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December 20, 2016
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June 4, 2003
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August 27, 2001
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Approved For Release 2007/10/23 :CIA-RDP65-007568000600070017-0 '''' '"' ' ~~" UN LASSIFIED ~ t7al. ara~, fi:rcch3~i.n: the Qhiet of the ]lhrunue lii.].i.tst~- Aasdua~r aentfvas tie aeveaente of the ,motes of t~ Aeadles~y as he tta~es eta histcary #~ ~ of tts work. i~$ TLa~I1V ACTIVE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON (Date) AIR INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION REPORT NAME OR DESCR iPT ION OF SOURCE .~: Pravda, 8 ~c~ber 1858, o~S ~~ San 20, 1959 REFERENCES (BA I$ SU~?j ec[, prrvioua rspar ts, etc., ae aPPl iraT ~~d h~rQV~,f'rh ~~ 8 8U8~~-" Off' Eitl 8~et.~t4~i1 1t;~F Qil~.. Ci~en+eral, ~'. $'l~Chk1l7t j I~t'0 O~ the po'vi?et ~,i,txx: eretit].ed ~ar~rdxse~t!-e oil Txv~au~e 1~1.1.~.#ix'.?' ~~ ~?a~enrtsy~ ehieh ~,gpeared in. ~': Pr~e-vda, ~o. 3~2, 8 ~ceaebear 1958: P? ~? SUIv9NARY (Give suamary which hlghli/hts the salient factors of narrative report. Begin narrative text on AF Form Ills unless report can be fully stated on AF Form Ill? List incloaurea, Inclading number of copies) O(STRTBUTION BY. ORIGINATOR (Except IJ$~p' ?nd f1le. Indicate pup/ duos and copies w/o incloaurea, if appliceblr) fapionaRe Leas, Title I8. U.S.C., Ssction 79J and 99I. It? transe,iesion or the re o an unauthorisrd person is prohibited bT laa. ~~~~~ MAkM11;G_: This decument contains in format#on of/acting tha naRionsl defense of ,the United Stetea within the meaning of_thR AF E eds6 E 88yb Approved For Release 2007/10/23 :CIA-RDP65-007568000600070017-0 Etlp{A 9 SEP 5~ REPLACES AF FORM 112. 1 OCT 52. WHIGN MAY BE USED UN~LASSJFIED Approved For Release 2007/10/23 :CIA-RDP65-007568000600070017-0 UN C L~ A,~ ~ I f I E~ `~-''- ctassiF~cArwr+ (SECURITY INFORMATION shen Blled in) ~~ a~z SUPPLEMENT TO CIF FOpM 11.2 ~~S 4F ~ kfOl~I~1HY ACAI~dY t?ol. General P, ~trochkin traces the history of the Frtuxze IrYtlitary Acades~y cta #.}~ occasions of the school' a ktlth anniversary. The Acadessty vas created deers ego upon the iniative of V. I. Lorin and was ~orrn at First es t$ta ~y of the General Staff. Tisen as n,czir, the sna,,gor aim of the Acedess~y a ~cotouad study of the m3].itary science sad training is Pasty auci po33tit:al. work. The author mentions such farmotts grsckiates of the Acedeezgy as : the ftiarshaa.s of the Soviet union I. Kh. Bagrss~yan, 3. S, Biryazov, S. f?t, BudengXY: L, A, Govorov, ~,. A- 6rechko, A, I. Yeremenko, T. 8. i~aanev, B. Ya. Ida3lnovsk3.y, g. A. Aderetskov, V. D. 9okolovskiy, F. 1, Tolbukhin, and V. I. Chuykov; for p. fK. Gavr9.lov, one of the orgew3sers of the de- fense of Brest Fortress; farmer instructor Col. A. I. Lizlrukov, who vas are of the-first to be asiarded the title of Hero of the Soviet tTnion in the l.niti8l period of the 'iJar; Lt. General ~. B~. ~arbyshev; an8 ~iajo3' General L. M. IIovator. ~4ore than 500 graduates of the Academy are Heroes of the Soviet i#nion while 23 of these were 2wuored wf th this title twice . The Aaadgay itself vas awarded the Errd,er of fiuvorov far