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December 12, 2016
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January 2, 2002
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January 1, 1953
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Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDP64-00654A000200310001-6 BEST COPY Available THROUGHOUT FOLDER Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDP64-00654A000200310001-6 Approved ForR lease 2002/01/10: CIA-RDP64-0065 000200310001-6 SECRET folk Approved For Release 2002/01/10 -14D 64-00654A000200310001-6 Approved For ease 2002/01/10: CIA-RDP64-0065400200310001-6 1950-1953 n's Letter, J&=I"7 2t, 1946 :4eluct r7,n..r..1 tional ,rt.s f C1ia a . r 1 h-12x3 Direct ves c.i tih Natl;n~l ' ntell nc ut`sc r,zt;; ; ` !~ "1.i3 tion of 194- , 3913, , d '1'59 N- C, TnteUigence Directive and CI ?it.rect Lit of _ C ? roject , 1$51.1953 icaior: and unctions CXA Otf i.cen? 1950-1193 List ofJR enorts, 1952.1953 escriptiv. tint of Of. is .t' js t-a, 1950-1953 List of O ST Oro je"ta, 19119-2953 List of IAC Projects, ) O.1'953 Index to Text (Chapters t to X) Approved For Release 2002/01/1(8 } F~64-00654A000200310001-6 J 6 ~~ =i Approved For ease 2002/01/10: CIA-RDP64-006500200310001-6 k'rs Trim*** Jet 22,E 1946 Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : -6 -00654A000200310001-6 Approved Forsease 2002/01/10: CIA-RDP64-006500200310001-6 Januvey 22, 106 cret~try ,f State, 4 'cretary of the Navy. :'ecretary of War, and desire, and 1 hem ~.irence activities be planned, developer _ nd to- (*-"' n: As ttr assare vx,!-)st effective accorzplishhh*nt of related to the net'=ona1 security. hie ''e 6z s _ 'T,,. i 'r ou, ;o et ltr with anoth :r raerson to be named by s 4 r-.,;? 'j -r9r, nl, re 7rr'tentAtiye, as the `ational Tntrj'-Ui~,enee ~t _ ," "?- MJ+ F8r 7"??,"t,? 1, ' r, a~ :4 Cl L.irpose. }.? L}: iit(a1Iab10 lpI'or'Z'ii1t ?T9, f1U ah d1 ,,ersoz and faciiit.i fro re,F.:ec;cf- +sixx?tr Y::1c:h parrsQns s::a .l -oliec 1vely fort ,ce ^roup and shall, under the direction of a irecto.r c = entral :rate A i =enct, asaist the ~ntional Intelii- ;S.;athorit; . 'h 'irector of . entral tnte _+.igence shall be lest7n~:ted b shall be responsible to true ationel l i,;?ence ;' zt tority, and shall it ate, a rton-vottinw rae?.,ber thereof. "=tablet to the existiYu law, an.,? to t?-e "O-r{ ction ~tr:d control or hrs stionai Znwel: iPence Auathority, t3-Et `i.rector of sl Intel ii -enco? ehaeil: Approved For Release 2002/~}':REIDP64-00654A000200310001-6 Approved For ease 2002/01/10: CIA-RDP64-006540200310001-6 a. ecom lish the correlation' nd evAIa,-tiara of tntelli- gsmt rel sir ; to the rAtt0nal ?ecurlty, and the aj opriate dissominntion .ithin tha``t 1-wnment of the resulting strate it c z . n _ ur al .:u is-J tntc ligence. In SO Going, full uuc shall. L.g, ---de of the staff and faciitiea of the- intelligence agencies of your Departments. b. !'Ur the coostination of such of the activities of the Intelligence ecyencies of your apartments as relate to the n'tion11 security and recommend to the National Intelli-ence l.uthori.ty he establishment of such over-an olicies and objectives as will assure the most effective accor 1imhment of the national intelligence mission# c. r!'orm, for the benefit of szid intelligence a tfeiets, such services of co on concern as the tiornl Intelligence Authority determine$ can be more efficiently ;l-i shed centrally. d. `erfor. such other functions and duties related to>ence affecting the national security as the lresi- dent end the national intelligence "uthority may frorn ti* to tine direct. 4. No police, law enforcement or internal security functions shy=I'L be exercised under this directive. 5. such intelligence received by the intelligence agencies of your iepart:ents as may be designated by the National Intell.i- gence ,uthortty 911311 be .freely available to he i