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December 12, 2016
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October 23, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/11 A-RDP63-00084A000200100022-0 Security Zass lfi'ian) Enclosure 2 1. DON Case 391 (Copper - 30,000 tons; INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION) According to Wellington Tel. 55 of 14 September 1955 the new Zealand Office of External Affairs had informed the Embassy that the Wellington firm of J. L. Lennard, Ltd. had approached the government for advice or a proposition made to he firm by INTMNA'TIONAL TRADING CORPORATION of SeatL International Trading had asked Lennard if they were interested in helping arrange 4. shipment of 3Q,000 tons of Chilean copper to Communist China. Phr= copper to reportedly all in Chile with 109000 tons being held by an onnm1 British firm. Destination would be Shanghai with the ship chartered 1n London .arid payment being made by L/C when the coppek reaches Shanghai. INTEIfi~iAT'IONAL TRADING st%ted to Lennard that the U.S. Treasury had warned them about t~e illegality of this type of ~ransaction and they were there- fore, seeping to transfer' interest the commodity to a firm like Lennard in a cour*try with weak 0ssnt~l.a. INTERNATIONAL TRADING also stated that several Zuropean firms h indicted willingness to provide. import certif,.L --, dates for Qh Lean gov'es t requirements. The New Zealand government ha" expresso(; a .llingness to pass legielaticv# preventing the transaction if no alternative presents ,tsalf'e See Also WgUingt04 Tel. 6019 Sepe. 16, 1955 , and Deptel 53 to ~4 eUing ; 22 Sept. a~7 e 2. DCN Case 395 (NI.ck4a aWAN SU S 3W4"d) A U. S.` !sion desp4dh 1319 25 Augctet 1955, reports on nickel +atiatggling from West to 44 Gem ty. The URname4 source Claims that he ie ,jnoc olvpd `'in 9&8V wrh ah a irai..a tra~aapor ,ing 40 tons of nickel t' ~Co2 ' e ca the OAR y; way of the i~trlmstedt-Berlautobahn. Tara t of n ccke ,n P er'd fora or scrap ar 100 lb. bars were to be picked Up at a tie tram a garage or *arebousa &nd were to be hidden under 10-15 tone of epael . eomep aimtlar ccamiodit The nickel was to be unloaded at so" point, on the East aone section a - the autobahn and the legit .m. to part Of the cargo Woq].d cont}iue. an to West Berlin. 3. DCN.r 0. (00p per - 15,000 tone; NICKEI,/BUNDME AL/ 3EJUM) Pori 1)-474 or 7 September 19$5 transmits areportt`ryreceived ff irom the Fz'ench 1o igp Office concerning the role of a Dr. Nickel in the diversion u copper SMUT Security C ssificaj on) State Dept. deolmsif iB*OerMML16ir & & $dNIW@Ol00022-0 14~414. PAGE Approved For Release 2001/11/16 : CIA-RDP63-00084A000200100022-0 SEM (-e l ifica v ) 11. DCN Case ) 04 (Bearingej PO ZL) .. , 'livery of- ball bearings to C eahesla aki a. Since the- Steyr works was rka willing to,. ship any of the ball bearings sizes covered by the embargo lists to CzechosJorakiaq an arrangement was made whereby Steyr would men the emb;rgo-'size bearings to PO] .ZL & CO. s Vienna Ia for shipment to Gzecht elovakia., it was agreed also that Czechoslovak imports in the following three, months should equal a value of US $650,000, The shipments were ti ha arranged by the forwarding - gyp RU1dNER,, I4 & 00.,* INTERNATIONAL E TRANSPORT-UND LAGERLA.US, ..A.G.,. Vienna i in. GAUNT (Gnu:) 9 director of the Austrian S E! DA ER'PU enterprise , 1,955 on o ci l o the rague foreign trade ccor'poration.. Kcvo. cla on 30 AF 41, 12. DCN Case 405 (carbon Black - 140 cartons; LEZZAN,, SCHARBAU AHD G0, ) Manila Tel. 104 reported the following message a MS . LONDON M departing Manila October 7 for Hong Kong carries 1140 cartons carbon o) as West German origin shipped LEZZAN, SCHdRBAU AkD ,COM'A', Hamburg; cone. signee' R,DSTRU TRADING COMPANY L1D. Hon Kong. Latter on BFC. list. Later received in Manila D-433,, 10 October 19550 !Sf-curit Classification) Approved For Release 2001/11/16 : CIA-RDP63-00084A000200100022-0