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December 16, 2016
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March 9, 2005
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August 7, 1959
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'or Approved For Releaa1005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A0004W40198-4 7 August 1959 TO Assistant Director for Research and Reports ROM: Acting Chief, Economic Research Area SUBJECT: Activity Report for the Month of July 1959 Current and Other:, SVpgrt Activities 5 nta >A e~ac ?R 1.. ;:RR support for CCl during the month involved preparation of articles dealing with probable modification in Sino?'Soviet Bloc agricultural organizations, pipeline construction, midyear economic plan results, and >w deve1cpssents and negotiations in Bloc trade, aid and arms programs. Attention continued to be focused on new developments in the Chinese communes Khrushchev:s doctrinal problems with the Soviet architects also were examined. export to the DCI and the Di)/I included preparation of briefings on civil defense and Soviet Bloc offers to Ethiopia. D/I updated and revised portions of a briefing paper for the DC es aircraft, submarines, and military expenditures. Sf TR, prepared a briefing on the Northern Sea Route which was presented by the DCI to the National Security Council. 25X1 Ex~:re~a enc~r~_ y_ ort 5. Support for the USIB Watch Coittee was largely concerned with Bloc arms trade, the effects of weather conditions on Gina, and the negative implications of internal Soviet developments. 25X1 Approved For Release 200 _ _ e? ? 545A000100040198-4 ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040198-4 Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040198-4 Approved For Relea 2005/03/15: CIA-RDP62S00545A0004106040198-4 25X1. 25X1 i participated in briefing Dr. Kosin and Mr. Tishinin, the official representatives for the Department of Agriculture at the American khibition in Moscow. 16. As a result of conversations between M/FP and representatives of the Atomic Energy Commission, the ANC will assist in answering questions concerning costs of the Soviet nuclear program. 17. Mrs. I S TR, prepared a briefing on Sino.'Soviet Bloc Maritime Fleets which , I, will deliver at a 25X1 conference of the National Maritime Research board chaired by Admiral Radford. 1.9 -1 Scompleted the preparation of intelligence statements on approximately two-thirds of the items on the COCOM lists during the month. Members of S/TD and other ERA analysts also participated in KDAC Technical mask (rours which formulated recommendations for redefinition of some of the Items. rO. An "Alphabetical Index of International Lists" prepared by S/TD was puolished and disseminated. At the request of State Department, copies were provided for distribution to all U.S. Foreign Service Posts. Copies have also been distributed to Departments of Defense, Commerce, and Treasury, and to DD/P. 25X1 Approved For Release 0545A000100040198-4 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040198-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP62SO0545A000100040198-4