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December 16, 2016
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March 9, 2005
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September 8, 1959
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Approved For ? elea 2005/03/15: CIA-RDP62S005450040175-9 8 September 1959. TO: Assistant Director for Research and Reports FROM: Chief, Economic Research Area SUBJECT: Activity Report for the Month of August 1959 Support Activities Intro-Agency Support 1. During August, about half of ORR support for OCI concerned Soviet economic activities in the free world--Afghanistan, Indonesia, OAR, North Africa, Yemen, Ethiopia, and West Africa. Other subjects of articles prepared in ORR and appearing in OCT media included the FSats half year economic report, crop prospects in the Sino-Soviet Bloc, new Soviet "closed, areas," and modification of the Chinese Agricultural Program. 2. Support for the DCI/DDI--limited by the cancellation of several TNSCmeetings--consisted of contributions to ISC Briefings on China, Afghan- istan, and the Near East-UAR. In addition, notes were prepared for DCI use at a Draper Committee luncheon as was a briefing on Soviet Civil Defense for DCI presentation to the US Governors Conference. 3. Chief, D/I was detailed to support ONE in its production of certain key estimates now in preparation. 4. I/GN support to ONE on NIE 11-8-59, Soviet Capabilities for Strata c Attack through. Mid-1964, continued throu out Au must. The CIC, in accordance with re recommendations has now 25X1 revised its estimates of probable Soviet war weights and ICBM accuracy. This will require a new set of calculations and findings by ORR as to probable Soviet requirements for ICBMs. 5_ Chief- T/(, ,briefed the DCI?a ad hoc Special Consultant?s Panel iia 25X1 Panel was convened provide an independent assessment o the status of the Soviet ICBM program in conjunction with national estimates now being drafted. A major conclusion of the Panel was that the continued absence of direct evidence of ICBM production and deployment was alarming, and intensification of collection efforts on these aspects of the program should be vigorously pursued with all available collection means. Approved For Release 2005,0.,..,..._. f,J ...._.._? 2500545A000100040175-9 Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62S00545A000100040175-9 ``r~ 6. At the request of the Special Assistant to the DD/I (Planning), I/GM prepared a special study related to an important aspect of Soviet ICBM deployment. The study, which required a sizeable allocation of branch effort, was concurred in by other DD/I offices and became the basis for an agreed position in the community on this aspect of the ICBM problem. 8. M/FP reviewed and commented extensively on an NID/OSI daft paper entitled Estimate of Electric Power Supply to Soviet Atomic Ea ergy Plants in the Urals. 9. M/ FP prepared comments for the DD/I on published information concerning the feasibility of transporting natural gas from Algeria to Western Europe by pipeline. Extra-Agency Support 10. USIB Watch Committee support concerned Sino-Soviet Bloc arms and aid to the Middle But and Africa, tower construction in East Germany, current Chinese economic developments and weather, background on supply-line to the Laotian-Vietnam border, increased S.)viet military construction, reports of HuSats unrest, missile deployment in East Germany and newly closed Soviet areas. 12. WAG has prepared material for a briefing to be given to Secretary of Agrie1t=a SwAm Prier to his proposed visit to Poland and the USSR in September. 13. M/NF prepared a report on the current USSR copper situation with specific details on the Degtyarka copper mines in the Urals, for 14. M/FP prepared a memorandum for the Department of S.`.ate covering background information on the proposed oil pipeline system from the USSR to four European Satellite countries and Kleypeda on the Baltic. 15. M/FP has prepared material for a briefing on hydroelectric power in the USSR to be given to Senators Mirray, Noss, and Gruening prior to their proposed three week visit to the USSR beginning in September. Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62S00545A000100040175-9 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040175-9 25X1 19. S/TD furnished intelligence support to the Department of Com- merce on propoaala to export to Bloc destinations technical data related to the production of petrochemical equipment, manufactured gas, higa alpha cellulose, spectroscopic and gravimetric equipment, and cotmnmercial aircraft. 20. At the request of the American Embassy, S/TD prepared a summary of the role played by a Brussels firm in a 1958 diversion of 1500 tons of Argentine borax. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/03/15 CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040175-9 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040175-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040175-9