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November 9, 2016
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November 18, 1998
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September 3, 1959
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Sanitized - Approve 62500231A000100210029-0 3 September 1959 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Industrial Division FROM: Chief, Guided Missile Branch SUBJECT: Monthly Report, August 1959 1. Support to Other Agencies and Components: a. At the request of the Special Assistant to the DD/I (Plan- ning), the branch prepared a special study related to an important aspect of Soviet ICBM deployment. The study, which required a sizeable allocation of branch effort during the month, was concurred in by other DD/I offices and became the basis for an agreed position in the commu- nity on this aspect of the ICBM problem. b. Chief, I/GM briefed the DCI's ad hoc Special Consultant's Panel ("Hyland Panel") on current evidence of Soviet ICBM production and deployment. The briefing was prepared by I/GM and coordinated with AFIC. This Panel was convened to provide an independent assessment of:the status of the Soviet ICBM program in conjunction with national estimates now being drafted. A major conclusion of the Panel was that the continued absence of direct evidence on ICBM pro- duction and deployment was alarming, and intensification of collection efforts on these aspects of the program should be vigorously pursued with all available collection means. c. Branch support to ONE on NIE 11-8-59, Soviet Capabilities for Strategic Attack through Mid-1964 (Project No. 30. 3), continued throughout the month. The GMAIC, in accordance with recommendations of the Hyland Panel, has now revised its estimates of probable Soviet ICBM warhead weights, and ICBM accuracy. This will require a new set of calculations and findings by ORR as to probable Soviet requirements for ICBMs. Chief, D/I has responded nobly to this challenge and has taken the field to personally direct the effort in this regard. Sanitized - Approved For Re1ease1-lA= k DP62S00231A000100210029-0 Sanitized - Approved For Reis,eICIA-RDP62S00231A000100210029-0 SUBJECT: Monthly Report, August 1959 d. Support to GMAIC in connection with NIE 11-5-59, Soviet Capabilities in Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles Project No. 30.2203)., included su'hmission of a contribution, co- ordinated with Air Force, on the evidence of production of the various Soviet missile systems considered in the estimate. The initial contribution was also supplemented by additional material at the request of Chairman, GMAIC. 25X1 D1a e. Meetings were held- to discuss and coordinate that Agency's reply to a to outstanding requirement initiated 25X1 D1a by I/GM. Despitelwview that it has placed a maximum effort on the requirement, it appears that an additional 3-6 months will be required before a formal reply will be ready. 25X1A5a1 f 25X1A2g Discussions were held between members of I/GM and S/TR and is an intelligence project contracted by ATIC. The discussions concerned Soviet rail transport capabili- ties, rail mobility for ICBM systems, and the logistic and operational problems related thereto. A special collection guide on Soviet surface-to-air missile systems was prepared at the request of DD/P and OO/C. The guide is intended to project known information on a surface- to air facility in East Germany into the context of SAM deployment in the USSR. This is one of three guided missile collection guides which are now in St/PB for pub- lication. The increasing number of requests for collection guidance material on guided missile production and deploy- ment, has prompted a review of the categories of reports now included in the ORR publication series, and has-resul- ted in the recommendation to establish a new series entitled "ORR Collection Guides". The new series will provide a means of publishing in "hard cover" the priority collection requirements of all components of ORR. 2. Status of Projects: 25X1A2g a. Project-(Project No. 37.249-) continued without serious problems. The number of new sources is decreasing with the approach of fall, but the number of reports received is increasing. A highlight was the sighting of Sanitized - Approved For Rel~`ase. CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100210029-0 Sanitized - Approved For Release C A-RDP62SO0231A000100210029-0 SUBJECT: Monthly Report, August 1959 a possible ICBM training area in the vicinity of Dzhusaly. This is being checked and further efforts are being made to verify the sighting, including a special An evaluation of the iprogram is scheduled by 00/C for late September. It is expected that complete statistics and evaluation will be available shortly thereafter. b. A number of branch projects are nearing final draft stage and, barring major new unanticipated requests for support, should result in a relatively heavy flow of projects from the branch during the next several months. 25X1X1 25X1A2g 25X1X1 Other: a. Work on the data sample for MINICARD processing continued through the month of August. The data has been photographed on individual cards and a series of sample runs have been programmed. Repeated breakdowns of the processing equip- ment, however, has delayed the processing. It is hoped that the first sample runs will be available in the first week of September. 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Release :CIA-R?P62S00231A000100210029-0