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December 12, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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April 19, 1954
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Control No. "SW 19 April 1954 ; `OR a 1WQ Members 25X1A9a mr, Douglas G. Coster, State, p6 Mr. Robert Reiss, Commerce/ C (for Mr. Richard Lindsay) 25X1A2g SUJ ECT Clearance for date of information, 3 Fehr:uax - 19 4 . Enclosed herewith is a copy of the subject communication. Fen.n1 pion has been granted to disseminate it further, as follows: To FOA/1DAC/Wnehingtons USRO/Paris and to posts at The Hague, Rome, Milan, London, Vancouver and Ottawa FOR INFORMATION ONLY, classified SECRET/ US OFFICIALS ONLY. 2,~ The subject communication is of interest in relation to at la:rt three cases involving accomplished or possible copper diversions. 25X1A2g 25X1A 25X1A concerns a probable attempt by Italian and other intermediaries to divert tons of Canadian copper to the Bloc, 25X1 A 27 November 1953 describes the efforts of GERTOS &Coo, Sor.l.., Via Settembrini 17, Milan to secure from the Consul General "authentication" of an unofficial end-use certificate. The copper was to be purchased by Gertos from Captain Harry A. SPOUSE of Vancouver and London and resold to four Italian fabricators. The character of the Gertos firm, its insistence on unnecessary, and unusual methods of securing "legalization" of the deal and. the fact that at least one of the fabricators, SILTA of, is a suspected East-West trader indicated a strong probability of diversion. (For of the et ies of the firm, SILTA of a report by F- 1 8 June 1953) 25X1A2g that Enrico COHEN and Isaac FALK were negotiating Milan see 1 20 J xy 1954, 1 -J 25X1 A 7 December 1953 and 31 August 1953. This office has no in orma on on the other three "abricators o ) 25X1A2g USRO/Paris, in 11 December 1953 recalled State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Release 2002{1}~.!3!;tirGrA RDP63-0 0060038-8 131, .FIGIALS ONL with two Canadians, SPOUSE and ZFNZ, employees sf IflCt7-Y IVES AND TRACTORS CO., of Vancouver, ?. .'? through the NATAL BANK of London for 10,000 tons of copper. Neither Ottawa nor Vancouver 25X1A2g `urther information (see to develop 4 February 25X1 A 1954 and Vancouver D-60, ebrua 1954). ~ `''III LOCOM)TIVE AND TRACTOR COMPANY of London was also reported as a purchaser of $274,000 worth Of aluminum ingots in late 1953 from Canada or she United States on behalf of an unknown 25X1 A .Light' for shipment to Poland (see DCN. #26) . 24 November 1953, reporting case, pro se 25X1 A ao onward further information on the firm as it was developed. This office has no knowledge of any subsequent communication on the subject. The second case concerns the WELLINGTON TRUST., London, currently under trial for the diversian of 799 tons of copper (see 25X1 A 25X1 A2g of. 11 and 18 March 1954). so The Hague/rel. 937, 24 March 1954 and 25 March 1954.) concerns a telephone query made Y ea Mr, Dawson or Doreen" from Antwerp to the Economic Ministry on 23 March 1954. Mr. D. claimed to be a US investigator for OIT, Department of Commerce, and asked the Netherlands to withdrew an export license for the shipment of 1000 tons of copper to Saudi Arabia. He claimed that the s;Addleman, the FAKHOURY firm of Beirut and Parisi planned to divert the copper to the Bloc. (S Neither Washington nor The Hague has been able to discover the identity of Mr. D, There is "sub- atantial derogatory information on :one George Dawson, British subject, East-West trader, but no information here (Washington) indicating same person?' (see Deptel/rhe Hague, 119, 30 March 1954.) A possible identity for Mr. D. is the J. DAWSON Ellis mentioned in the subject communication, as a partner in LOCOMDTIVE AND TRACTOR CO., of London, s firm reportedly interested in buying copper for the Bloc. 25X1A2g - i-eations for the collection of further intelligence within S -raCcR Approved For Release 20021OTI3T:C -RDP63-00084A000200060038-8 Approved For Release 2002/07/31 CIA-RDP63-00084AO00200060038-8 US OFFICIALS ONLY t---,,z security limitations set forth in paragraph 11 25X1A2g 2 - Request Vancouver to make further investigation. Request London to forward available information on identities and activities of SPOUSE, WILLIAI',, ELLIS and LOCOM)TIVE AND TRACTOR CO. (Repeat 25X1A2g to London, 27 November 1953 and references 24 November 1953 and USW)/Polto sent Washington 25X1A2g 25X1A2g 0 11 December 1953.) This office has been unable to confirm in avail- able directories the information given in pars- graph 1 of the subject communication. The 1953 edition of the Post Office London Directory does not give a #3 for Trinity Crescent; the only :Tirms listed at 28 Mount St. are D.T. DOBIE AND CO., Ltd., export merchants and HUGO MANNERS, Ltd., wholesale dress fabrics. None of the names were listed in the alphabetical commercial section of the directory, nor were they found in the only available telephone directory (1951). Request Milan to make follow-up report on its despatch 169 of 27 November, 1953. b, WELLINGTON TRUST Request London to forward any information on association between Lt3COMOTIVE AND TRACTOR CO. and WELLINGTON TRUST which may be developed in donnection with the current trial of the latter, c., "DAWSON" Case 25X1A Repeat The Hague/Tel. 937, 24 March 1954 and The 25 March 1954 to London with request for comment on possible identification of J. DAISON Ellis with the Dawson or Doreen (Dorson) of The Hague communications. 'car4 Q or.r ; i_rThrmation by the addressees of this memorandum. 4-, It Is requested that this Agency be advised of use of the 25X1A9a Executive Secretary Intelligence Working Group Trr.c.ksure (1) 8ppEgdeo Release 2002/07/311~CIA-RDP63-00084A000200060038-8 S e E~G~.R~-EST