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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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April 1, 1958
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ClEADET won nnizapAr Hpprovea ro i eiease .: wH-F UrOLJUUL3i uuu"1 (Jul "UU"1 uu-s 0 ce emoran um ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO Chief, Industrial Division, ORR FROM : Chief, Consumer Industries Branch, D/I SUBJECT: Monthly Report for March 1958 DATE: 1 April 1958 1. Accomplishments a. Projects Completed (1) ICI's contribution to "Economic Intelligence Statistical Handbook, 1958" (00.2066) was completed by Carrie Edwards with the assistance of other members of the branch. V b. Status of Other Projects 25X1A9a (1) MW worked on "Soviet Industrial Production Index 10.2029), mostly on the paper products component, and on the two projects for which estimates of light industry's consumption of electric powe-? are needed, "ghe Soviet Atomic Energy Program" (20.1183) and "Electric Power Consumption in the USSR" (20.1881). He also collaborated with CSS in writing an artit.le on the new consumer goods program in the USSR. 25X1A9a (2) as finished most of the computations fur Expenditure on Consumer Services in the USSR" (30.1'171) . 25X1A9a (3) nearly completed her work on "Soviet strial Production Index" (10.2029). 25X1A9a (4) ontinued work on the domestic trade subsection of Section 65 of NIS 13A on East Germany (40.2068). 25X1A9a (5) worked on Problems raised during divisional plow o his formidable report "The Housing Problem in the European Satellites, 1949-58" (38.1741). 25X1A9a (6) continued work on "Communist China's Tr: de an Transport" (40.1833)? Sanitized - Approved For use : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100109-3 Sanitized.- Approved Four -?IA-RDP62SO0231A000100100109-3 25X1A9a (7) continued to work with the draft of Section 64 of the Albanian NIS (30.1823). v 2. Training 25X1 A9a a. 25X1A9a b. 25X1A9a __ _-___ _ ___ continued to conduct the ORR course "Economic Statistics (Introduction)". continued the ORR Report. Writing Course. Statistics Introduction) 25X1 A9a d. tarted the OTR course Russian Economic Reading, Phase I. 25X1A9a e. 3. Trips and Speeches None 4. Administration continued the ORR course "Economic completed the 20-hour Basic Typing Course. a. Reorganization of branch and redeployment of branch personnel: In memos of 17 March and 19 March, Chief, Economic Research Area announced plans for the reorganization of ERA the redeployment of ERA personnel in response to new priority research requirements. I/CI is to be broken up, fou of its members to remain in D/I in a new Manufacturing sectors Branch (I/MS) and six to transfer to D/A to a new Population and Consumers Welfare Branch (A/PC). The tentative _ature assignments of members of I/CI are: ------------- A/PC A/PC -----------,-- PC A/PC ----------- -- A/PC ______________ A/PC ------------- A/PC ------------- I/MS ------------- I/MS ------------- I/MS ------------- I/MS 25X1A9a b. GS-5 analyst in the European Satellites section, will resign cob 11 May to get married. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100109-3 Sanitized - Approved `-RDP62S00231A000100100109-3 c. , GS-5 branch secretary (typing), will resign co pr to follow her husband. 25X1A9a d. oined the branch, 13 March, as a GS-9 analyst in the European Satellites section. 25X1A9a e. former G3-9 analyst in the European Sate ites section, who had left the branch permanently on LWOP on 1 November 1957, resigned from the Agency, eff 1+ Mar. f. Security: The combinations of all safes in the branch were changed 11 March. Charity campaigns: The two minor charity campaigns conducted in the Agency in March were received poorly in the branch and will act to take the edge off the one big campaign in the fall. 5. Plans a. Branch planning for FY 59 was changed during the month to assisting in the planning for the two new branches - A/PC and I/MS - to which members of ICI are to be assigned. Chief, Economic Research Area reviewed the FY 59 programs for both new branches. 6. Problems Nothing to report. 25X1A9a V a ~, e ^ Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100100109-3