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December 12, 2016
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June 19, 2002
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February 11, 1963
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25X1 TOP SECRET Approveor Release - 63 13A000500170005-4 25X1A USIB-D-41. 14/7 (COMOR-D-48/21) Final-USIB Approved 11 February 1963 Limited Distribution UNITED STATES INTELLIGENCE BOARD MEMORANDUM FOR THE UNITED STATES INTELLIGENCE BOARD SUBJECT . Satellite Reconnaissance Scheduling REFERENCE USIB-D-41. 14/7, 4 February 1963 1. USIB, at its 6 February meeting,. considered the subject matter and, with respect thereto, took the following actions: a. Noted the report on the subject (referenced above) which had been. prepared. by its Committee on Overhead Reconnaissance (COMOR). b. Approved the COMOR recommendations regarding satellite scheduling in paragraph 8 of the reference, subject to: (1) amend- ment of the first sentence in sub-paragraph 8. a. and (2) modification of the text of sub-paragraph 8.b. to reflect USIB agreement that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) be requested to investigate and inform USIB regarding the possibility of providing a standby reconnaissance capability for use on call in crisis situations. c. Agreed, with further reference to the subject schedule, that NRO should be requested to arrange a sufficient back-up of proven boosters to lift the existing type of CORONA payloads which may be required to provide essential coverage, in the event of failure or delay in operation of the new systems. 25X1A 221-?63 Copy No,, 25X1A Approved For Release 200,/dpq5:.pP63-00313A000500170005-4 25X1 TOP SECRET ApprovIN!"For Rele elA-Rbro 313A000500170005-4 USIB-D--41. 14/7 (COMOR-D-48/21) Final-USIB Approved 11 February 1963 Limited Distribution 25X1A 2. The above USIB actions, together with a copy of the referenced paper, revised to incorporate the afore-indicated Board approved changes, were transmitted to the Director, NRO.,by memorandum of this date. The Director, NRO, was that communication to advise the USIB regarding NRO actions on the foregoing matters. 3. Attached for record purposes is a copy of the COMOR paper in its revised and approved form, less Tab A, which was not revised and which remains, as previously circulated, a limited distribution item. 25X1A Executive Secretary 25X1A 14221-63 25X1 25X1A Approved For Release 20ap/ft ffDP63-00313A000500170005-4 TOP SECRET Approvor Release 2002/08/20 : CIA-RDP63 `9N13A000500170005-4 25X1 25X1A I Attachment USIB-D-41. 14/7 (COMOR-Dl-48/21) Final-US.IB Approved 11 February 1963 Limited Distribution MEMORANDUM FOR : United States Intelligence Board SUBJECT COMOR Recommendation on Satellite Scheduling 1. The Committee on Overhead Reconnaissance in pursuance of the request of the United States Intelligence Board (see USIB-D-41. 14/4, COMOR-D-48/20) has, with the cooperation of the National Reconnaissance Office (NR.O) reviewed the schedule for satellite photographic and electronic systems for the period through June 1964. Submitted as Tab A is a re- vision of the NRO schedule for satellite photographic and electronic systems. The COMOR recommendations on this are in paragraph 8 below. 2. Other actions pertinent to requirements guidance for the NRO are summarized as follows: a. To assist in further research and development planning, a statement of the essential elements of information and the require- ment for the resolution desired for satellite photography submitted to the NRO on 28 August 1962 (COMOR-D-61/1). This still con- stitutes valid guidance for research and development. b. With regard to the electronics systems section of the schedule, COMMOR believes that at this time it will meet require- meats. However, a new statement of requirements is in the process of preparation and will be forwarded as soon as completed. C. COMOR has completed and forwarded to the D/NRO the targeting guidance for programming the L mission scheduled for February. COMOR will continue to provide specific guidance for each of these missions. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 I --I Approved For Release 63-00313A000500170005-4 TOP SECRET Apprcd For Release 2002/08/20 : CIA-RDPOIO0313A000500170005-4 25X1 25X1A MR@ 25X1 25X1A a. The average time lapses permissible in coverage of the various types of targets. b. The average optimum time lapses for purposes of comparative coverage. z21-63 25X1A Approved For Relea I Attachment USIB-Dm41. 14/7 (COMOR-D048/21) Final-USIB Approved 11 February 1963 Limited Distribution d. The USIB has notified NRO of the requirement for an. ARGON mission in April to be followed by one in June if required. 