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Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 Francisco Juliao read a manifesto calling for Latin American Con- ference for/the defense of the Cuban People before several klundred per- sons at the UNE Headquarters. The manifesto declared: "once more Cuba is threatened by armed invasion. Once more we are here to tell the in- vaders that agression against Cuba will be considered an agression against all workers, all peasants, all intellectuals, all students, and all men, women, and children of this continent that have been robbed by imperial- ism and the gross interests of domestic capitalism. It disturbs the sleepy-of imperialism and its national partners to see that a nation can rise from its squalor as a single man, overthrow an oppressive oligarchy, redeem the worker and the peasant, and give to the people the weapons of the people to defend these victories with them. "The right of peoples to choose their own way, to establish their own culture, to establish their own dignity is a sacred and undeniable right. "To defend Cuba against aggression is to defend each of us against all aggression. It is to defend the workers' right not to be oppressed. It is to defend the peasants' right to own the land they work. It is to defend the right of students and intellectuals not to be degraded. "For this defense we invited here all the peoples of Latin America to meet in, a conference to be held in our country, so through it the collective will of all revolutionaries of this continent may be expressed and a solid union for the defense of Cuba, for the Latin American Revolu- tiommgy be forged." (Rio de Janeiro, 0 Semanario, 20 Sep 62) In the latter part of January 1963, a continental congress on soli- darity with Cuba will be convened in Rio de Janeiro. An organizational commission headed by General Luis Gonzaga de Oliveira Laite, chairman of the Soc..iety of Friends of Cuba, has been created to prepare for it. (Kiev, Pravda Ukrainy, 11 Nov 62) Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 Brazil -- Invitation Issued to Continental Pro-Cuban Congress Gen Luis Gonzaga de'Oliveira Leite, president of the Friends of Cuba Association in Brazil and of the committee to organizes. Continental Congress of Solidatity with Cuba, scheduled .for 18-19 January 1963 in Rio de Janeiro, invited all Latin American peoples to take part'in the Congress,. Among the Brazilian sponsors are Francisco Juliao, president of the Peasant~Leagues; Dante Pellacani, president of the CNTI; Vinicius Brant, president of the UNE; and writer Jorge Amado. (Havana, La Tarde, 17 Nov 62) Military and Intellectuals Promote Pro-Cuban Congress A movement led by military men and intellectuals, among whom were General Henrique Oest and the poet, Vinicius de Morais, who were plan- ning a national congress in support of Cuba to be held in Rio, was dis- covered by the Rio de Janeiro police. A secret report in the Political and Social Police Division con- cerning the origin and the participants of the movement -- according to information given to 0 Estado de Sao Paulo by a very reliable source -- confirmed in total, the origin of the news on the material pertain- ing to the congress in favor of Cuba which was discovered in the wreck- age of the Boeing airplane of Varig which crashed in Peru. The papers found at the scene of the accident included the name of Lutz Gonzaga Leite, president of the Brazilian Society of the Friends of Cuba, in petitions asking various people to subscribe to the congress planned for Rio de Janeiro. In the report of the Political and Social Police Division, the name of General Leite appears among the principal figures who promoted the meeting. The police, in investigations begun even before the matter was publicized in the Boeing crash, discovered that on the fourteenth of November, an initial meeting took place to outline the congress. Among the participants were General Luiz Gonzaga Leite and Henrique Oest, Francisco Juliao, Professor Henrique Miranda, Nedia Pinto Souza Leite, Clara Chef, and one Zilda, last name unknown, a member of the Women's League of Guanabara. Continuing its investigation, the DPPS discovered the temporary headquarters of the movement on Rua Sao Jose, No 50, Room 502, and also discovered that the movement was directed by the Brazilian Communist Party and had already planned that the National Congress of Solidarity with Cuba would take place on 15 and. 16 January 1963. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 According to the investigation made by the Secret Service of the Police, the organizing committee Of the Congress was made Y.p of deputies Francisco Juliao, Sergio Magalhaes, Celso Brandt, Almino Afonso, Barbosa Lima Sobrinho, Aurelio Viana, Maurao Filho, the poet Vinicius de Morais, architect Oscar Niemeyer, and also Osvaldo Pacheco, Carlos Paylor, Vini- cios Caldeira Brandt (president of the UNE), Breno da Silveira, Paulo Alberto, Sinval Palmeira, Dante Pelacani (vice-president of the CNTI), Max da Costa Santos, Bayard Boiteux, Osni Duarte Pereira, Alvaro Vieira Pinto (presidentcofthe ISEB), Nelson Werneck Sodre, Aristoteles Moura, Plinio de Apreu Ramos, Campos da Paz, Luiz da Silva, Nelson Alves, Bieber Moraes and Hamilcar de Alencastro. The police, according to the report, have copies of the Manifesto of the Brazilian Society of Friends of Cuba, calling the Brazilian people to lend solidarity and support to that country and attacking the US. The society has headquarters at Rua Senador Dantas, 117, room 725. (Sao Paulo, 0 Estado de Sao Paulo, 9 Dec 62) Pro-Cuban Congress Gets Support From Top Communists and Leftists The Continental Congress of Solidarity with Cuba, initially sched- uled for January, was postponed until 28-30 March. The list of topics to be discussed is as follows: self-determination, and non-intervention; solidarity with the Cuban people; sovereignty and national emancipation; peace and the imperialistic policy of world domination. The board of directors of the congress will accept suggestions to broaden the list of topics. Individuals are representatives of union, student, peasant, women's, youth, humanitarian and political organiza- tions may attend,,if they support the principles outlined in the list of topics. The organizing committee of the congress has received numerous and valuable statements'of solidarity, not only from Brazilians, but also from foreign groups and individuals. Among these are: Bertrand Russell, Gen Lazaro Cardenas, Lombardo Toledano. Mrs Marie Matejkova (secretary- general of the Czechoslovak Committee of the Defenders of Peace), Gen Heriberto Jara, writer Genaro Carnero Checa (secretary of the FLN of Peru), the Paraguayan Movement in Defense of the Cuban Revolution, the Chilean Peace Movement, the Women's Union of Chile, the Peace Committee of the Chinese People's Republic, the Coordinating Movement for Support of the Cuban Revolution of Uruguay, the International Journalists' Organization, the Soviet Committee for the Defense of Peace, the International Union Federation of Education and the German Peace Council. A committee made up of deputies Sergio Magalhaes, Barbosa Lima So- brinho, Max da Costa Santos, union leaders, professors and president- general Gonzaga Leite was received with sympathy in an interview with Minister Mangabeira. (Rio de Janeiro, 0 Semanario, 17-23 January 1963) 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383k000200040121-4 Work on Continental Pro-Cuban Congress Continues On 10 February in the headquarters of the Bank Workers Union,, Gen Sampson Sampaio will give a lecture about Cuba and will discuss the National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and the Continental Congress of Solidarity with Cuba to be held in the state of Guanabara in March. (Recife, A Hora, 9-15 Feb 63) Support for/Continental Pro-Cuban Congress Grows; World Communist and Pro-Communist Leaders Give Backing On 30 January the Organizing Committee for the National Meeting and for the Continental Congress of Solidarity with Cuba met at the Union of Bank Workers to outline the general policy of the meeting and the congress. Gen Luis Gonzagade Oliveira Leite presided. A great effort is being made to increase support for the congress throughout Brazil, and to obtain solidarity from the Brazilian people, through their class association, civic and patriotic organizations, men of the goverment, deputies and senators, the houses of congress and persons who are well known in the nation. The basic slogan of the congress is the defense of the right of self-determination and non-intervention in the internal affairs of the heroic people of Cuba., The National Meeting and the Continental Congress thus.place themselves at the side of the Brazilian government in the effort to apply these principles in the continent and the world. At the meeting