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December 15, 2016
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March 26, 2004
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October 25, 1963
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ApproVasd For Release 2004/05/12 ? C. IA-RDP6300313A000500140093-0 Copy 2S October 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR: Assistant Director. OSA SUZSECT OXCART Deputy Assistant Director, OSA Summary of USA Activities for Week Ending 25 October 1963 a. A meeting was hold on 14 October 1963 to discuss the OXCART Contingency Plan with Dr. McMillan in attendance. He raised the much discussed Holtz incident and proposed that active consideration be given now to the controlled surfacing of the AF- lZ (LR1). Dr. McMillan agreed that any surfacing in the immediate future should involve only the AF-1Z and that decisions involving the R-12 should be deferred, probably until 1965. b. When was briefed on the results of CPX Dry Run r a he dressed the opinion that we need a modification of some areas common to all our CPX's. Namely, first, how does SAC it into this and what, if any, interplay with them should Headquarters 1 :1 engage in for realism. Second, the twelve-hour period allotted to his flight planners to process the final flight plan of the sensitive area and ade- quately brief the pilot is not enough time. He requested that he have the final sensitive area flight plan for a minimum of 36 hours in advance of take-off if refueling is involved. c. Several INS flights were scheduled for the week 14 ? 19 October. All but two were aborted because of weather conditions. The Auta-Nav System performed. well for both turning and tracking. NRO and USAF review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-R - 3-0 25X1 25X1 Approve7f'For Release 2004/05/12: CIA-RDP6346313A000500140093-0 SECRET 25X1 d. Problems with the spike control system and the accompanying vibrations and occasional flameouts are still under study. Efforts to 'obtain euitable design co rectioiie' are "being pushed. * CORONA eelon, Gene Sal Carter and Mr. James A. Cunningham met Cr on 15 October to review for him salient features of the cal Year 1965 NRO budget as a means for preparing him for his pro- jected conversations on this subject with Under Secretary of Defense Cilpatric in the near future. Among other things the Director said that he felt we should force for a completely new search system as the next generation vehicle beyond the CORONA. 25X1 Chief, Programs Staff (Special Activities) Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000500140093-0