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1638 Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE May '8 S. 287: A bill by Senator MCCLELLAN of other jobs are averaging $120 a week-$70 in Arkansas (for himself, Senators BYRD of union strike benefits and $50 113 State unem- Virginia, GOLDWATER, BENNETT of Utah, ployment benefits. EASTLAND, ROBERTSON, THURMOND, CURTIS, It is one thing to provide jobless benefits STENNIS, and TowER). This bill would put with the idea of tiding a man over until he transportation unions under the antitrust can get a job. It is quite another to pre- laws. Your league should go all out for vert that charitable principle by making the this legislation, especially when a national benefits so high and so protracted that they railroad strike is threatened. We should reduce or destroy the incentive to find a job, also strive to extend the scope of these pro- Another effect is to falsely inflate the Gov- posals in an effort to put all unions under ernment's unemployment statistics. antitrust. This legislation has been refer- Your league will find the current answer. red to the Senate Judiciary Committee and We are also preparing a special study on should get far more consideration than bills labor abuses and recommended legislation referred to the Labor Committees, to correct them of which we have been There have also been introduced by Con- promised the widest possible national gressmen LENNON of North Carolina and distribution. SCOTT of North Carolina identical bills (H.R. Socialized power 2415 and H.R. 2426) to prohibit strikes by Our N F i r t i ties, especially our missile manufacturing sites. All of these legislative proposals will re- ceive your league's vigorous attention. PHONY UNEMPLOYMENT STATISTICS? On March 13, we had the delightful ex- perience of listening to the tax testimony of President George Meany of the AFL-CIO. It was one of the most amusing and dis- illusioning spectacles we have ever been privileged to observe. Mr. Meany's prepared testimony is on the record. , It constituted a rejection of President Kennedy's tax pro- posals as aiding the rich plutocrats. This prepared "on. the record" testimony was nothing compared to "after testimony" questions, which have not yet been made public, led by Congressman BRUCE ALGER, of Texas. When asked how much investment was required to create a job for each worker in industry, Mr. Meany suggested that it might take $7,000 or $8,000. Under cross- questioning, he finally admitted that it might take an average of $18,000. The truth is, that in the 20 leading industrial corpora- tions employing nearly 2,500,000 workers, the average is over $28,000. The top electrical manufacturers' figure is $18,000, the top petroleum companies is $50,000, and the top steel industry is $90,000. During the same cross-examination by Congressman Alger, Meany was asked how our unemployment statistics were arrived at. Mr. Meany didn't know. Neither did any of the Congressmen present know. We've been fed statistics of unemployment at 4 percent three months -ago, 6 percent a few weeks ago-7 percent soon, If the administration's tax proposals are not approved. Your president sent a letter to the ways and Means Committee the next day stating that 3 years ago the Department of Labor used the following yardstick for ascertaining "unemployment" statistics: "A person is unemployed, according to the Department of Labor, if during the week of investigation he is laid.off temporarily be- cause of bad weather, seasonal changes, ill- - on er s planning the squan- dering of billions of your tax dollars on fur- ther needlessly and squandermaniacally pro- grams to socialize our energy resource indus- tries. Your league will fight every one of these welfare-state proposals. We have urged enactment of legislation to tax all federally owned or financed electric companies at the identical rates that investor owned power companies are taxed by levying upon them an excise tax on their gross equivalent in amount to the corporate in- come tax imposed on the taxpaying investor- owned companies bears to their gross reve- nue. We have also been able to have intro- duced in Congress a bill to stop "handouts" in the form of "giveaway" interest rates to the REA's. The following excerpt we re- ceived from Congressman CHARLES M. TEAGUE; of California, is self-explanatory: - "Once the Federal Government subsidizes anything, it is difficult to get it to abandon the practice. Many years ago, Congress pro- vided that the Rural Electrification Admin- istration could loan money to local REA cooperatives throughout the country at an interest rate of only 2 percent. The purpose was-to make it easier for these cooperatives to bring electricity to farmers in remote areas. That purpose has been substantially accomplished, inasmuch as 98 percent of all farms is now electrified. Present-day loans farms are now electrified (if needed at all) should be at the same rate of interest the Government itself"must pay on its own bor- rowings-which, at the present time, is ap- proximately 31/,, percent. I have introduced a bill (H.R.