its activity during the Second World 'fiat. {kt present the ss~ority of instruetora of the Frunze Military Ace,demy have Considerable combat experience end possess scientific dsegrees and titles. The author mentions the Following ni.lltaxy science instractorg: Col. Generals fx, D. f3olomatin, and B. B. Chsra~yavakiy; Lt, Generals ~. S. I~olganov, S, ~F. Shkodunovich, Y. F. oorob'y~ev, V. Ya. ,Plyaskin, and P. ~[. Kurochkin; Eta~or C~anerala M. I. SiminavskiX, and I. N. Sobolev; Colonels P.S. Bochisarev, ~' . A . Buxm1, strov, II . P . Gana chew, cud K . ft . lYovakhatko . According to the author, the grofessorial and teaching staff, as well es the Party orgeniaation of the Acadea0r, has the following goals: training of mi.litar,~ speci+a.ll.ets, end techn.icel instructors; instilling in the .future coaausnc1ers broad ideolal and po23tical outlook; giving the s'f~dan'~a e~ prptota~ad tx~ait~,t3}$ in theory; and teachis~sg them to beccasse skillful in teaching and training of their subord2xzaates. - fio starry out these aims the Aca+~ is provided sritah well e~ Iaboretories and stut~t rooss;a, atad one of the best libraries in the co~tatry of approai- z$atelr 2,04f9,OOC! ~rolusmes. iihile stnctying at the Aaac~~r the stu+ieuts are also given field traiaizrg. Besides train,iag highly qualified aos~d cadres, the ~ +slao aca~tducts ctsnssidarabla military scientific research in xhich t.~e fa~.ty sitd sttub~r participate . Acc'~rdl.rsg to {3enerel Rtsrochkiss, the actirity of the Academy' s Party cu'~ani - s~stion hsu the siost i.agortant place is the overall vark of the school.. Of lie the Frame f?~ilttsry Academy' has strengthened considarablar its ties with the wtrrlcars of a nor of iadnstrial ante see, kolkhoz worker,$ various ar~S,zations of taor'ksra ?i' 1!~oskva sad ~sto flb3,ast' Thy aiaiatalns close ties xith the t~casinesa Aragr" as wsl.l as, with the armies of oar countries is the socialist blcr?. The raprases~tativ+es of these ~-z7sie;~ visit the ,per and sYsex~e their awn experience is training of efi'icer cadres with the Aca''s ta~rching staff. 8csse of the officiere in the armies of the socialist countries ~rere trained in thus Acadaumpr. `; WARNING: This document ~ontaina in/ormation ?dectinf the national defense of the United States within tho mearifn/ of the Eapionajs Laws, Title Id, U. S. C., Sections T9J and 791. Its tranamiaaion or the revelation of its contents in any mar+~er to an unauthorized peraon!ia prohibited by IaW~. It may not be reproduced in whole or in part, by other than United States l~l,~r Force A/enciea, ascept by pprmlan of th? Director of Intalli~ence, USAF `{ fO~M kEPlACES Ilt-PAR7 {{, ~ ,tUN d. Wssirie..rrore AF I ocr sz ~~ 28 WHICM MA s s~ a n a t o r- s a~ a^ r Approved For Release 2007/10/23 :CIA-RDP65-007568000600070017-0 cPO oasese 1 Approved For Release 2007/10/23 :CIA-RDP65-007568000600070017-0 1tF FOAM ia2-PART D APPROVED 1 DUNE 199, ,~ . (CIJISSIFICATION) A1R ~Nt~LLt~~NCE INFORMAT~.C~~ _f~P?RT PAGE ~ OF ~ PAGES X23 ~fJ~t3'M-tlj~ G~.' '~ ~~ ~~'aB1'R{~R? ~} ~!?C@~lY)QT ,~.95~3~ j-. ~~ itti $e- >;Q3'~b. ' ~~@~IT8~t~31 ~t C~ Ot' .' ~0'1rY1 iT~l~Y~x'Y9.1"3+' ?~' ~~'' ~"LtL1Z6 . ~.~'~T,y }~,t'~i~,@]'~I mentloxlB G'0.1~.? Q41192'Q~ ~. w. (!~'}?~,~ t;