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December 14, 2016
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May 2, 2002
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March 18, 1959
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Approved For Release 2002/ 00313A000600030018-4 C7#P.L-o608 Copy of 18 lq March 1959 '1 8 MAR ., STAFF Ml;ET NG MM S - 17 March 1959 personnel Present: Mr. Bissell -Mr, Reber 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 C 25X1 C ACTION: Mr . CuYardngliam C&.'1T.l:CE Col. Geary Mr. Cunning 25X1A 25X1A Mr0 Bissell suggested. that thought be given to activities other than the over-flights contlated; for example F-- i 25X1 C 2. U-2 v's. F:Gh ''Z' RAD RSA S/#N D11O .APB I repoxrted 25X1A that the Navy could support U-2 vs. Flight Radar tests twice a month. Mr. Bissell felt that such a proem to entirely desirable and that we should go ahead with such plans. ACTION: Operations 3. TEST STATUS BOARD - The second aircraft (number 358) has gone into IRl1Nfor J-75 modification two days ahead of schedule. In this 25X1 C connection, it was determined that the J-75 mods should. be carried. on regardless of At present, a prrrval has been riven to cut tunes for the modification, but actual inzte-Ilatien tests of the second J- are being delayed 25X1 C ilmmver, this is only an internal Pee1of 3 t j J Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600030018-4 25X1 C Approved For Release 2002/09/0 01PSEJ0313A000600030018-4 approval mechanism and wJ.ll not in any way halt the mcdifications, particularly in view of the fact that Mr. Bissell is certain that Kelly Johnson has reached a point of confidence wherein he would guarantee a 3,000 foot increase across the profile. 4. MALFUNCTION REPORT - Noise in aircraft 3 78 (T-Band vs . Systems III has been corrected. Detachments will continue to keep working on this and correlate findings w th Headquar ers. TRACK M - In view of the fact that thirteen missions have been run without any Tracker rw2function, it appears that the malfunctions were as a result of a let-down in quality control rather than. the equipment itself- l4,. Bissell commented on above to the effect that these monthly reports are extremely worth-while and should be encour Used. 5. GERMAN ThIP REPORT - Col. Burke advised that the over-all purpose of the trip, n&-mely, a survey of air assets in Wiesbaden, had been successfully acecauplished and concrete reccmme-ndations as to their use would be made before the end of the week. He briefly reported that maintenance was adequate and ccmlpara,ble to that performed on other USA.r E aircraft. Regarding training: their operations that are conducted in light aircraft was good, but, in the C-54, not quite so good, due to the German weather an-d the requirement to perform it only during proper moon phases. It was suggested to the air unit there that stagings be co_ ~c ucted to off-set above disadvantages. Col. Burke also reported that the operational facility was good and that definite ement has been noted under the ages live direction of There will be in Wiesbaden a conference, 25X1 A commencing 5 April, to which DPD Will send instructed delegates. Purpose of the conference is future of the Round Robins. 6. CON ACTING OFFICER AS MM- FOCAL POINT FOR ORAL OR WRITTEN APPROVALS CM-0 9 Mr. Bissell stated that it was highly desirable to revert to the practice of having one focal point for oral or written approvals of additional. contracts and that this focal point should be the Contracting Officer. Recently, there has been a tendency for the approval to emanate from various offices which leads to confusion both here and at the suppliers. While there is no objection to an informal approval on a crash basis, it is necessary that the approval and confirmation come from the Contracting Officer in order to maintain uniformity of procedure. 7. Oft ITS Mr. Bissell. directed that all action on procurement of E. TNT equipment (receivers) be held asp pending re-examination of the program. ACTION: Operations Clta.L-O C8 Page 2 of 3 Copy of e8 Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600030018-4 25X1 D 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : Ci JA000600030018-4 W. Bissell then brought to the attention of the staff that one of the Area Divisions is planning an operation which involves air assets. He used this as an example of an instance in which he Will require from DPD units their best judgemnt on the success probability, requirements, the flight plan, II and, the over- all feasibility of the plan. lie will then use this guidance in discussing this intended project as well as all future ones with the Area Divisions concerned. ACTION: Mr. Reber, Operations He expressed his feeling that ourier aircrai't; was very worthwhile and that Operations should continue to assess its capability. A decision is expected this week regarding the CORONA extension (Y -60) 25X1A 25X1A Mr. Bissell reported that he had what he described as an attractive proposal from Kelly Johnson, relative to the GUSTO vehicle. This should be looked at before final coanitents are made on this program. APPROVED: WILLIAM I3URKC Colonel, USAF Acting Chief, DPD-DD/P Distribution: 1. - LID/P 2 - A-DD/P-P 3 - A/C-DPD-DD/P 4 - Mr. Reber 5 - Admin DPD-DD/P 6 - Cover DPD-DD/P 7 - R & D DPD-DD/P 8 - Security DPD-DD/P 9 - Personnel DPD-DD/P 10 - Contracting DPD-DD/P 11 - Materiel DPD-DD/P 12 - Comoro DPD-DD/P 13 - Ops DPD-DD/P 14 - PDO DPD-DD/P 15 - Finance DPD-DD/P 16 - Cal. Leary 17 - Air Div. DPD-DD/P CHAL- 5O8 18 - Admin Orono DPD-DD/P Page 3 of 3 Copy of 18 Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600030018-4