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December 9, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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September 6, 1956
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Ap----'_ 200 3Q AW0100030067-0 ent 110. p~6~re . ,r_R 4e aw.161AS11T. 94.1 cs "'_;,'~ 6 September 1956 puth: DUA 77 u. BYs *-"1- 0% n Dates 8 D MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Chief, Plans and Policy Staff Organization of a Clandestine Services Developmental Personnel Pool 1. Pursuant to your request I have re-examined all of the papers pertaining to the "action cadre" proposal. It seems to me that to resubmit the proposal as it now stands probably would be fruitless in view of many Agency develop- ments which have occured during the intervening period. From all that I can glean, the basic implied objection still obtains to wit: an "action cadre" would be created that doesn't really have a firm primary job but for which secondary tasks could be found. Furthermore, since the initiation of the "cadre" pro- posal, many of the action instructor assets have been dissipated. However, the basic philosophy behind the idea still seems perti- nent. In this connection, perhaps a reshaping of the idea along the following lines could make it more current and vital: To create a Clandestine Services developmental person- nel group of approximately 50 to 100 operations officers. This group would undertake the following broad categories of activity: a. Initiate and produce at an accelerated pace doctrine and techniques for the CS. b. Conduct detailed debriefings of returning CS personnel on a systematic basis in order to build up a refined body of knowledge. c. Prepare instructors for specified field training installations. d. Provide a mechanism for a thorough indoctrination of an outgoing case officer tailored to specific assign- ment and area. e. Provide a qualified group of personnel to staff highly specialized or critical assignments in the whole of DD/P as openings occur. Approved For Release 200 7 030067-0 Approved For Releas 001/0476'' ~F =f3 63*003Q2A0.P0100030067-0 SUBJECT: Organization of a Clandestine Services Developmental Personnel Pool f. Prepare the blueprint for the pulling together of an "action cadre" from the group at any required mo- ment, i.e., the PBSUCCESS type. g. Provide instructors or assistant instructors to augment the permanent instructor staff as needed but not on a tour basis. 25X1A6a c. For financing and other purposes, the developmental pool should be administered on a ro ect basis. This projec should provide for the filling of the s' 1?s on a gradual basis, over a two-year period as attrition throughout the Agency makes these slots available, in order not to exceed the total Agency ceiling as specified by the DCI. 3. If the above suggestion or any part thereof is accepted in principle by higher authority, the covering document relating to the matter may start off with the following explanation: In view of several Agency developments which include the imposition of a personnel ceiling, eventual movement to a new CIA headquarters with a reduced complement, and the need for more highly qualified operations officers, OTR is encountering gainfully employ h. Provide a mechanism to ho4AM the few DD/P personnel who cannot d at the moment 25X1X8 but who should not be separated. L Conduct field testing of clandestine services techniques and serve as a field testing group for the DD/P Materiel Board. 2. In order to make the above administratively meaningful, the following should be accomplished: 25X1A6a a. Assign the slots specified above to a field installation not chargeable to OTR's headquarters ceiling. b. Further, neither DTR nor DD/P should be required to reduce their absolute personnel ceiling in order to accommodate these slots. 25X1X8 Approved For Release 2001/04 RDJ'd(100030067-0 Approved For Release 2001/04 -RDP63-003Q,2U0 0100030067-0 11F 12., "N4 "TIAL -3- SUBJECT: Organization of a Clandestine Services Developmental Personnel Pool increasing if not insolvable difficulties in its attempts to equate an inadequate number of qualified clandestine services instructor personnel with its primary training mission. More- over, not only has OTR for all practical purposes lost its capability to teach in the action fields owing to the lack of qualified instructors, but has been unable with few exceptions to produce the requisite doctrine and techniques which in the long run will enhance the sophistication of the Clandestine Services. Therefore, in an attempt to resolve the many problems indicated above, which have been attacked piecemeal in many instances in the past, the following is proposed: 4,.. Prior to the initiation of any staff study, I would appreciate the opportunity of discussing the matter with the DTR. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/04 'd100030067-0