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December 12, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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March 1, 1954
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Approved For Refease-2002/07/31 : CIA=RDP63-00084AO00200060064-9 S~E~C-R-EmT U+9 UFWIUi x ONLY The following comments may be pertinent; 25X1 A2g ao The price of the copper reported in 0 approximately $800 a ton, is considerably higher than the current market price of approximately $650 per ton f.o.b., New York, even assuming the high price' is cif Rostock. (It is assumed that amounts reported are in metric tons bQ The amount of the Chilean copper stockpile is currently estimated to be approximately 150,,000 metric ' tons. Of this, about 90,000 tons are reported to be in the United States. Title to the copper is in the name of the Banco Centrals, to which the companies have sold their production since May 19520 Actually the companies have continued to make the sales, retaining the basic price of 265 cents.-per pound (the sale price to the Banco Centrals) and transferring the over-price to the account of the Banko Santiago Dmli90, 16 Dec 53 reported the ruling that the Banco Centrals could contract with the American companies for sale of stocks in the US at the ?30 price only if replacements were made from current production-3, thus gradually transferring the location of all the unsold inventories to Chile0 co All copper in the United States, including that in bond, is wider export control0 do- In view of points b and c and the apparent contradictions in tits two 'communications, is it possible that the amounts reportedly to be shipped from the New York stockpile are actually to be shipped from Chile, with a corresponding amount released for sale in the United States? Chile produces some electrolytic copper locally;. over a period of time it should be,_possible to produce sufficient quantities for successive 5000 ton , installments. 1 Suggestions for the development of further intelligence0 25X1 A6a ' afl for information on Sierens and his firm, including a WTD0 b. Determination of current location and amount of Chilean owned stockpile in the US. 0o Survey of withdrawals from the stockpile since November 1, including-information on type of copper, amount, sale price, consignee, destination, do A continuing survey until stockpile is disposed ofo eo Check of applications: for export licenses for shipment of large amounts of copper (5000 tons and up to European ports m since November 1 and on a continuing basis unless such information can be determined in the surveys suggested in items'c and do Approved For Release 20( /1.iF*Fl-RDP63-00084A000200060064-9 Approved For Release 2002/07/31 CIA-RDP63-00084AO00200060064-9 S-E-C-R-E@T vS OYfCaais NnY 5, It is requested that this Agency be advised of use of the foregoing infoa Lion by the addressees of this memorandum, 25X1A9a Enclosuros (2) Executive Secretary Intelligence Working Group Approved For Release 2002/07/ 14tkkk 3-00084A000200060064-9