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December 15, 2016
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December 1, 2003
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September 23, 1958
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4 { vg' Approves or Release 2003/12/10 GIA`RDP43-0Q.3.13AQD0600020016-7 CHAL 0334' Cy / of $, 23 September 1958 25X1A 25X5 MEMORANDUM TO: SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR FOR PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SUBJECT : Edwards Test Program 1. Attached hereto is a resume of the activity being conducted by the CHALICE/Dunit at North Edwards Air Force Base. 2. The test program is, by its nature, subject to change as the test progresses, so a comprehensive report will be rendered by the Operations Directorate from time to time to keep you abreast of develop- ments as they occur. 3. As the need for new test programs arises, this Directorate will determine the desirability and feasibility of the test and establish the desired perimeters. The recommendation will then be sent to you for approval, disapproval, or further guidance. 4. In this regard it has become neces'sary to obtain a command decision on the following recommendations: b. Establish the minimum IRAN time for the U-2 as 500 hours. c. Establish the maximum IRAN time for the U-2 as 1000 hours. 25X1 Colonel, USAF Encl: Resume APPROVED: R. M. BISSELL, JR. DPS/DCI/RHC:aem Director of Operations 1 & 2 - addressee 4 - Ops Chal file ApprovTd R- AUba'003/2L1 PlJ P- 313A000600020016-7 Ops chron Dist.: L Approved. or Release 2003/12/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313AD00600020016-7 S T EDWARDS TEST PROGRAM 25X1A 1. Engine Tests (360) a. oblem: Reliability of the P-31 engines is not consistent. P & W representative has singled out specific engines for quantitative flight tes? an possible rework. To date, the reworked engines are not as good (reliability and performance) as either the proto- type or the early production engines. Engine reliability and performance is a continuing project and very time consuming. b. Problem: High outside air temperature is a suspected cause of flameouts. LAC Service Bulletin #317 requires the installation of outside temperature gauges in all t1+.2 aircraft. This will enable Edwards to use the data of all detachments to determine the degree of correlation and make appropriate fixes. The gauges will also assist in gathering weather information and assist in detection of contrails. c. Problem: The BGT (exhaust gas temperature) harness, on occasion, has been found to be scorched and shorted out. EGT, at the present time, is the prime indicator of power. Since the engine is normally operated at full power, the EGT measurement must be accurate and reliable. Fixes to obtain and provide the degree of accuracy and reliability desired are required. d. Problem: A minimum safe power indication is required. The Pressure Ratio Gauge used for this purpose is not a reliable indica- tion of available power. Two different exhaust gas total pressure probes have been tried in an effort to eliminate this problem. It is necessary to slowly reduce power while in cruise climb in order to keep the 1 7GT within allowable limits. A reduction beyond certain limits causes flame out. Since the Pressure Ratio Gauge is the only instrument available, a more reliable fix is required. Replacement of the pressure ratio gauge with a fuel flow gauge is one possible solution since it is felt that it is a good indication of engine power, simpler, and more reliable. A secondary benefit would be a visual presentation of fuel flow for the pilot. 2. Cameras (343 ) a. All Project camera service tests are complete. b. Acceptance/delivery tests on FOG "Be cameras are approxi- mately completes c. Two IIC't camera tests of the new series have been accomplished. Results were good (12 to 15 11/mm) but this does not approach the design specifications 35 U/mm. R & D, as well as acceptance flight tests, will be required. Approved For Release 20031 1~,,;, IA-RDP63-00313A000600020016-7 L- Ll Approved.Eor P ease 2003/12/1 Jc RpP63-OQ 13A000600020016-7 d. A-2 and B cameras will require major overhaul due to wear and tear. Overhauled cameras will require acceptance flight tests. 3. Film Tests (343) a. Red dot flights, flown for EK, are an attempt to improve overall quality. Tracker and A-2 tests are complete. "Be red dot tests will begin week of 15 September. "0" red dot tests have been proposed and the decision will rest with FOG. Assignment of a "C" camera for this work may require more time than SAC 3 would care to relinquish. 4. System IV Acceptance Tests (358) a. Project System IV acceptance testing is complete. FOG System IV, number 105, is at Edwards at the present time. System IV improvements are evidenced on each new unit. Serial number 1.04 (FOG) had only minor problems during acceptance tests. b. Noise elimination Hycon is working with R-W in an attempt to lower noise level that is being fed from the tracker and other cameras into System IV and System VI. Progress to date indicates that most, but not all, noise can be eliminated. c. Weight reductio - Product Improvement (1) The need of a weight reduction program is evident in that in a long flight, the U-2 will normally run out of elevator trim at about the two-thirds point in a long flight. (2) All project System IVts should be product improved to the same degree as the latest one coming off the production line. A program of further refinement in increase in its sensing and D.F.ting capability should be investigated. Improvement should be consistent and/or compatible with the characteristics 25X1 of any follow on vehicle. 