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December 9, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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June 25, 1958
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ANAproFORM NO. 64 ved For Release 2'500109 o ce Memorandd 9A00e100030056-2 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO : Director of Training DATE: 25 June 1958 FROM : Acting Chief, Plans and Policy Staff REFERENCE: Memorandum for all Area Divisions; Dated 12 June 1958; Subject, CIA Task Forces; Prepared by Chief, P & P Staff, DD/P 1. The following comments are suggested as an OTR position regarding the memorandum referred to above: a. The concepts expressed in this document have been considered on several occasions during the past four years. Conspicuous by its absence in this docu- ment is the lack of reference to formal training for cadre members. OTR's position should be that training is an integral part of any operation and that a carefully designed integrated training program should be a requi- site for any group selected to undertake the kind of operations appropriate to an emergency task force. b. On the basis of the authority and responsi- bility assigned to the Director of Training, it should be OTRrs position that this office should be made a part of all planning concerned with the development or establishment of an action cadre. The basis for this position stems from the fact that up to the present time there has been no clear delineation on the part of DD/P as to the type of operational objective to be assigned to an action cadre task force, and while the need for such a task force has been recognized, insufficient attention has been given to the type of situation in which a task force might be employed. It is suggested that a staff analysis of ; (1) National Intelligence Estimates dealing with ,probable future trouble spots,, (;2) DD/P pre~,jminary estimates concerned with suchyareas, 3) -Clandestine :services Related Mission Pirec'jve s , . Approved For Releksp ?000/09/1 100030056-2 Approved For Release n00/09/13 ?-CIA-RDP63-00309A086100030056-2 (4) contingency plans. , A set of reasonable objectives might be defined in which a well-organized and well-trained task force could be employed under emergency conditions. c. It should be OTR-s position that when an admin- istrative determination has been made to establish an action cadre (task force) the implementation of such a decision should be carried out as a separate program and should be staffed by personnel who are not involved in day-to-day operational activities. The reasons for adopting this position are: (1) Individuals engaged in sensitive assign- ments within CIA should not be exposed to risk of capture. (2) The assembly of any group of specialists in the operational and supporting fields as suggested in the referenced document under emergency conditions could only serve to weaken the unity of purpose and esprit so necessary to effective group action. (3) Specific training objectives, including those of selected skills, language training and area knowledge are all essential to proper prepa- ration for the type of mission which might logically be assigned to such a group. d. It should be OM's position that this office is prepared to provide the facility and the training compe- tence to accommodate and prepare a group of men for service in an action cadre task force, providing adequate funds and staff positions are set aside for this purpose. 25X1A9a Distribution: Orig. - Addressee 1 - PPS 25X1A9a 0TR/PPS :nld (25 June 58) Approved For Release 2000/09/13 - ,9000100030056-2