-5065) to accomplish this. How- ever, I must report frankly that there is no immediate likelihood that it will be enacted into law. The REA cooperatives have devel- oped a terrific pressure organization directed by the REA bureaucrats here in Washington, and I am afraid it will be a long process to persuade a majority of the Members of Con- gress that the existing subsidy is unfair to taxpayers as a whole. Nevertheless, I am encouraged by the public's increasing aware- ness of this situation and by the support that has been offered so far." ness; also, if he is on strike or otherwise INVESTORS MUST ORGANIZE chooses not to work. Any boy or girl over The one indispensable ally that our Gov- fourteen, and not in school, is unemployed, ernment has in the war against communism if so reported, because at that age one auto- is the system of private profit and private matically becomes a member of the 'labor property. It is against this ally my friends force', according to the Department; for that that our Government has declared war. it reason the number of unemployable in- is an established policy of our Government creases during the summer vacation and today to make war against the institution diminishes when school opens. The unit of of private property and especially the stock- computation is derived from the data holder owners of our large corporations. My brought in by interviewers who visit 35,000, friends, we are going hellbent for socialism selected households and rooming houses, cov- and no one seems to worry about it. ering 330 sampling areas, distributed among The people who are responsible for our 636 counties and independent cities. Every gigantic pulsating, life-giving enterprise are month the sample areas are changed." the savers, the investors, the stockholders in It is obvious that this technique of American industry. And where are they? "sampling" is subject to serious political Everywhere and nowhere. They are dis- intrigue. persed, dissembled, voiceless and, for prac- Here's what is happening: Before they tical purposes, helpless. And what is the re- went on strike early last December, New suit of this dissembly, this lack of organiza- York City's printers averaged about $145 a tion, this voicelessness? These owners are week. At present, those who didn't take the target of every political move that comes out of Washington. Every single thing that is suggested in Congress has about it the appearance, at least, -and certainly the effect of clamping and clipping, of cramping and restricting the interest of these people in American enterprise. All over in and throughout.the great structure of American private enterprise there now crawls an army of inquisitorial bureaucrats as thick and as annoying as, the ancient lice of Egypt. Ten thousand governmental commandments hedge and hamper the operations of Ameri- can private business. Someone, or some dedicated group, must spearhead a drive to arrest -this Marxist in- spired attempt to destroy our capitalist, free enterprise system based on the political- economic theory of the right to individual ownership of property. Someone must en- list the 17 million scattered owners, the "for- gotten men," in a battle to preserve what they own in America. These people do not yet realize their latent political power, Basically, this is what the investors league seeks to accomplish.. In our opinion the purpose of political-economic education is political action. This is the field in. which the investors league effectively operates. Our thousands of members across the Nation are dedicated patriots. We need thousands, yes, millions, of new members. We need contributions, all we can get, to expand our new membership, drives through newspaper advertising, radio, and TV. You ladies and gentlemen before us today well know this. We expect you to help carry this torch. Help get us new members.. Help us raise new funds to further our mem- bership drives and to engage in the programs so needed to further our cause. We have available today some rather emi- nent panelists who will discuss many of the issues of the day. You have available copies of our bulletins and other literature explaining our views on' taxation, labor, and other issues for which we will battle. You members, officers, and directors of the league's Florida division,. your zeal, your dedication and your legislative effectiveness at both the State and national level are set- ting a pattern for the effectiveness of local investors league chapters across the Nation. ANGER OF RUSS_IQ. -COMMUNISM TTT. Tr2A )) (Mr. GURNEY'MTthe request of Mr. MARTIN of Nebraska) was given permis- sion to extend his remarks at this point in the RECORD and include extraneous matter.) Mr. GURNEY. Mr. Speaker, no