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November 11, 2016
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February 26, 1999
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- ~~,.~iproved For-Release :CIA-RDP64-00658AOOS100330001-1 ~~~ a G~a~, 'die ~3 C.I. Approved For Release :CIA-RDP64-00658A000100330001-1 A proved FewRelease : CIA-RDP64-Ofl658A0Q~100330001-1 SECIt~T C.I.G. No. 22 July lyl~6 CENTtZA.L INT.~LLIGr~IVCE GRC3UP PRt~RAIvi FdFt ASSURING THE llII?.ECTION CQdRDINATIQN AND SiTrEIi,VISTf~N Oi~' THE fJ#'ERATIf~NS VVHTCH Pkt~DUC~; INTEL:GIGENCE RELA'i'Ei7 TO 'i'IIN; NATl~ONAL SECURITY FAR T II-~: :INTER-AG~;NCY Cf~vi[v?:I'1'T:~~` ; F'(~R THE COORD NA IUN Or' THE COLLECTIQiV OF Pd ITIC INTELL G NC 1NFaRIV1AATIQN References: a. C.I.G. Directive ivo. b. C.:i.G. Directive No.~ c. C.l.G, Directive Ivo.~ iriemorancium by the Director of Central Intelligence 1. Reference a. prescribes that the Collection Coordination Board will be assisted, in the performance of its duties, by appropriate Com- mittees to be established by C.I.G, action, from without the Board's membership. 2. The Collection Coordination Board can best be assisted by Special- i~'s;t Committees composed of representatives of the interested collecting agencies of State, Vilar and Navy Departments with, in some cases, repre- sentatives of other government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Such Committees should draw their memberships from the working level in the several agencies and each should include a L'.I.G. collection representative. C.I.G. should also proaide the Secretariats for such Ca~nittees and should keep the records and files of the Con~nittees. 3? Taster-agency committees for the coordination of the collection of scientific and military intelligence information have been established by references band c. respectively. A parallel inter-agency Committee for the. Coordination of the Collection of Political Intelligence Infor- oration is required. The term 'rPolitical Intelligence Inforrnation~~, as employed herein, is understood to include the following: S E C R~; T C.I.G. No. _ 1 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP64-00658A000'I 00330001-1 Approved FRelease :CIA-RDP64-00658A0~100330001-1 SLCR.~'1' a. Political Intelligence Information, which covers the domestic and foreign relations of governmental organizations; b. Sociological Intelligence In:f.ormatian, which covers the demo- graphic and psychological aspects of groups of people; c. '6Uho~s 1Yha :Lntelligenee Information, which covers individuals of actual or potential importance. ~.. A draft C.I.G. Lirective to establish such a Couunittee is attached as Appendix nAn and its approval is recommended. Ht3YT S. VANTi~;LVS~ttG Lieutenant General,; tJSA Director of Central Intelligence S;~C RET - 2 Approved For Release :CIA-RDP64-00658A000100330001-1 Approved F+a~'Release :CIA-RDP64-00658A0~6100330001-1 SECRE'1, C.I.G. Ito. Af'!'ENDTX irA~t 17RAF'T .. C.:C.G. 1~IR:ECTrVE iVO. FROGRA~S FOR ASSURING Tlii~ DII~CTION CO?R1~INATION AN13 ~UFERVISION OF TH:~ OFERr~TIGI~S ~WHICI~ PRODUC:~ I~'I'ELLTGEidC , ED TQ THE NATIONAL SECURITY FART lI-C: 1NT~ AG~;NCY C~I:TTF,~; ~'GR THE; ~"~ COORUINATTQN (}F THE CO ECTION OF PC}LITICAL INTELLIGENCE 1NFQI~,A 1:QN Reference: a. C.I.G. Directive No. Memorandum by the Director of Central Intelligence -- - - wit t e unanimous concurrence of the Intelligence Advisory Board 1. ,~arsuant to paragraph 5 of reference Directive, a perr~~anent inter-agency Comrs~ittee for the Coordination of the Collection of Political Intelligence Information, to assist the Collection Coordin- ation Board, is hereby established. 2. The organization and functions of tr~i.s Committee are as t ollows:: a. Membership. The Committee sha11 consist of the followings (lj ,~, collection representative of C.I.G.; (2) One political specialist representative each of: the Office of Collection and Dissemination, Department of State; the Collection Group, Intelligence Division, fi~dDG5; the Collec- tian and Dissemination Group, Foreign branch, ONI; the Air Information Division, Office of AC/AS-2;_ the Director, a'.B.I.; (3) Such additional or temporary members as the Director of Central Intelligence may determine to be required; (I~) Secretariat furnished by C.T.G. C.I.G. i'3o. - 3 Approved For Release :CIA-RDP64-00658A000100330001-1 Approved Fpr~Release : CIA-RDP64-00658AOii6100330001-1 S:~C RET b. Functions. The functions of the Committee will include: (1) The execution of directives of the Collection Coordina- tion Board and assistance to that Board in the detailed perfor- mance of its functions related to the collection of political intelligence infof'rration; (2) Recommendations to the Collection Coordination Baard of special collecting missions to meet specified political intelli- gence needs; (3) Recommendations to the Collection Coordination Board of priorities and dead--lines indicated by detailed requirer~nts in the field of political intelligence; (~.) Initiation of action required of the Collection Coordina- tion Board with relation to specific vrorking needs of the agencies represented; (~) Continuing determination of the adequacy of means anti coverage for the collection of political intelligence inf ormation and reco~nmendatians to the Collection Coordination .Board of measures to correct inadequacies. (6) Recomr~~endatians to the Collection Coordination Board of action required to provide for assistance by other agencies, both public and private, which can contribute to the collection of political intelligence information related to the national security; (7) The Committee vrill have no planning functions except those pertaining specifically to its own operations. c. ~'rocedure. The Corrnittee shall; (1) Elect its own chairman and establish its own internal procedure; (2) Irranlement its agreed decisions in matters within its scope; S E C R E T -~- A~'PENDIX rt~~a Approved For Release : CIA-RDP64-00658A000100330001-1 Approved F~ Release :CIA-RDP64-00658AI~9100330001-1 (3) Refer to the Collection Coordination hoard any operating problem upon ~rhich prompt agreernent cannot be reached; (1~.) Qbtain from the member agencies such administrative and technical assistance as may be required, in addition to the Com- mittee s own members, for the authorized work of the Committee. d. Subcommittees. The Committee is authorized to establish such subcomrriittees as may be required, arranging far personnel directly witY~ the member agencies through the representatives of such agencies on the Committee. e. Liaison. The Committee w i11 establish and maintain, through. its chairman, close and constant liaison. with any and all similar specialist committees which may be established by parallel or sub- sequent action. SECRET -5 A~'FENI?Ik nA,< Approved For Release :CIA-RDP64-00658A000100330001-1