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January 18, 1962
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Approved For Release 2004/01/15: CIA-RDP64B00346 }%I Iqp egreh. SAFLL-2 January 18,-1962 Congressional Information Name: Case, Francis ? Republican - Senator from South Dakota Home: Custer, South Dakota Born: In Iowa Marital Staute: to Myrle Graves in 1926 - two children Education: Dakota Wesleyan University (B.A. and LL.D.);' Northwestern University (M.A.) Profession: Rancher; editor Experience: Ranch in Black Hills. Former newspaper editor and publisher. Elected to House of Representatives from ;2d District in 1936 served 7 consecutive terms. While a member of the House he was active in behalf of appropriations to implement 70-group AF. In 1950 elected to US Senate; reelected In 1956 for term ending 1963. Military: U.S. Marines WW I Member: American Legion; Methodist Church; Masons; Elks; Rotary; Acadia; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Kappa Delta; Delta Sigma Rho.. Armed Services (Subcommittees: Land Reentry Rights; National Stockpile and Naval Petroleum Reserves) .,GQ7, , o, J+ t.+--e-4 cj, Public Works (Subcommittees: Public Road;; Flood Control) Ex Officio: DOD Subcommittee, Subcommittee on Military Construction ? both of Senate Appropriations Committee Bases: Ellsworth.AFB (Titan and Minuteman Sites) Remarks: Interested in AF matters. Considers himself responsible for development.of Rapid City AFB. Meticulous - great interest. in minute details. Votes in favor of military pay increases. As former. Chairman of the Military Construction Subcommittee and senior Republican !amber - knows and demonstrates deep interest in all portions of the military construction programs. Extremely interested in cloud modification, desalinization of water. In 1959 during floor debate of the Military Construction Authorization bill (HR 5674) referred to Senator Stennis- comments re: capability of bombers standing off hundreds of more Approved For Release 2004/01/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 case d- Approved For Release 2004/01/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 2 males from target and lobbing in missiles m said this is one of the mos significant developments in whole defense picture. If we can do that, a1so do likewise .m that it was this contemplation of that ma hk y aer o _ s possibility which led Subcommittee members to have serious questions about efficacy of so-called point defense and even some doubts about area defense - that is, a bomber placed 500 miles away can send its missiles into the target, then a defense system with 80 or 200 miles ranges are relatively useless m? that is why the Subcommittee put in the 'road- block' against the Nike-Hercules program as originally presented. Lg2o , Ae C, ord June 20 ~ 1959 Pale 11100 ) 5..`61 Congress B-70 -- his June 17, 1960 Newsletter: believes recent events have reduces dependability of some of our overseas bases. said he supports moves to increase our self-reliance capability, notably with the B-70 bomber and an aircraft carrier ?- a fast, movable base. (Con~oRecord February 89 1960 Page 1971 Culture personnally testified in behalf of his bill providing for a. National Academy of Culture - believes glory of a nation is celebrated and preserved to posterity by its cultural expressions. (CongoReeord May 5 Y'agJ) Ax ? Academy -m on debate of funds for, expressed concern about money t_nxpended for .bF Academy. Senate adopted his amendment barring contracts by AF in excess of $25,000 for adding to grounds or constructing or improving ani structures or facilities in connection with the Academy (later he asked conferees to delete the provision and an amendment on military housing and extension of Capehart housing which would expire midnight, June 30, 1959) 4`99!1_Ke ,ecord_Mrch 10, 1259 Page ill44 87th Cogrese me Water pm discussed our salt polluted water - said its a national defense problem particularly to AF which is building a network of under ground Atlas and Titan rockets to help solve its water problem the AF has signed ,,up Ionic, Inc. to work on water desalting projects. (CongeRecord Januar . 161 Pa~~ A16~ Nike-Zeus during hearings of Military Construction Authorization "I was just to say that it is evident that there is in the country today very active movements from various sources to press for intensifying and expediting this whole Nike-Zeus program. Personally, I am still of the school that the best defense is a good offense, a super offense. o a it would be helpful to tje committee if, sometime, we could have a classified presentation of the whole Nike-Zeus matter." (Page 234) _Secrets said American defense secrets were being lost in other ways t'r.ex.X Pentagon announcements and 'leaks'. One is by "trusting too much the accred.ittJ military representatives of some of our allies." (Wash. Post May 11 s196.1) Approved For Release 2004/01/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 Approved For Release 2004/01/1: CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 B-70 m? during hearings on S. 18 2authorization for appropriations for procurement of