6. Zoom Climb (349) As soon as F-104 aircraft are available at Edwards, tests will begin on the zoom climb program. In general, the problem is: What can be done to a U-2 to lower the probability of intercept by high performance Approved For Release 2003/1 1RDP63OO3l 3A00060002001 6-7 t lit U~, lk;~-JLft Approved.For Release 2003/1 ! O RDP63-OGa13AN0600020016-7 L -3 25X1A 25X1A fighters? This includes camouflage paint 25X1 5X1 D evasive tactics, U-2 pilot monitoring This program should be expedited, be comprehensive, as pertains to all features mentioned above and is considered to be more important than all of the others. Information obtained will be applicable to any follow-on vehicle. Initial tests complete. Informal (ARDC) information indicates that flight tests involving product improvement and/or newer types of equipments and techniques are being formalized. 25X1A 9. 25X1 D Serial #16 is at Edwards at the present time. These are pro- duction acceptance tests and will be complete in November 1958. Current activity limited to theoretical and model aspects of the program. Provisions should be made for the possibility that camou- flage material might be available during the second half of FY 1959 and would require a U-2 for pole and flight tests. 25X1 12. IRAN a. Aircraft #343 received a 1000 hour inspection and no sig- nificant deficiencies were found. A FOG U-2 was found to have Approved For Release 20031.1,211Q._~,CIA-RDP63-00313A000600020016-7 Approved.Eor Release 2003/12/10 ;.; CIA RDP63-0Q i 3A000600020016-7 -49 considerable wear and required extensive work. It is recommended that minimum IRAN time be 500 hours with a maximum IRAN time of 1000 hours. This would be dependent on type of flying accomplished, location, and inspection reports. A minim= of three maintenance flight tests are required for each aircraft coming out of IRAN before it is unconditionally released for operational use. b. Repairs due to minor accidents, replacement of skin, bulk- heads, support membranes and other modifications requiring over 100 hours of work should be accomplished at Edwards. 13. Training and Proficiency (344) 25X1A b. In the case of pilots already checked out, the degree and type of proficiency that should be maintained depends on their planned utilization. 25X1A 25X1A (1) Operational utilization-four flights per month required. (Two maximum range or endurance flights with primary mission capabilities and two short flights to accomplish air work such as instruments, landings, T. O.'s etc.) (2) Ferry and flight test utilization-four flights per month required averaging 4 - 6 hours. 14. EWP, Ferry and Tactical Situations (378-344-349) Edwards will, maintain two U-2 aircraft in operational condition at all times. These aircraft will be ferried to areas of interest as designated by 0 by Edwards. The aircraft will supplement the 13 and C detachments when these units are dispersed and/or deployed. Edwards personnel will augment the operational units during these conditions. These aircraft will also replace damaged or lost U-2'a, U-2's brought back for IRAN or extensive modification in addition to being utilized?~;for equipment testing and proficiency flying. Approved For Release 2003/ppr-,cY Approved'or Release 2003/12/10 cL,RLP63-0A '13A400600020016-7 -5- 16. Personnel Equipment and Safety of Flight (378-344-349) In most cases, this aspect will be flown in conjunction with other programs. Cases involving aerodynamic instrumentation, violent maneuvers, new or modified oxygen systems will require flights that are limited to the specific problem. This aspect will increase in importance and significance when the decision for a follow-on-vehicle has been made. Pressure suits, oxygen systems and escape systems will require extensive flight testing. 17. New U-2 A/C Five new aircraft are scheduled for EAFB production acceptance test January thru March 1959. Approved For Release 2003/12/10 CIA-RDP63-00313A000600020016-7 03 25X1A 25X1A Approved Eor Release 2003/1 1 -RDP63-08.313AQQ0600020016-7 378 IN A & E Ready for deploy 376 OUT FOG A/C Stall checks 389 IN A & E } 25X1 A AIRCRAFT AND PROJECT STATUS 343 IN Configs 344 -- Being assembled 349 IN Ready for ferry to "C" 358 OUT Strut leaks 360 IN Instrumentation 25X1 A (Engine - Paint DATE ASSIGNED Sept '55 ESTIMATE DATE COMP. % COMP* NA NA. NA NA 15 Sept 100 % NA 95 7 Dec 158 40 NA NA Engine Jun '55 Paint 11 Jun '58 B Jan '56 Sys 4 Oct f56 Sys 6 Mar 156 C 21 Dec '56 Red Dot Sept '56 Sys 1 Zoom Climb Oct '55 Jun '58 Aug '58 NA NA UKN 0 URN 0 Approved For Release 2003/1 9M ~, .C4 -RDP63-00313A000600020016-7 Div ApprovedZor Release 2003/12 U 'J-RDP63-00&13A9eO600020016-7 Each U-2 will be programmed for approximately 30 hours each month. Average utilization of U-2 aircraft flown at EAFB for the period February-July 58 was 20 hours. Following is the schedule for each A/C assigned EAFB for the present test effort: A/C PM ram Est. Monthly Fly Hrs. 343 2 10 3 10 344 .EWP-STANDBY 14-10-16 13 349 6- 14-10-16 13 358 4-5 8-9 360 1 9 5 7 5 378 6- 14-10-16 13 Projects 12 & 17 require flight testing by do not involve permanently assigned aircraft. personnel but 25X1 A Approved For Release 2003/12 YCIA-RDP63-00313A000600020016-7