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December 12, 2016
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May 8, 2002
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March 28, 1962
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Approved ForRelease 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-0031(3A000600090003-4 'r"flET MEMORANEUM FOR Ag Chte.f?. DPIC SUB:TECT c.)694 ccpy ?a Nia,,tch 1%2 Pcj. jDEALIST Crne: 4.V.t.Achtd ts thof,, FY-63 FY-64 Cci:Am.:tepfe. Ak 25X1A 414 - USAF Spc.,(c11,0 Pc DPD . - Aatachimvnta TAB A - Owt,n)ed.MAls Atcornplished FY4Z TAB B - PRanned C.V..;;Falon FY-6Z as of R5 Feb 6a TAB C Concept t:.%it Op:rfeAkons FY-R963 d FY-1964 w/Atts R, 2? 3 rAatitibuttion:'.. R-AC/DPD wiAns. 2,- DPrvCoropftrollie W Att.t 3-EPDICormptvolltIts-vviAns 4-fl PD/DB wl.Attta 5.rPrims w/Atts 6-EPD/Peaos w/Atta 7-DPD/Set 8- rpriconitt,alcr.r. vyiAtt5 9-DPP/SPB wfAtts 110-EPDi.Rlf wiAns priCommo w/Af.,18 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1 C Approved For' Release 2002/06/10 ? CIA-RDP63-00343A000600090003-4 TOP SECRET TAB A OPERATIONS ACCOMPLISHED FY-62 1. Detachment B, at Adana, Turkey, was further reduced during FY-62 leaving a total of only Beltn personnel as a holding force. The one remaining aircraft was disassembled and airlifted to Lockheed Aircraft for complete IRAN and modifications. Provisions have been made in Detachment B hangar to separate work areas, by the installa- tion of a partition to allowing sharing the facility with other Air Force activities. Z. Detachment G, at Edwards Air Force Base, California, completed their first year as a ready operational unit. In addition to carrying out the operational mission Detachment G has served as a test unit for new developments, tactics, and techniques in both equip- ment employment and personnel management. All key project replace- ment personnel receive initial and familiarization training at Detachment G prior to further assignment at field units. Fourteen operational overflight sorties have been flown to date during the current Fiscal Year. Two overseas staging operations and nine Zone of Interior stagings in support of these missions were accomplished. 17(7.''D , Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1C 25X1C 25X1A Approved For (Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 TOP SECRET TAB B PLANNED OPERATION FY-62 AS OF 15 FEB 61 1. Nine tactical reconnaissance missions in support of COMOR requirements. These sorties will be conducted from Edwards Air Force Base with inflight refueling and post strike turn De:ow:v.1s at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas when possible. In event circ,ute- stances prevent KC435 tanker A. Ro support, operation will be conducted as fast move staging through Laughlin for mission launch and recovery. Minimum staging team will be required with Laughlin Air Force Base furnishing maximum ground support equipment and spare parts as may be needed, 2. Five tactical reconnaissance .missions in support of C0107.)R requirements to be conducted from utilizing TACKLE equipment eet7 /oie 3. Four tactical reconnaissance missions in support of CONIOR requirements as TACKLE operations. will be launched and recovered by Detachment H Sorties 4. Two tactical reconnaissance missions in support of COMOR requirements requiring staging from Edwards Air Force Base to Final planning has not been completed, however, they will require staging from an advance base with KC435 tanker IFR support. Detachment G personnel, equipment, and spares will deploy on a 7-10 day TDY to conduct these sorties. Maximum airlift support will be required. 6. Two tactical reconnaissance missions in support of SAC require- merits. This operation will require a TDY deployment of one aircraft, complete staging team, equipment, and spares for approximately 10 days. Airlift will be provided by SAC KC-135 tanker. TOP Approved For For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1C 25X1A 25X1D ? Approved Fdr Release 2002/0 tPWRIAD-113i3A000600090003-4 6L.le 7. Planning for an increased capability of Detachment G at Edwards Air Force Base. In view of known and anticipated require.. ment during this and the next fiscal year, it will be necessary to man and equip Detachment G to be able to support two major staging operations at advanced bases simultaneously. Some additional manning will be necessary. However, considerable increases in equipment authorizations constitute the major changes in current unit assets. 8. Two :U-2 aircraft are committed to support the testing of a new developments project in the Special Projects Branch. Both aircraft will be on loan to the contractor and not available for Project IDEALIST use until shortly after the beginning of FY 1963.' Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1 C Approved F6r Release 20021301? : 81E-ORET003(13A000600090003W-S CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS - FY71963.AND FY-I964. I. DEPLOYMENT: a. Exploitation oi the intelligence gathering capabilities of the II-2 aircraft and its associated special equipment has steadily increased throughout FY496Z. The current indications are that the trend will continue through FY-1963, and perhaps well beyond into FY-1964. etr/e,II b. A minimum of seven operational and J-75 engine equipped aircraft, with standard wiring configurations to allow for complete interchangeability of equipment are required to support this operational concept. A seven aircraft inventory will allow .an allocation of two each of two separate overseas locations, two at a Zi detachment, and one aircraft rotating through IRAN and maintenance. Three of the seven aircraft should be con:iv/red with an inflight refueling capability. M Two additional U4 aircraft are scheduled for complete IRAN and conversion to J-75 engines 1,15-2C1. One of these will also be configured for an inflight refueling capability. c. Each detachment will be fully equipped and manned to accomplish the required photographic and. electronic reconnaissance mission. eil.) Detachment G is permanently located at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Detachment G's mission responsibility is to maintain a capability to stage to forward bases on TDY status and conduct operational missions as may be required anywhere in the world. Additionally, this detachment retains the responsibilities of continuing development programs for new equipment and tactics and training new and replacement personnel. Detachment B is located near Adana, Turkey. Only a small housekeeping Detachment is permanently a.ssigned to ma.intain the facilities for possible continuing use when needed. A permanent TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1 D Approved Fo(Release 2002/0510 FtISIEMT31A000600090003-4 Detachment in the Middle East area will be established at a location, which has not been confirmed at this date. Mission requirements and diplomatic considerations will dictate the final location of this operational unit. (4) Attachment #1 contains a list of bases planned for utilization by the IDEALIST Project. 2. MISSION AND MISSION PLANNING: a. Mission: To conduct overflight and peripheral aerial morm????-rw????????=?????? reconnaissance (photographic and ELINT) of denied or hostile territory on a world-wide basis in support of National Intellig,ence objectives of the United States. b. Mission planning for reconnaissance flights will be accomplished by Headquarters. c. Reconnaissance operations will be programmed to cover targets of interest to the United States as developed by the Committee for Overhead Reconnaissance (COMOR). Detailed rniesion plans will be the result of continuous study of the latest information regarding political considerations and intelligence requirements as well as operating techniques and procedures to assure successful, mission accomplishment. 3. UTILIZATION: a. Flying hours accomplished and techniques employed ciurinz ti.irected reconnaissance missions will be accredited to the training, program for the Detachment and the individuals concerned. In aridition, a continuous training program will be conducted by each permarent Detachment to assure the operational capability to conduct reccunaissance operations on a world-wide basis without additional training. TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1 D ? Approved For Release 2002/06/11 er-ROP6p-pppeltA000600090003-4 b. During the fourth quarter. FY 1962, and advanced ELINT and telemetry capability will be developed for use at a Middle East Detach- ment. Upon completion of the development and testing phases, a permanent detachment will be established. 4. PRIMARY MISSION CAPABILITIES: a. In addition to photographic and electronic collection equipmeng5X1 A which would be carried on overflight missions, it will be necessary to maintain weather observation equipment for purposes of cover, and I?I luring period when for leaflet dropping operations is available. All special equipment will be regularly exercised in the training program at Edwards AFB, California. A list of required equipment is attached as Attachment #3. b. An additional electronic system X will be developed tested and added to the current list of mission responsibilities. It is anticipated that minor alterations or modifications of the U-2C will be required to accomodate this system. U feasible a standardized configuration facilitating a free interchange of aircraft within the fleet is essential for operational flexibility. 5. MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT: In order to maintain the high rieliability of aircraft and equipment, the concept of contractor maintenance will be continued. In addition, processing of overflight photography by Eastman Kodak will be continued. With the above mentioned increase in mission reSponsibilities and another overseas operating location it will be necessary to revise our current "Table of Organization and Equipment". A substantial increase in authorized personnel, and additional special equipment capability, and a relatively minor increase of ground support type equipment will be required. 6. CONTROL: Overflights and peripheral flights will be controlled by Headquarters to insure efficient target coverage and compatibility of operations with National policy. 7. SORTIE RATE: Estimated sortie rate and flying hours by type of mission will be as indicated in Attachment #2. 7 ? Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 Approved ForCRelease 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-0031A000600090003-4 TOP SECRET 8. SUPPORT: a. Support will be required from the following echelons. This support will be in accordance with current directives and agreements. (1) Headquarters USAF for military personnel, commo; logistics, special airlift and to serve as liaison between USAF and Agency. AFCIG-5 will be the channel to obtain support from subordinate USAF Headquarters. (2) Theater Commanders for air base facilities, logistic support airlift requirements, and for special liaison. (3) Strategic Air Command for certain air base facilities, personnel, logistics support, air refueling and liaison matters. support. (4) Airways Air Communications System for communications (5) Headquarters Air Weather Service for weather support. (6) National Security Agency for special intelligence reaction reports. (7) National Technical Processing Center for ELINT readout. (8) Department of State for negotiation for use rights to operate from foreign countries. 