Mem- ber of the House of Representatives has been more dilligent in bringing to the at- tention of the House and the public in general the grave danger of Russian communism in Cuba than our, colleague, the gentleman from Florida, WILLIAM C. CRAMER. On April 15, 1963, the gentleman from Florida [Mr. CRAMER] made an address on the subject of "Communism in Cuba," as well as some of the domestic issues here before the Congress, that is worthy of the attention of every Member of Con- gress. This address, which was given before the annual meeting of the Investors League of Florida, is printed hereafter: ADDRESS DY HON. WILLIAM C. CRAMER, MEM- BER OF CONGRESS, BEFORE THE INVESTORS LEAGUE OF FLORIDA, CHERRY PLAZA HOTEL, ORLANDO, FLA., APRIL 15, 1963 There's probably no State in the Union in which more people, because they are on fixed incomes, have a proportionately greater in- terest in sound fiscal policies as they affect Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE 7631 SENATE OUTLOOK Democrats turn jittery about threatened Senate losses in 1964's voting. Sizable shifts could give the GOP a base for recapturing Senate control In 1966 or 1968. Democratic victors in the 1958 sweep face serious trouble in normally Republican States. Party strat- egists write off Moss, of Utah, YOUNG, of Ohio; Indiana's HARTKE is in for an uphill race. The rising Texas GOP could snatch Senator YARBOROUGH'S seat. Greatest threats confront liberal Demo- crats; New Jersey's WILLIAMS, MUSKIE, -Of Maine, CalifornIR'6 ENGLS all look vulnera- ble Even veterans MANSFIELD, of Montana, natal year nun -v--- Figures show, however, that during the first the Heriong-Baker bill that would reduce 8 months of this fiscal year the actual deficit personal and corporate income taxes over a per- has already passed $10 billion, and we still cent and period to enactment aa tmaxt maximum rate a Wilson bill have 4 more months to go. Based on the accuracy of this year's esti- (H.R. 257) to reduce the tax on long-term mates, we can look for a staggering $20 bll- capital gains gradually over a 5-year period lion deficit in the next fiscal year unless provided such gains were invested in 5-year some of the wild spending plans of the New 2-percent U.S. Government bonds redeem Frontier are baited, able at the option of the holder on sliding scale of from 75 percent of par value during FOREIGN AID esidenNe the first year and advancing on a sliding The report of the President's; Clay Com- scale to 100 percent of par value at death or mlttee, named to study foreign aid spending, maturity. This latter proposal should be has startled the Nation, The Committee considered apart from the omnibus tax bill. dl JACKSON, of Washington aren't shoo-Ins. Po- aid appropriations. Foreign aid funds for tential effect: Increasing Senate trouble for this fiscal year of 1963 total $3.9 billion. In liberal legislation. his budget the President requested $4.9 bil- Republican BEALL, of Maryland, MScNEM. lion for foreign aid In fiscal 1964. starting of New Mexico, are underdogs for reelection. July 1. Congress seems certain to reduce But odds favor other GOP Senators facing these appropriations to around $3.4 billion, voters: Pennsylvania's Scary, WILLIAMS, Of and Chairman PASSMAN of the House Foreign Delaware, Arizona's GOLDWATER. Aid Appropriations Subcommittee, will fight TIIE SEC REPORTS to cut them to $2.6 billion. The Clay Com- SEC's report on stock market problems mittee's findings of foreign aid waste and evokes undercover resentment in the securi- extravagance fit in with a previous report ties industry. Some executives privately of a special committee headed by Democratic charge the Commission grabs credit for all Senate Leader MANSFIELD that some $5 bil- reforms already made. There's fear that lion of American money has been wasted in recommendations still to comecould weaken southeast Asia in recent years. investor confidence. The industry will fight MORE CONGRESSIONAL INTIMIDATION some SEC ideas for legislation. Two weeks ago, In a surprise economy THE NEW FRONTIER ADVANCES AGAIN move, the House Appropriations Committee For the second time in 6 months the New voted 22 to 19 to chop $450 million off the Frontier has set a record, a record high in administration's request for continuing the the Consumer Price Index. The only trouble job-creating public works program started with this kind of progress is that It costs last fall. This was a clear slap In the face us all as consumers more money to buy our for the proponents of big spending schemes. necessities. According to the Bureau of La- Last Wednesday this Issue came up for a bor Statistics, the Index returned In Febru- floor vote. The cut advocated by the com- mittee rolica to its record high of P ary e-llo a have to 184. resfollowtored 3 days lof vote the omoost fact, in the past year, food pr es gone up 1.8 percent. While the administra- vicious lobbying by the administration