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December 12, 2016
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November 28, 2000
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May 21, 1954
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Approved For Release 2002/07/31 : CIA-RDP63-00084AO00200060026-1 4.+?.F4~aAl: ~~~ bJl us OFFICIALS ONLY Control Nos 2021 21 May 1954 MEkMORANOUN FOR: WG Mem era Mr, Spencer Mo Bereeford, FOA/MDAC Mro 0ouglao Casterp State% SUBJECT : Clearance for Q date of information, 25X1A2g 15 Nay 1.954 L, Enclosed herewith is a copy of the subject con unidationp Permieaion has been granted to disseminate it further, as follows To FOA/' DAC/'Jaehington, and USRO/Paris FOR INFORMATION ONLY; to State posts at Zurich, Ham- burg, Copenhagen, London, Santiago, Istanbul,.- The Hague and Stockholm, FOR ACTION, classified as SECRE"f o No reference may be made to the source of the information or the source agencyo 2, (a) Paragr .1phs I and 2 25X1 C 25X1 A2g apparently refer to the so-called c?Hennsler" transaction, subject of HCN Case 1400 For inf'or.. nation on POST one IGWG Memorandum, Control No. 2022, giving clearance for The development of information on the individ- uals concerned reveals the possible existence of an Egyptian 10 for 3003 tons of copper, from Chile, issued at the end of 1952 or early in 1953, This IC was is sued to G. ZOLI (ZOLLY) of Cairo, whose : upp.iers were reported to be the firm 1'GITEY . Ltd, as of Santiago who was apparently act- ing only as a "front" for INTERCONTINENTAL EN of Sarnen, Switsor?1and, This is reportedly the firm of Hsnti SPICIiTIG, one of the principal interwediu arias in. the Hensolor case. In May 1952 Zofly had made a previous attempt to secure 3000 tons of copper from AGENCIAS KAPEL of Santiago, a firm which Adolph (Alfred) 1OST had. pub:, in touch with BELGOVER of BrVasels in October 1951 in an attempt to arrange a Chilean 25X1A2g State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file 25X1A2g Approved For Release 2002/07/31 : CIA-RDP63-00084A000200060026-1 US ;5601113 _ONLY (o) I has not yet 25X1 C location. A search of all available has revealed 25X1 C only one firm which might remotely be identified with the term, namely, LURASCHI y Cia, textile merchants of Ave, Mexico 868, Santiago. (The U.K. and Switzerland were also checked.) (d) The amount of copper referred to in Para- graph 3 is probably 25,000 rather than 250,000 tons. No identification of the trans- action is possible without further information. 3. Paragraph 4 apparently concerns different transaction or negotia- tions. This office has no information on KEMALI. One Halil KAMIL, Buyuk- derv Cad. 401, Istanbul is listed as a commission agent, 4? Paragraph 5 may concern the dame or different negotiations.r, (a) This office has no information on Abdurrahman AHMET. We are advised, however, that both names are. usually used am given rather than surnames, and that the surname is probably missing here. (b) This office has no informati?ri on Waldemaar Swanstranl, perhaps a misspelling of SITENDSTROM? 5, It is requested that this Agency be advised of use of the foregoing d um, information by the addressees of this memoran 25X1A9a Executive secretary Intelligence Working Group Enclosure (1) As listed above Approved For Release 2002/Y/ -~IF DP63-00084A000200060026-1