missiles, aircraft, etc. said he has been one of those who thought that the B?70 program should go ahead. (Sec. McNamara answered that it was not essential, that as a weapon of non-nuclear destruction it would be too expensive per unit, that it had no commercial application etc.) Son. Case said: "Well, if that is true, I would be inclined to agree, perhaps, we should not try to get into production with it, but merely try to keep up thei.development" (Pages 59-60). He also said that if he were setting up a budget he would concentrate in two fields: having a complete answer to conventional capability and having a complete offensive capability in the strategic area, would not only put money on purely defensive operations. Later during AF presentation, he asked for comments on the questions and answers of Sec. McNamara. Be asked particularly about the $1.4 billion to be saved by a stay of one-year, the possible development of another aircraft, etc. Then he asked "Would you prefer to see some of the money used for the more rapid development of the B-70 or have the money deployed as you have it in the budget? Gen. White replied there was nothing in the budget that was not essential --"It is my contention from where I sit, from my own limited view, that this weapons system is important enough to put more money into it." (P 394) Sen. Case had Skybolt explained to him and then he said: "And if you want to maintain a Skybolt capability that would warrant the investment we put in Skybolt it would seem to me that we ought to take some steps to insure an adequate number of B?52's to carry that." Joint Chiefs oo was flabbergasted that reputation of the military services of the US could be laid on the line 1~y persons not in the military establishment. (reference to Cuban invasion). Said it's also his opinion the CIA -should be limited to collecting and evaluating information and should not be making foreign policy. Said that policy should be left to the President and to Congress. (US News & World Reoort9 May 299 1961) Military Housing mm during floor debate on Military Construction Authorization said there is a tendency on the part of those from the Military Establishment who testify to ask for a maximum number of housing units. "If the Budget Bureau found it desirable to place some ceiling upon these units, it is not exactly good practice for the Members of Congress . . fi to insist that their individual Judgments are correct as to how many houses should be built on a station in my. State for .example." (Con .Record Ma 1 61 Pa +* 70 E~ Hurricanes am in his Judgment "nothing that is being done today is, more Important than research in the field of atmospheric physics, and particularly the modification of clouds." Said: 'General White has testified before the Armed Services Committee that nothing exceeds in possible importance the modification of weather from a national defense standpoint.,'; (Cong.Record July L421961 P 11678) U,-70 -- during Military-Procurement Authorization hearings he and Sec. McNamara discussed this airplane ? flexibility,, costs, commercial adaptation, etc. Finally, the Senator said: "Well, if that is true, I would be inclined to agree that, perhaps, we should not try to get into production with it, but merely try to keep up the development. Approved For Release 2004/01/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 Approved For Release 20041/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 He asked Gen. White if it could carry Skybolt but was told plane is not ,designed to do so. Sen. Symington said it could carry Hound Dog but Gen. White said to do so it would restrict the plane to subsonic operations. ,(Page 335) Case said "I think whichever answer you give to any of the questions, Senator Saltonstail?s point ought not be lost sight of, and that is with the ISkybolt not coming in until about the last 3 or 4 years of your present prospect for effective B-52BS that we ought to give consideration to extending the effective run of B-5219" (Page 338) Later, he quoted from Mr. McNamara?s testimony on B-70s that it would be more vulnerable than underground hardened missiles and that it does not lend itself to airborne alert wings; that at low-altitude attack it must fly at subsonic speeds, and many,.if not most, of its attacks would have to be at low altitude. Gen. White said he does not agree with that premise. Said it was contrary to his philosophy on it. Also, he does not think we would use the B=a 70 for low altitude,- and that a mach 3 vehicle with the countermeasures, aboard is going to be a formidable weapon against any defensive system I can foresee. (Pages 390-391) Strikes mo explained his bill S. 2401 m provide the President with adequate legal authority to deal with those work stoppages that he considers'to constitue a threat to our national security. Reference to strikes at missile bases. LConZ ? ke ord Auus t 10 $ 1961 Pa a 14339 Approved For Release 2004/01/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 STAT Approved For Release 2004/01/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9 Approved For Release 2004/01/15 : CIA-RDP64B00346R000100170044-9