we tai and Incomes of owners of private prop otes of the have ever witnessed. Their tactics bordered erty. h e v tion makes a big play for t elderly, the pensioners and the like, the on blackmail. Congressmen voting against Labor unions Kennedy spending and deficit policies have the administration were threatened with The cast coast maritime strike, the Phila- cost these people, the ones who can least withdrawal of Government spending pro- delphia transit strike, the New York and afford It, more of the purchasing power of grams within their districts. We will pub- Celeveland newspaper strikes, the various their available dollars. This is a new kind lish the individual voting records of our strikes at missile bases, and now the ahreas bad strike ane over hek rules, of persuasion technique for getting people to Congressmen on this Issue. There is still of ti missile accept Government handouts and Govern- a chance to defeat the bt)l In the U.s. Sen- bring a na natto slrail focus the necessity of es, the ex has ate. YOUR LEAGUE'S TARGETS AREAD medial legislative remedies. So far, the ment oontrols--don't doug leave them Surpngly enough, while the index has administration recipients of the union labor climber isid steadily since 1961, prices for due- The legislative Issues pending in this Con- overlords' political aid have been remotely able goods, upon which our great job-pro- gress which most specifically affect the inter- mute, except to appoint factfinding boards during industries rely for profits In order to ests of Investors and businessmen seem to to recommend Settlement by nonbinding ar- invest and expand, have been subject to lie In the general fields of taxation, labor bitration. The administration has appointed several severe drops and are barely above union abuses, and extension of needless pub- as chairmen of these boards such "impartial" the 1960 level. As a result, spending for llc works and welfare schemes, especially chairmen as Senator WAYNE Moass and New plant and equipment is down 2 percent over in the field of extension of Federal socialized Deal Judge Sam Rosenman, This is as near the last 5 years. Yet the Kennedy tax pro- electric power schemes. The league's efforts to compulsory arbitration as we can possibly gram ignores the need to Invest, and Instead will be concentrated in these fields. get. There is nothing impartial about their is dedicated to increasing consumer sped- Federal taxation recommendations. Labor's unholy alliance ing, which has risen 17 percent in the same The hearings before the Ways and Means with Government should be destroyed. The period. csu, once the re f are Committee on the administration's tax re- czarist dictators' power over a free people put into the sug seggested new tax law, m a amost duction and tax reform proposals were con- should be destroyed in the name of human middle income axnre relief. whl find lierecord eluded 2 weeks ago. This was the President's freedom. There are dedicated statesmen in any break or tax r rem. The only aprime legislative objective for this session of Congress who are cognizant of the evils In- is-the New Frontier seems sure of breaking Congress. The proposals were thoroughly volved, not only to free enterprise, but the formamost promises with the least per blasted by the Nation's press and by bust- rank and file members' right to human free- ormonce. nessmen and Investors everywhere, Also by dom, who have introduced legislation in SPEAKING OF BUDGETS AND DEFICITS many Members of the House and Senate In- Congress to nullify the power of the Hltlers Economic planners of the New Frontier eluding Democratic Senator HARRY F. BYRD, and Khrushchevs in labor to conduct an all- blame Increased defense spending for the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, powerful Invisible government in defiance of annual huge deficits they roll up. This Is The final tax bill that will emerge from the public Interest. Here are the proposed simply not true. In the past 10 years, spend- the Ways and Means Committee, probably in bills: ing for defense has risen a total of 28 per- late May at the earliest, will not bear the S.87: A bill by Senator GOLDWATER for cent while at the same time, nondefense slightest resemblance to the administration's himself and Senators CURTIS and TOWER, spending has risen 104 percent. Inc'uded in proposals. With Senator BYRD's opposition, essentially designed to amend our labor laws the nondefense portion of our spending such proposals would never clear the Senate to create a national, right-to-work law ex- hikes have been a myriad of pump-priming. Finance Committee. Whatever bill is passed cept where the separate States can deny it. socialistic schemes. They all hold out the by the House, it will probably not reach the This would reverse our present procedures promise of something for nothing but In Senate floor before September and we will whereby any State can create