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November 9, 2016
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January 11, 1999
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September 8, 1959
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62S00231402f 8 September 1959 TO: Assistant Director for Research and Reports rell(Ri: Chief, Economic Research Area `B9TERCT: Activity Report for the I+ anth of Augast 1959 S rt Activ. ties :antra-Agency 1. During August, about half of ORR support for OCI concerned Soviet economic activities in the free world--Afe)manistan, Indonesia, UAR, North Africa, Yemen, Ethiopia, and West Africa. Other subjects of articles prepared in ORR and appearLng in OCT media included the E.Sats half year economic report, crop prospects in the Sino-Soviet Bloc, new Soviet "closed areas," and modifica .ion of the Chinese Agricultural Program :, Support for the DCI/DDI--l.mited by the cancellation of several 2 2 N'3C meetings--.consisted of contribu::ions to NSC Briefings on China, Afghan- iRtan, and the Near East-UAR. In addition, notes were prepared for DCI use at a Draper Committee luncheon as was a briefing on Soviet Civil fense for DCI presentation to the US Governors Conference. 3. Chief, D/I, was detailed to support ONE in its production of certain key estimates now in preparation. ki. I/GM support to ONE on NIE 11-8-59, Soviet Capabilities for Strategic Attack throughMid-1961+, continued throughout August. The GwAIC, in accordance with recommendations of the Hyland Panel, has now revised its estimates of probable Soviet ICBM warhead weights and ICBM accuracy. This will require a new .et of calculations and findings by OUR as to probable Soviet requirements for ICBMs. 5. Chief, I/(24 briefed the DC-.,'.'a ad hoc Special Consultant's Panel. ("Hyland Panel") on current evidencee of-&a-et ICBM production and deploy- ment. The briefing was prepared by I/GM and coordinated with AFIC. Thin- Panel was convened to provide an inOOependent assessment of the status of the Soviet ICHi program in con junct:.on with national estimates now being drafted. A major conclusion of they Panel was that the continued absence of direct evidence of ICBM production and deployment was alarming, and intensification of collection cfTor,ss on these aspects of the program should be vigorously pursued with all available collection means. Sanitized - Approved For4ftA-RDP62S00231A000100220013-6 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62SO0231A000100220013-6 At thy! request of the Special Assistant to the DD/I (Planning), .s:/GM prepared a special ;Study related to an important aspect of Soviet IC deployment. The study, which required a sizeable allocation of branch affort, was concurred in by other DDT offices and. became the basis for an agreed position in the cornnunity on this aspect of the ICBM problem. 7. A special collection guide on Soviet surface-to-air missile systems was prepared at the request of D/P and OO/C. The guide is intended to project known information on a surface-to-air facility in Fast Germany into the context of SAM deployment in the USSR. This is one of terse guided missile collection guides which are now in St/PB for publication. t 8. 1411 7 reviewed and commented extensively on an N)/03I draft lager entitled Estimate of Electric Power Supply to Soviet Atomic Energy Plants in the Urals. 9. M/FP prepared cxnenta for the T)D/I on published information concerning the feasibility of transporting natural gas from Algeria to Western Europe by pipeline. 25X1A5a1 13. M/NP prepared a report on the current USSR copper situation h srieeifin details on the Degtyarca copper mines in the Urals, for September. 12. M/AG has prepared material for a briefing to be given to Secretary Agriwlt"* B mg= Dom'?or to his p -oposo . vioit to Pow and the USSR reports of &tSats unrest, missile de^loyment in East Germany and newly x.Aiosed Soviet areas. 25X1A9a 11. I/PE, provided; information on the DnepropetrovaK .,tor Vehicle Plant to ACSI, and on he production of tractors in the USSR and Communist China to Mrs. 25X1 X7 current Chinese econcarnic developmeatT4 and weather, background on supply-line tra-A~