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December 14, 2016
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September 4, 2002
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August 15, 1963
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Approve"or Release 2002/10/21 : CIA-RDP63-Q313A000500130009-4 25X1 opy 15 August 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Science and Technology SUBJECT a. IDEALIST - The U-2 detachment at Edwards is in a stand-by status. The detachment a stand -by status awaiting feasible weather conditions in the target areas. b. BRASS KNOB - The only scheduled SAC U-2 mission over Cuba for 14 August was cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions at the launch site (Barksdale Air Force Base). : Daily Activity Report - 15 August 1963 on Status c. CORONA - The next satellite photo mission is scheduled for 21 August as a CORONA-J. OXCART Aircraft Status a. Aircraft #121 (J-58 engines) - This aircraft made fli ht #76 g on 14 August for a duration of forty-nine minutes. The purpose of the flight was to investigate roughness at higher MACH numbers in con- junction with envelope extension. The maximum speed of investigations was Mach 2. 53 and altitude 70, 000 feet. The pilot reported that he did not experience the typical inlet roughness previously encountered and associated with flight conditions at about Mach 2.3. Further, that the modification of the throttle system eliminated a "throttle hump" condition encountered on previous flights. The pilot stated that he was well pleased with the results of the flight. b. Aircraft #122 (J-58 engines): T} s aircraft made flight #19 on I August for a duration of fifty-five minutes. This was the first flight 25 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/10 ApprovetrFor Release 20090: CIA-RDP63.W313A000500130009-4 25X1 5X1 5X1 on the aircraft after a heavy landing which required repairs and re placement of the landing gear system. The maximum speed and altitude achieved: Mach 2.25 and 65, 000 feet. The purpose of the flight was to develop heat soak data at Mach 2.2 conditions. The aircraft was flown for 19 minutes above Mach 2 in addition to 16 minutes at Mach 2.2 c. Aircraft #124 (trainer - J-75 engines) - This aircraft is under- going maintenance inspection; next flights scheduled for 15 August. d. Aircraft #125 (1-58 engines) -_This aircraft made flight #9 on 14 August for a duration of one hour and twenty-eight minutes. The pur- pose of the flight was to 25 1 I Ifast of the nee a navigation system. This aircraft is scheduled for a flight on 15 August to test the Perkin- Elmer camera #2 and the inertial navigation system. e. Aircraft #126 (J-58 engines) - Undergoing maintenance service bulletin mddifications. Estimated readiness for next flight is 17 August. f. Aircraft #127 (J-58 engines) .- Undergoing repair of right engine overheat warning light system and a hydraulic leak. Scheduled to complete ground engine pre-flight runs on 15 August. a. Aircraft #128 (J-58 engines) - In process of final assomblyrj 25 Estimated time of readiness for first flight: 2 September. h. X W-12 Interceptor #1001 (3-58 engines) - The first attempt on 14 August of an official first flight on this aircraft was aborted due to an aircraft hydraulic system leak. A second attempt was made successfully 14 August and a flight made for a duration of forty-two minutes. U-2 Camera Development Status a. The present Perkin-Elmer and Eastman-Kodak cameras designed the OXCART A-12 will not At in the U-2 "Q" bay. During an early phase of the flight test of the Eastman-Kodak camera, flights were made in a U-Z aircraft of an Eastman-Kodak camera which was configured without a Approved For Release 219 if : CIA-RDP63-00313A000500130009-4 Approve.For Release 2002/10/2 1 E99%P63;J 313A000500130009-4 stabilization system for this phase of the test program. The presently configured Eastman-Kodak OXCART camera. which includes a stabiliza- tion platform, cannot be accommodated in the U-2. b. A camera being developed by Hycon for the OXCART program, designated the Hycon 333. an F 5.6 and 48" framin camera, with an apected ground resolution of is acheduled for delivery late September or early cto r. is camera has been designed to be flown in either the U-Z or A-12. c. Tests have been completed on a recently delivered Hycon "B" camera with an imp#oved lens. which is capable of achieving ground resolutions of about two feet as compared with 2 l/2 - 3 foot resolution achieved by the other B cameras now4sed is both the CIA and SAC programs. very dates for two additional improved B-cameras of the type mentioned above: #2 24 August, #3 5 September. The film from the test flight of this improved camera has been delivered to NPIC for evaluation purposes. d. An Itek C triple prime camera .24" F 3.5. (used in the CORONA program) is being modified for utilization in a U-2. Thiw camera will be delivered to Burbank the second week of September for commencement of flight tests. This system will be capable of achieveing t U-2 altitudes. 25X 25X;1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/10L=- RDP63-00313A000500130009-4