its own right-referred truth, they erode our freedoms as well as have a crack at it before the Senate Finance toe grkel Commit This bill on has LbeeeII and Pub is our material worth. Committee. Speaking of budgets and deficits-and In testimony before the Ways and Means WarIn hedmeanttme, however. Soho d somehow one word demands use of the other Committee, your president specifically urged port. the oifi ial budgetlestim to of the deficit *Treasury's this proposals and e recto reject the ommendeda hatncons de a- right to-wo kplawssupport to enacting State it is the only proposal that would Imme ately increase the Treasury's tax take. Your league vigorously opposed the pro- posals to impose a new capital gains tax on gifts and estates payable at the time a gift is made, or upon death, on the value of the property so bequeathed over and above the original cost. We also opposed the proposal to repeal the $50 and 4 percent dividend cred- it and recommended that such credit be In- creased to $100 and 10 percent. Your league's basic tax objectives are to gradually get rid of the progressive feature of the Income tax and the so-called tax on long-term capital gains and to get completely rid of the double taxation of corporate earnings. To hasten this day we have urged that all Government owned or financed enterprises, especially electric projects and co-ops, pay their fair share of Federal taxes. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, it was primarily the organized Investor-owners of the Nation who, "bunting as a pack," put the biggest crimp in the administration's tax proposals-but it Is obvious that we should remain continuously alert. The advocates of planned socialism and the welfare State st are well aware that their objectives can mo readily be attained by taxing away the capi- Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE 7639 investments, savings, and the value of the based on timidity in solving world crises and Latin American nations still recognizing dollar than in the Sunshine State. in meeting the clear and present danger to Castro and the U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, Likewise, there's not any organization with the freedom of this hemisphere posed by Lincoln Gordon, in testimony before the a larger number of responsible thinking peo- Communist Cuba. House Subcommittee on Inter-American Re- ple than the Investors League-people who Imagine, if you will, an American policy lations, made the unequivocal statement that think of the future of their children, the so vacillating that while taking responsi- Brazil's Government, student groups, and security of their country, and the impera- bility for the failure of a refugee invasion labor groups are heavily infiltrated with tiveness of winning this cold war with of Cuba 2 years ago, we are today arraying Communists. atheistic communism. every deterrent at the command of the United On Goulart's Cabinet sit three avowed For these reasons, and many more, it's a States and British Governments . to stop Marxists, his press secretary is an admitted privilege and a pleasure to appear before Cuba's freedom fighters--a 360-degree Ken- Communist-and still, we loan that Govern- the Investors League of Florida. nedy twist. While in October and Novem- ment $640 million of your hard-earned tax Your convention could be held at no ber we imposed a partial quarantine to keep dollars without commitments that efforts to greater moment in the history of our coun- certain Russian ships from entering Cuba, oust the Communists will be made. try; for at no time has our Nation been we have today put into effect a -complete This is not an isolated example. We lavish faced with-. more serious challenges. The quarantine to prevent Cuban freedom foreign aid on Chedi Jagan in British Guiana challenge is not only from overseas as has fighters from entering Cuba, to keep Cubans who, for all intents and purposes, is a leftist traditionally been the case. Rather, the from regaining the freedom of their home- dictator and, until it served his purposes challenge is merely over the Florida Straits- land. Khrushchev's assertion which he an- to denounce him, a good friend of Castro. 