25X1 C 10. PRE-HOSTILITIES PERIOD: a. If international relationships deteriorate to a point where hostilities are considered imminent, penetration and peripheral photographic and ELINT sorties will be conducted at a maximum rate TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 Approved For-Release 2002/06/10: it= II" pitrcA000600090003-4 L., which available personnel, aircraft, and equipment can support. Although the military services have photographic and ELINT collection capabilities in the overseas theaters the U-20s are the only opera- tional, United States manned, strategic reconnaissance aircraft capability. b. During the period it will be essential that the maximum. amount of potential strategic areas of interest be photographed so as to provide: (1) Most probable time when an attack would be launched. (2) Size of the available attack force. (3) Type and extent of probable attack. (4) Locations from where attacking forces and/or missiles would be launched. (5) Over-all capability to sustain an attack. (6) Most current target data for friendly attacking forces to use for retaliation. c. Current electronic intelligence will be necessary to make available the frequencies and locations of radars so that: (I) Friendly attacking forces can employ jamming techniques most effectively. (2) Weak spots can be located through which attacking forces can penetrate with the least probability of interception. (3) Radar guidance of interceptors and/or missiles can be interrupted. d. During the pre-hostilities period operational control will remain with Project Headquarters. Deployment to rear bases (Attachrnent#2.) may be necessary as dictated by the existing situation. Project resources will be utilized, on a first priority basis, to obtain reconnaissance coverage of SAC objectives as outlined in Appendix I to Annex B, SAC operations Order #I009. U. HOSTILITIES: a. When hostilities break out. Project overseas assets will revert to the operational control of the Strategic Air Command under the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This transfer to control and assignment Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1A Approved For(Release 2002/06(10 0: CIA-RDP63-00313(A000600090003-4 1P SECRET will be in accordance with the provisions of a Joint Agreement 0239), dated 19 July 1958, with USAF, DCS/O, concurrence date 24 September 1958 and in accordance with the IDEALIST EWP Operational Plan, dated 20 January 1959. Upon execution of the SAC 50 series EWO, SAC Operations Order Number 1009, Appendix 2 to Annex B contains the necessary instructions for utilization of .T.DEALIST resources. b. Military personnel will be effected in accordance with the arrangements contained in the Personnel Annex of the above mentioned transfer agreement. c. It is planned that civilian personnel will continue to function until relieved by military personnel. TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 25X1D 25X1 C o 6 941 Approved Fo(iRelease 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00311A000600090003 TOP SECRET ATTACHWENT #2 ESTIMATED U-2 FLYING HOURS 1. HEADQUARTERS DIRECTED MISSIONS: Photo/ELINT ELINT Perivheral F71962 FY 1963 Sorties Duration Hours Sorties Duration Hours ......m???????d??? IWIINNYTIMMmP 20 9 180 42 12 * 504 12 * 24 36 9 324 FERRY FERRY TOTAL * IFE Refueled Men's included 45 36 8 9 72 25X1D 2, Flying hours required for pilot proficiency based on a minimum af twelve U-2 hours per month per pilot. Flying hours obtained in accomplishing operational missions v411 be accredited to training requirements. Pilots AssituLi FY-62 FY-63 FY-64 Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 Approved For(Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00311A000600090003-4 TOP SECRET 3. Tracker camera will be operated on all flights except maintenance test, ferry, and transition. 4. 6000 feet rolls of film will be standard for all Headquarters directed photo missions. (Present stocks of 4000 foot rolls will be used when possible until supply is exhausted). 5. Planned operations identical for FY-63 and FY-64. 6. 11-2 flying hours required per year for FY-1963 and FY-1964 equal 2160 hours. TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4 %thew o I' ,e APriroved Foil Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-003167A000600090003 "0 if TOP SECRET -ATTACHMENT #3 CURRENT AIRCRAFT AND EQUIPMENT ASSIGNMENT AIRCRAFT CAMERAS ELINT Detachment G Edwards AFB 3 J-75 (342) 5 Tracker 5 System III (343) 1 A-2 2 System VI (352) 4 B's 1 System VII 2 System IX Support Aircraft 2 T-33 (5809) (5850) 25X1A 1 U-3A (5908) 25X1C 2 3-75 (378) 3 Tracker 2 System III (358) 2 B's 2 System VI 2 System IX Lockheed Aircraft 1 3-57 (355) Aircraft will be assifned to Del of testing and modification .prol RECAP 5 J-75 1 J-57 8 Tracker 7 System III 1 A-2 4 System VI 6 B's 1 System VII 4 System IX T017:- LEAFLET 25X1A EQUIP 2 25X1C on completion 2 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/10 : CIA-RDP63-00313A000600090003-4