the committee gave autonomy to the secretariats, sub- secretaries, committees and sub-committees, sb that they will be able to fulfill their duties by themselves, as much as possible. These-duties are numerous and include everything from publicity to finding accormaoda- tions and obtaining financial contributions. It was pointed out at the meeting that the campaign for financial assistance for the congress must be intensified. In addition, it was emphasized that, as an important part of widening the front for solidarity .with the National Meeting of the Continental Congress, committees must be formed in the cities, the city districts, the labor and teaching estab- lishments, class associations and patriotic organizations. of Brazil. The committees would be regulated by their own rules, within the general guide lines of the congress. The assistant-secretary of the sub-secretariat for Continental Affairs read the report of the work which hae been done. More than 2,000 convoca- tions and invitations have been sent to individuals and associations of the continent and the world and about 1,500 to class associations and patriotic and student organizations of the states and territories of Brazil. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65BOO383ROO0200040121-4 The Organizing Committee received more than 70 letters from all over the world in support of the congress. These include letters from the follow- ing: Gen Lazaro Cardenas, former president of Mexico; the philosopher Bertrand Russell; Prof John D. Bernal, a member of the Royal Society and ,president of the Peace Council in Vienna; Oscar Nunez, president of C7JTCH; Vicente Lombardo Toledano, president of CTAL; the Costa Rican Socialist Youth and the Confederation of Costa Rican Workers; Prof Olga Poblete, secretary of the World Peace Movement and secretary for a. Latin America Prof Maurice Dobb of Cainbridge University in England; letters of solidar- ity and support from the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, they;; Committee of Friendship with the,Peoples of Asia and the Pacific; the Peace Committee of India, of Australia, of Canada and of the United States, Well-known Brazilian politictans who have supported the cause of the Cuban people include: Deputy Sergio Magalhaes; former governor Dr Alex- andre Barbosa Lima Sobrinho; Deputy Dr Max da Costa Santos; Deputy Celso Brant; Pelopidas Silveira, secretary of transportation in Pernambuco; and Deputy Ferro Costa. At the meeting the Committee for the Political Coordination of the Continental Congress was chosen. The purpose of this committee is to inform the Brazilian government of all steps taken by the congress, to obtain visas for foreign delegations to enter Brazil,. and the political support necessary to carry out the work of the congress peacefully and in accordance with the condtttation. (Rio de Janeiro, 0 Semanario, 7-13 Feb 63) Committee Meets on Pro-Cuban Continental Congress In late January the Organizing Committee for the National Meeting and for the Continental Congress of Solidarity with Cuba held a meeting to present a report of the work which has been done in the reorganization of the committees. At the meeting practical duties. relating to publicity, lodging, hospitality and the transportation of volunteers were coNordinated, and a plan was drawn up for general publicity of the objectives of the Con- gress through display of documents, photographs, lectures and festivities. (Rio de Janeiro, Liga, 6 Feb 63) Preparations for the Continental Congress of Solidarity With Cuba Plans Made,by the Organizing Committee Some 20 class associations, representing all sectors of Brazilian life, have called the Continental Congress of Solidarity With Cuba, which will take place from 26-30 March. The Organizing Committee for the Congress includes as honarary presidents: Deputies Francisco Juliao, Sergio Magal- haes, Alexandre Barbosa Lima Sobrinho and Celso Brant; Senator Aurelio Viana; Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 Mii-ister Almino Afonso; Professor Mourao Filho; Father Alipio de Freitas; diplomat Vinicius de Marais; architect Oscar Niemeyer; Osvaldo Pacheco, president of the National Confederation of Public Servants; Vinicius Brant, president of the UNE; Gen Luis Gonzaga de Oliveira Leite, president of the Society of Friends of Cuba. Among those who will participate in the Congress are Gen Lazaro Car- denas and Bertrand Russell, who will