90 miles from Florida's shores. nounced before the- Supreme Soviet recently But, we refuse to provide meaningful aid And what's equally as serious as the Com- that he had received assurances from this - to the anti-Communist government of Haiti munists having a foothold at our doorstep, country- that Cuba wouldn't be invaded which is across the Windward Pass, gateway is the apparent lack of willingness, desire, or seems to be affirmed more and more by our to the Panama Canal, in order to protecti just plain ability on the part of this admin- actions and inactions. - - that vital passage. How absurd can we get? istration to do anything effective about re- Meanwhile, the- Caribbean smolders with And, because of our refusal to strengthen moving this threat-or even exhibiting a Communist revolt. The Guatamalan anti- anti-Communist Haitians, it is only within firm intent to implement the Monroe Communist group, was, fortunately, success- months of being taken over by the Com- Doctrine. ' ful; a similar but unsuccessful coup in Ar- munists. Many Haitians who work the Cu- The result of accepting and coexisting gentina followed; and, as I mentioned ban sugarcane fields are being trained by with a Communist Cuba has been an invita- earlier, Venezuela, Haiti, and the Dominican Communists in the arts of sabotage and tion to the Communists to infiltrate other Republic are within months of turning subversion. These workers return to Haiti areas of the Western Hemisphere unchecked. Communist unless we are determined to and join forces with Communist trained and Today, we are faced with the possible Com- prevent it. paid French-speaking Ghanaians who can't munist takeovers of the governments of . Infiltration and subversion literally flour- be told apart from the natives. A subversive, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, ash throughout the Americas with Cuba as well-trained Communist corps practicing and Guatemala. The Communists are the spawning ground.- The New Frontier sabotage and poised to take over the Haitian swiftly populating' other lesser known but "rocks" while Latin America burns with sub- Government is presently in existence. strategically important smaller islands in version and Communist revolution. As further evidence of our lack of purpose the West Indies, Including Barbados, An- CIA Director McCone, in testimony before in Latin America, President Kennedy before tigua, Curacao, and others where the ratio the House Subcommittee on Inter-American he went to Costa Rica,- doomed the confer- in the major cities is already 1 Russian Affairs,- recently admitted that: "At least ence to mediocrity by announcing in advance to 10 other people. These islands are doing 1,000 to 1,500 persons-came to Cuba in 1962 that discussions of -ways to dissipate the business with Russia so the door is open from all other Latin American countries - Communist menace through a hard line po- to move in. with the possible exception of Uruguay, to -licy towards Cuba were not to be topics of Vacillation, indecision and a lack of the receive ideological indoctrination or guer- discussion. This position was contrary to determination necessary to rid this hemi- rilla warfare' training or both. More have the expressed wishes of the Central Ameri- sphere of Castro's Cuba has resulted in a gone in 1963 despite the limited facilities for can countries present, particularly Guate- threat to our way of life unparalleled in reaching Cuba at present." mala and Nicaragua, two countries that had the history of our great country. If America What Mr. McCone failed to tell the sub- already felt the -sharp sting of Castro in- is to be preserved rather than regarded as committee was that -U.S. citizens are ventur- vasions. a short-lived experiment in individual free- ing to Cuba as well and last month, I turned Despite the laudatory press releases on the dom and human dignity, a reaffirmation of over to the House Committee on Un-Ameri- success of the conference, less than two basic U.S. policies, such as the Monroe Doc- can Activities and the Senate Internal Secu- weeks- later, the Communist -threat became trine, must be stated and fully ample- rity Subcommittee, the names of some 97 so serious that Guatemala was taken over mented. To abandon the Monroe Doctrine U.S. citizens who made this illegal journey by a military coup and its President deposed. during this crucial period is to sacrifice within a 6-month- period in 1962. On the It's high time for a thorough house- America's self-interests and security. We'd list were many notorious Communists. -Go- cleaning in the State Department and for better start putting America's security first ing and coming through the Cuban Embassy a shakeup of the bureaucratic stagnation * * * if we want American freedoms to last. in Mexico City, many of these U.S. citizens, that has settled into the minds of Wash- This is the anniversary of the abortive upon returning to this country, actually ington's policymakers. And it's about Bay of Pigs invasion, attempted 2 years advertised the fact they've been to Cuba in time for a meaningful statement of purpose ago. It is, therefore, an apropos time to Communist newspapers published in the based on ridding the Americas of commu- reflect on the results of the vacillating and United States. They give lectures and show nism and keeping it free from alien systems. timid policy America has adopted toward films in this country propagandizing Castro's It's time for the announcement of a plan Communist Cuba, a tiptoeing policy that Communist revolution and at the same time of action for freedom led by the United has resulted in a fully armed and