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December 16, 2016
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November 23, 2004
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September 12, 1960
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Wpprove or R I ase 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP63T00245R000100320003-2 septer er 1 ~ AV6 Honorable Francis IV Walter House of Representatives Washington 25, D. G. I have given a great deal of thought to your Ietter,+ 2 September 1960. purpose of my telephone Call to you an 2 September, was to thaak you lox iaasrting in the Co rsesional Record the tall test at my rddrsas I. Wars at Detroit as 22 August 1460. AP report of a statement whisk you M&"-** his f and which was widely circulated 0 "MOW" a* wry that "The FBI gave the CIA certain information which certainly skoeld hive deterred the hiring of at least onee 40 t two usa ~* rsfesr -g to the two NSA defectors. The AP added " Ito d ciis+sd to &UPL97." feel sure that this statement was made on the basis of aatss*4ir- tand ing sinc a it has no bas is J% ift bowl. NO I*Ch Iatormation was given to the CIA by the FBI4 or sar"a else. aM there Was uo :articular reason why it should hav so giver fine* the question -ie screening of these two m.n/or t is 80 yhoa tt was not a . matter over which the CIA had I&V jurisdiction or responsibility. Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP63T00245R000100320003-2 Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP63T00245R000100320003-2 l6abs y es ieptember 7# 1969. Ow Departnumt of Justice gave out the followiad statsm *oports that the 131 had furnished auiavessbIm information to the Depsrtnwrt Of Defense of Mitchell and Martin prior to its employment of them are ars6meous. The pre-employamat investigation of these men was conducted by the Depastmsat at Detsasr aad not by the 7edsrst )srssu at 1svs4t gation. In response to the bujuiry pis by the Departnumt eL Defense i of ormatiou in Its was cooed in aalr to ne+se cau to > I also arp taxed regret &a 'Raw"O stateaae:et was tied in closely to another statsmeat attrOmWod to ym by the Associated Press that "The CIA will be first target of inquiry"I qMWA sincerely hope that you sepia fled occasie to correct to the record as regards prior furnishing ad information this Agency about the NSA detectors.. I shoald welcome an opportunity to diem&$ with you certain odwr conumants in year letter, rather than attempt to deal with them by correspondence. You and I have had many good talks together; and since we have both spent amay ymri of oms Brest in tryia $ to rims sad Amims the s e ssive , U Approved For Release Z005/04/21 : CIA-RDP63T00245R000100320003-2 Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP63T00245R000100320003-2 ou" si riling wli b your lit. bowersr that I would- , l: 1 rrieh to clirit r, a+rrfs+ to &+ to c"' Vey ,I frankly &Ky question with respect to any J"a a of 1,..IA Etles , I t I :mars tiit it you would ~t~ar*sr~tat~s+e Approved For Release 2005/04/21` : CIA-RDP6.,$ 4'SR 61.003 Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP63T00245R000100320003-2 ~lrssu?+i aii~. sta iniy I as res Aat there can be no monopo; r whatsoever in the mobilization and deployment at the resources of ?lie country in meeting the Communist menace. In my speech at favorably, :Detroit, which I gathar you viewed// I tried to emphasize viewpoint and the need for a fir broader understanding the. untry of the grave issues which face w. Faithfully yours, Allen W. Dulles Director Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP63T00245R000100320003-2