1. Accomplishments. A. Branch Projects Submitted -- 2 April -- ORR Project No. 34.1558, Production of Chemical Equipment in the USSR was submitted for division review. B. Status of Projects -- 34.1928 -- European Trade in Machine and Trans ort Equipment, 1950-57. A draft copy of this project has been complete and submitted for branch review. It is probable that it will be submitted to the Division in May. 34.1931 -- Production of Chemical Equipment in Czechoslovakia. A draft copy has been completed and is undergoing Division review. This project still suffers from the limited amount of data that is available on the chemical equipment industries of Czechoslovakia. Although it is doubtful that this report warrants publication as an RR, it may be possible to recast it as an IM. 25X1A9a 30.1535 -- Industrial Capital Investment in Communist China. and staff have done some preliminary editing of his project. The prose is still unnecessarily complicated and certainly not lucid. Some additional rewriting will be done in the branch. A mor,. serious problem is developing with regard to substance. More recent information from Communist China indicates that the ratio between investment in heavy vs. light industry may not decline to 6-i as suggested in 30.1535, but may increase over the amounts allocated in the First Five-Year Plan. We are now looking at the report in light of this information to determine what substantive changes would be necessary. 34.1930 -- Foundry Production -- A Major Bottleneck in Soviet Machine Building. The original scope of this report was ambitiously entitled Problems in Soviet Machinery Building. This proved to have too broad a scope and the coverage o this project has been reduced to more workable dimensions. Good data is still very scarce. As shown in the study of the production of forge-press equipment, the Soviets release very little data or factual information on a backward branch of industry until impressive progress has been made. The first draft of this report, Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100100-2 Sanitized - Approved For Re mom P62S00231A000100100100-2 SUBJECT: Monthly Report for April 1958 well underway, has been interrupted temporary because of the recent and unexpected Soviet NIE requirements placed upon the branch. 34.89+ -- The Determination of Cost and Price in Soviet Machine Building. Several books in Russian describing methodologies involved in the costing and pricing of machinery products were published. in Moscow in late 1957, and are now being carefully examined. It is felt that these recent books provide a valuable contribution to understanding the subject and cannot be ignored. The complexity of Soviet concepts and terminology in the field of costing and pricing as well as difficulties involved in conveying these ideas into intelligible English has resulted in the project requiring more time than originally anticipated. However, the exact scope of the report is well-defined, and the substantive material is being penetratingly treated. In suimnary, the draft of this project is well along although progress is slcw. C. Other Contributions Submitted -- 16 April -- ORR Project No. 30.186+, Estimated Production of Specific Industries in the Sino-Soviet Bloc, 1957 2 April -- Contributions to OCI Periodic Requirements List, USSR. 24 April -- Requirements on trends in the engineering industries of Conummist China. 25 April-- Review of ORR Project No. 42.2036, New Data and Prospects for Rumanian Foreign Trade. 30 April -- Contributions to OCI Periodic Requirements (PRL) Far East, 1 June-30 September 1958. D. Other -- /f 2. Training. 25X1A9a s attending the intermediate Russian reading course. 25X1A9a is attending the Seminars in French and Russian. 25X1A9a is continuing a self-study course in -Russian, using language laboratory in M Building. 11c Sanitized - Approved For P r .( M-RDP62SO0231A000100100100-2 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100100-2 SUBJECT: Monthly Report for April 1958 3. Trips. 25X1A5a1 ! 4. Administration. 21 April -- Revision of FY 1959 project outlines. 25X1A6a I/ Reading requirements have been revised to represent the interests of II NS which starts operation on May 4+, 1958. 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For -RDP62S00231A000100100100-2