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December 9, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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April 24, 1958
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Approved For Release" 0 309AO 0100030057-3 CO- -Y =a M 24 April 1958 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief of Operations, DD/P 1. As a result of some of the experience we have gained, in connection with recent activities, it may be useful to revive and reconsider our position on proposals made some time ago for the creation, in conjunction with the Office of Training, of an action cadre. I have in mind the selection of approximately 20 officers from both DD/P and OTR, who would be assigned for 25X1A6a fairly lengthy tours and who would develop techniques and plans covering all phases of action-type activities including communica- tions. Membership in the cadre would not be permanent for all the participants, but alumni would be earmarked so that they could be identified and called in promptly in emergencies requiring their specialties. The members of the cadre including the chief would be documented, and appropriately covered for emergency employment at any time and any place. In addition to developing plans and techniques, the cadre would perform associated training functions in connection with the various courses involving this 25X1A6a type of activity. 2. I have looked over some older papers on the previous such proposal which Matt Baird had made, and I have had a brief discussion with Matt as to the current feasibility of some such effort. It would not have to be costly, and its main purposes could be achieved largely through already existing personnel and training facilities, excepting for an expansion of housing facilities which would be imperative. This would be a one time cost. 3. While large aspects of such a program are the special concern of other Staffs, and some of the Divisions would have much to contribute in both a consideration and an implementation of any approved such proposal, I strongly urge that the least possible time be lost in authorizing the Director of Training, in conjunction with the DD/P, to produce an up to date proposal including cost estimates for a modest program providing the Agency with approximately D ent No.: NO C in Class.; Cj DECLASS D Class. CHANGED TS S DDA Memo, 4 77 '~~~ Auth: --2901/04/ Date: p3 FE; B 1978 By: 9A000100030057-1 Approved For Releaset001/04/05 :CIA-RiOdlh09Ai0100030057-1 20 action specialists covering all related action fields and available immediately for action duty in emergencies. 25X1A9a Deputy Chief, Foreign Intelligence THK:raw Dist: Orig & 1 - COPS/DDP 1 - File EYES ONLY Approved For Release 2001/04/0., , DP63-00309A000100030057-1 F6 cI l IAL