established raise money for Communist front organiza- States. Communist war machine located at- the tions such as the Fair Play for Cuba Com- . It 'a time we threw the Khrushchev doc- solar-plexis of the Western Hemisphere. mittee. Although traveling to Cuba is in trine of "coexistence with Castro and com- Two years ago, with adequate air support, violation of the law, neither our State De- munism in this hemisphere" into the ash- the now abortive invasion would have been partment nor our Justice Department have can and retrieved the Monroe Doctrine a glorious victory for freedom. Instead, we pressed for or prosecuted these known vio- therefrom. Along these lines, I have intro- withdrew this vital support and in so doing, lators, many of whom are Communist sym- duced a resolution (H.J. Res. 227), calling for doomed the invasion to failure and disgrace. pathizers. I have introduced a bill, H.R. the restatement and full implementation of - We've been withdrawing ever since-with 5320, tightening travel restrictions so that Monroe Doctrine. the 'all too brief and ineffective quarantine prosecutions of persons using this open door I have proposed the following steps to as the only show of determination. to subversion can be more easily accom- weaken communism's grip in this hemi- Why did we withdraw this promised air plished. - sphere, none of which have been taken by support? Because . some in the `U.S. State . As can be seen, even the United States Is this administration: Department and some of our representatives not free from the direct efforts of - Castro's First, we should recognize a free, non- at the United Nations feared our participa- and Khrushchev's Insatiable Communist ap- Communist Cuban government-in-exile. tion would result in adverse worldwide petites. opinion, recog- opinion, in any adverse image. Once a Cuban go -in -exile So devoid of purposeful leadership is the nized, it could legally ally receive receive ve our our is assistance Ladies and gentlemen, can any nation State Department that we commit ourselves as well as the assistance of other hemispheric afford to sacrifice its long-range security on to a $640 million loan to Brazil without even nations. It would fall under the provisions the altar of public opinion? We did-at a commitment from President Goulart that of the treaties of Rio and Caracas. It could least momentarily. this money will not be used to tool up Brazil's become a member of the Organization of When the Soviets put down the Hungarian trade with Russia. The fact of the matter American States. It would provide a rally- revolt with guns and tanks, did they concern is that stepping up trade with Russia is the ing force for all Cuban refugees, give en- themselves with their image? Not on your stated aim of this money, and the Rio press couragement and help to the Cuban under- life. It's about time we stopped applying was the first to admit it. ground, give courage and hope to the op- Madison Avenue image-creating techniques Brazil, incidentally, is one of only five pressed anti-Castro Cubans who are in the Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 7640 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE May 8 majority in Cuba. and provide the means And only unincumbered and unlntlmidated Thus. I have discussed briefly what I be- ige can solve - lieve be the two ajor ng for the Cubans to win back their own free- free a of unemployment. Why ssin peoba session llof Congress -fiscali sanitya and t to lems dom. Instead of uniting the Cuban refugees, proven formula of success for egghead ex- Cuban-Communist threat. however, the administration 1s doing every- perlmentallam and New Deal" economic Actually, they are both Interrelated, be- thing In its power to divide them and make failures? cause the Communist threat throughout the them as ineffective a group as possible. In addition, the President's tax reforms world Is a challenge to our freedom ? * ? to Secondly, we should Impose an effective would penalize the homeowner, by disallow- our very constitutional government. In or- trade ban and call upon those nations still Ing as daendduc coins tt hse inters t paid on mort- dor to continue home to support the necessarthef-taxes; the f at and road to >, by a reduction of present tax challenges to our way of life, we must retain and Gat Bam Brritain, with to sCastroo,p trading including with Italy gages Castro. exemptions from the present $1,200 to $600; our economic solvency and financial stability. Thirdly, we should demand that all Latin the working family head, who would lose his Khrushchev has said that he'll bury us and American nations withdraw recognition of tax-free sick pay; the widow, who would said that he'd do it without a war by first Castro and stop doing business with him be required to pay a tax on the value the turning America toward socialism and bank- and we should withhold Alliance for Progress home had appreciated