also contribute financially to the effort and representatives from Austria, Chile, Australia, peoples China, Czechoslova)ia, United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argen- tina, Costa Rica, El Salvador and other countries. Specific political matters will be discussed at the Congress and there will be an important cultural exchange between the Cuban and Brazilian peoples, since a Cuban folklore group will participate and a joint show will be put on by Brazilian and Cuban. ballet dancers. The following organs, subordinated to the Organizing Committee and the number of members in each one, will give an idea of the extent of the work of the organization: Administrative Services, 9; Financial Committees, 6; Test and Information Committee, 14; Committee to Coordinate the Groups,. 9; Student, 2; Peasant,"3; Public Servant, 1; Intellectual, 3; Journalist, 3; Women's, 3; Medical, 2; Lawyers, 4+; Playwrights, Musicians, Actors and Artists, 8; Diplomat, 1; Economist, 3; Members of Congress, 3; Sub-Secre- tariats of Publicity, which are divided into the Banner and Poster Com- mittee, the Installation of the Congress, the Organization Committee for the Closing Session and the Committee for the Artistic Program, 42; Sub- Secretariat for Public Relations, sub-divided into the Committee to Wel- come the Delegates and. Important Persons, the Interpreters and Translators Committee$ the Accommodations Committee and the Transportation Committee,. 37 members. These numbers may be increased by additional assistance. (Rio de Janeiro, Liga, 13 Feb 63) :Two.. Messages Supporting the Congress Arrive from Various Nations Letters in support. of the Continental Congress of Solidarity with Cuba has been received from all over the world. Mario Mateikova, secre- tary general of the Czechoslovak Committee wrote that a small delegation might be sent to Brazil. Secretary Nicolai Bazanov and Ives Chollere signed a letter from the World Peace Council in which they said that they and John D. Bernal, president delegate of the World Peace Council gave permission for their names to be included among those who had signed the convocation to the Congress and said that professor Bernal would consult with the members of the council in Latin America to form a delegation. A letter expressing support of the congress was sent by the writer Genaro Carnero Checa, national organization secretary for the FLN of Peru. The committee received a letter signed by Antonio Osegueda, presi- dent of the General Association of University Students in El Salvador, who said that the members of the association were interested in attending Approved. For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4 the congress, which would be publicized in various periodicals. Letters from Costa-Rica were signed by Alvaro Montero Vega, vice president of the FUTRA, by Manuel Badilla, secretary general of the General Workers' Con- federation and by more than 40 members of the Costa Rican Socialist Youth, beginning with Manuel Moscoa L. (Rio de Janeiro, 0 Semanario, 21 to 27 Feb 63) Continental Pro-Cuban Congress Publicized Gen Luis Gonzaga de Oliveira Leite, President of the Organizing Com- mittee for the Continental Congress of Solidarity with Cuba, visited the Sao Paulo office of Ultima Hora to appeal to the people of Sao Paulo for support of the congress, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 26-28 March. He was accompanied by the writer Caio Prado, Gen Carlos Hesse de Melo and the poetess Antonieta Dias de Morais. Among the names of those who had sent messages of solidarity, they mentioned Mrs. Helen Duckworth, of the Canadian Committee of Solidarity with Cuba. They said that 600 delegates were expected to attend, including 300 Brazilians and the remainder from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. (Sao Paulo, Ultima Hora, 6 Mar 63) (On 6 March, the date of the above Ultima Hora, Correiro Paulistano reported that its off ice'had been visited by the same-pro-Cuba committee, but gave different dates for the opening and closing of the congress and was more specific about the number of foreign delegates. According to the Correio Paulistano article, the congress will be held from 6 to 30 Match and will, be-attended by about 300 foreign delegates) 200 from Latin America and 100 from Europe, Asia and Africa.] (Sao Paulo, Correio Pauli- Stan, 6 Mar 63) Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200040121-4