3. In studying this program in cooperation with the NRO, COMOR was advised that the present schedule for photographic systems is not in competition with the electronic systems schedule or vice versa. 5. Our present major concern in the photographic field, therefore, is to evaluate the adequacy of the search and surveillance program for which the M and J systems were designed. Experience since the in- ception of the satellite program has furnished a basis for determining the frequency of coverage in general needed to satisfy most of our highest priority intelligence requirements using the present system in operation. In establishing the intervals at which this coverage should be obtained, the following factors were considered. 2?N1 A Top SECRET Approved For Rele se 2002/08/20 : CIA-RD 60313A000500170005-4 Attachment USIB-D?41. 14/7 (COMOR-D-48/21) Final.USIB Approved 11 February 1963 Limited Distribution C. The time required to process and interpret the results of a .mission to a degree which will permit review of the highest priority objectives and revision or refinement of the target file and. photo interpretation requirements. 6. The revised NRO schedule for the Jvtype satellite reflecting use of 4 of the spare systems as shown in the revision of Tab A is an adequate approach for satisfying the intelligence community requirement for a search and surveillance program conducted through satellite photography. (CO.MOR notes that failure of the J system would require the substitution of 2 M systems. for every J.. in the schedule as revised if the requirement is to be met.) The revision takes into account the need for increasing surveillance during the good weather periods. of 1963. and the first half of 1964, times which are optimum for maximum photographic collection. In summary, it should provide. a. Potential coverage of priority targets at 10-day intervals during summer months when. daylight and weather conditions are favorable, b. Potential coverage of priority targets at l5 day intervals during the winter months, when adverse weather conditions and inadequate daylight render missions less productive. 7. The Committee on Overhead Reconnaissance has been concerned that, there should be available on a continuing standby a satellite recon- naissance capability for emergency, such as was faced by the United States Intelligence Board in the Berlin crisis of 1961 and the Cuban. crisis of 1962. It is. COMOR's feeling that even under the best of circumstances, satellite reconnaissance both today and in the foreseeable future cannot produce information on a sufficiently timely basis to serve as an "indi- cation source" as. the term is normally used. However, in a_ continuing cold-war crisis period, even with the time lapse between. launch and readout satellite reconnaissance can provide valuable intelligence 25X1A 221-63 25X1A Approved For Re1e4 rUP SECRET 25X1 25X1A Apprdved For Relea Attachment USIB-D-41. 14/7 (COMOR-D-48/21) Final-USIB Approved 11 February 1963 Limited Distribution information that could be critical in policy decisions. It is for this, reason that COMOR submits for USIB consideration. and approval the recommenda- tion below in paragraph 8. b. a. USIB considers that the NRO schedule in Tab A (including the revision proposed by COMOR) will, if successfully carried out, meet essential intelligence requirements for. satellite reconnaissance coverage as currently anticipated. The additional missions proposed will provide needed intelligence coverage during the good-weather months (July and September) in 1963 and the good-weather months up to mid-64 (April and June); 25X1A b. USIB requests that NRO investigate and inform USIB whether it would be possible to provide for use on call in future crisis situa- tions a standby satellite reconnaissance capability, which would incorporate a vehicle programmed against the type of targets desig- nated as possible indicators. during the tension last October 3684-62). Such a capability would include provision for immediate replacement of vehicles. fired and a means for these vehicles, taking priority over other firings, in the U. S. satellite schedule. The targets would be relatively few in number and the plan would be to program in such a.manner as to cover a broad and representative selection of targets, and as many as possible, during each day's orbits. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 Attachment. "Schedule"--distributed only to USIB members and COMOR members. 221-63 TOP SECRET Approved For ReWase 3-00313A000500170005-4