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December 9, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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Approved For Release O00/09/13_: '[Q DECLAS ,Class.. CHANGED TS d =` Xr T? T A 1ldamn d ?17 Acting iaepmxty Ltrector triouasl Aut'hi DDA REG. 77 SUBJEt."1' 3 Contiugeacy Capability - Propo_C R _1w_ _ N' 1. This Aassmarandass suggests action an the part of the 1Deputy Director (Plans). cb request for action is contained in paragraph 6. 2. On 26 March 1959, this Staff presented the DD/P with certain recosmmmend tions on the concept paper for In response to the statement that there was a deficiency among the lower grades in paramilitary skills and an aging of those who had these skills, it was recces ended and the 7111/P concurred that there be developed and implemented suitable training and refresher programs to not only maintain expand the skills and pimysical capabilities required by Agency employees fr such operations. .3. Subsequent to the above a study was prepared to serve as a'basis. fox specific action and the DD/P was informed of the scope and nature of this action, While certain corrective adjustments have been mad within exist. L training programs it became apparent that the following new 25X1A effort would be required adequately to maintain and, in certain areas expand, the existing capabilities of Agency manpower in this respect: a. To offset a prolonged period in which no new personnel had been trained in the basic skills, a tkuve (3) month (minima rered time) basic paramilitary training course be instituted on an annual basis for junior operations officers upon completion of other basic training, thereby developing addi- tional skills for the individuals and fulfilling a need for such personnel for contingency situations as well as providing a planned replacement program in this functional field; b. to provide refresher and/or cross-training for Contingency Force members in the concerned basic skills as well as specific training in task force type operations, a specially designed three (3) week training program should be carried out, initially, as a pilot approach to the subject and, if demonstrated to be of sufficient value, than consider such a program to be repeated on a regular basis. `VJ Approved For Release 2000/09/13. ,i i . P63- b~Mbo 0100030010-2 Approved For Release 2000/09/13 : CIA-RDP63-00309A000100030010-2 4. Appended herewith are tlee following as.oranda for the implementation of the above specific training activities: a. Moran- for: The Director of Training This a!aasorandiat refers to the sescirandusa below and requests the Office of Trairtirg to provide the indicated training. b. Memorandue (for concerned cosepo?smts) Attachment "A" provides the pertinent data on the task force training program. Attachment "B" provides a list of Contingency Force members by concerned components for selection of their indicated quota. (distribution to be deferred pending a reply from the D/TR on the above memoranduee). 5. The substance of the above memoranda represents several months of consideration by this Staff with the DD/P/TRO and the Office of Training. 6. It is, therefore, recd mienMd that the Deputy Director (Plans) sign the attached memoranda. 25X1A9a Acting Cbdei Psycbological and Parami.litary Staff 25X1A9a 2 appendices: (as stated) Dn P TRO Approved For Release 2000/09/13 : CIA} . P 3-00309A000100030010-2