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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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June 7, 1946
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Approved For Relee a 00/08/23 CIA-RDP64-006 8A W1 00220012- L!L Ci i 8, Cwt TPA "L I T 1111 G STAFF' S E C R E T ? COPY NO. 7 June 1946 GENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP U.I.G. DIRECTIVE NO. 12 INTERIM SURVEY OF THE, ADEQUACY OF INTELLIGENCE FAGILITI +'SRELATED TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY Memorandum by the Director of Oentral Intelligence 1. Paragraph 1 of the letter of the President, dated 22 January 1946, designated the National Intelligence Authority as responsible for planning, developing, and coordinating the Federal foreign intelligence activities so as to assure the most effective accomplishment of the intelligence mission relating to the national security. Paragraph 3-b of the letter charged the Director of Central Intelligence with plan- ning for the coordination of such of the activities of the intelligence agencies of the National Intelligence Authority as related to the national security and recommending to the National Intelligence Authority the establishment of such over-.all policies and objectives as will assure the most ef- fective accomplishment of the national intelligence mission. 2. Paragraph 5 stated that, to the extent approved by the National Intelligence Authority, the operations of said ntel- ligence agencies shall be open to inspection by the Director of central Intelligence in connection with planning functions. By paragraph 8 of N.I.A. Directive No. 1, the National Intelli- gence Authority stated that the operations of the intelligence agencies of their Departments would be open to inspection by the Director of Central Intelligence or his authorized repro-- sentatives in. connection with his planning functions, under arrangements agreed to between him and the respective members of the Intelligence Advisory Board. S . IG D~.r^? j l2 - 1 - Approved For Release 2000/08/23 CIA-RDP64-00658A000100220012-1 Approved For Rele a 000/08/23 : CIA-RDP64-006 , 100220012-1 S E; R E T 3. The planning for the coordination of the activities relating to national security of intelligence agencies under the National Intelligence. Authority has been started. However, the initial over-all survey will require many months and the resulting decisions cannot be implemented for an appre- ciable period thereafter. Meanwhile, it appears essential to ensure that existing intelligence agencies are not weakened materially prior to the effecting of the initial coordination. 4. Pursuant to the above directives and authorizations, the entral Planning Staff of the Central Intelligence Group will undertake immediately an interim broad survey of the exist:Lnf intelligence agencies under the National Intelligence Authori*ty in order to determine the following: a. Are the present intelligence facilities of each such agency adequate for carrying out its responsibilities as related to the national security. b. Is any change contemplated which will affect the adequacy of present intelligence facilities prior to the initial coordination of their activities by the National Intelligence Authority. c. Is any interim action required as a result of the findings of ' a and b above. 5. It is requested that each member of the Intelligence Advisory Board designate a representative to arrange details with the Central Planning Staff and to furnish the Central Intelligence Group a list of personnel authorized to give information for. ,purposes of this survey. 6. The Central Planning Staff will submit its findings, conclusions, and rec0nmendattons to til-ie Director of Central Intelligence, who will then take appropriate action. S J (, R E T CTG Di-r-.- . -V71 P- 2 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 CIA-RDP64-00658A000100220012-1