during Its ownership ruptcy, thus making It ripe for _a Commu- Funds from nations who refuse to comply. In addition to Inheritance tax: and the gen- nist takeover for which the Communists will Fourth, to halt the spread of subversion erous. by disallowing deductions to churches, be poised and ready. throughout this hemisphere, we should in- charities and educational Institutions. If communism is permitted to continue its list that Mexico close its open door of sub- And to compound this planned penalizing expansion In this hemisphere, already only version through which people from all Latin of the frugal taxlaayer, we've been presented 90 miles from our borders. Khrushchev's American countries gain entrance to and re- with a $98.9 bi lion budget containing a prophecy can come true. turn from Cuba. As i mentioned earlier, built-in deficit-a planned deficit-of $12 roFtinking dollar PANAMA CANAL QUESTIONS: IM- route. U.S. citizens are taking this subversive penalize the frugal with hcetshrri Fifth, we should, If It becomes necessary. value, caused by inflation. I personally be- MEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED and if the Communists refuse to remove lieve that this extravagant and substantial troops and heavy war materiel and keep deficit is cause for grave concern. Increased (Mr. FLOOD (at the request of Mr. shooting at Americans on the high seas, im- Federal expenditures without any Indies- P sRCemarks at 5 n permission the extend ORD pose another quarantine to halt the inship- tion as to where the funds will come from ment of further defensive weapons and oil. is totally lacking in fiscal responsibility, and include extraneous matter.) What has happened to the spirit of Amer- This budget can and must be cut and Mr. FFLOOD. Mr. Speaker, since the of the lea that bred such patriots as Nathan Hale, this can be accomplished without weakening a man hardly out of his teens. who prior our programs od re nae,dead services. eAndr It Suez Cainali 19the56p ecedentt-making but his execution said : "I regret that I have tion t me the place to start is by cutting recognition and support by our Govern- What's happened d to the Patrick one life give to my cPtrickk " Henrys, out foreign aid dollars that we are presently meat of that action, the Panama Canal , George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? and giving to Communist countries or spending has been the victim of a series of diplo- Teddy Itooseveits? Patriots sl'who, under lavishly and foolishly without any direction matic aggressions on the part of the to- day's so-called modern liberalism would be of purpose. We should require other mem- considered radicals and reactionaries. ber nations to pay their fait share of the public of Panama against the sovereignty On the home front this Is a tax-cut year. assessments to the United Nations and we and jurisdiction of the United States It started out as a tax cut and revision year, should cut off Alliance for Progress funds over the Canal Zone. Immeasurably but most of the revisions were so ill-con- from Latin American countries doing busi- complicated by the ratification in 1955 of sidered, they were sidetracked temporarily ness with Castro. the secretly contrived Eisenhower- almost as soon as they were submitted. Domestically, dollars could be cut from Remon Treaty, our Government, both Shining brightly from the lantern of New the Federal civilian payroll, and millions the Congress and the Executive, has Frontierism. however, are proposals which more could be cut from the President's lea(- ththe failed oo meet the the Ex with for as cults . Instead, would result in stiffing private enterprise, raking programs such as the Domestic Peace right sec meet the of equalizing income, discouraging individual Corps. the Youth Conservation Corps, the policy ucation pro n acts of and investment, emasculating Incentive and $4501m cafor tch porkdbarrel publicposal,orksthe . througattemptsh placation, it has ag- peAlthoug Investors, On Wednesday of last week, the Democrats gravated the situation in the Canal Although the withholding of the on last dividends Congress in the Rouse went on record as being against Zone, with conditions there verging on and interest proposal se t any sort of fiscal responsibility by voting met Its prbacr demise, this duck-billed i e platypu Is year. to estore $450 million to the public works chaos. It seemss the back i In and another f Schlesingers rs are ol in acceleration bill-the same $450 million Underlying the present sovereignty sistent seem wanting 9eahe 5-year ad which was removed from the bill In the Ap- agitation, and related to it in many ways, $credit and 4 and e percent deduction repeal dt the ppolroof- pro riations Committee. Is the transcendant question of increased $50 cr This money-your tax dollars-is now transit capacity, a subject that has been sing. Although it's dead for his year, you being spent for 70-percent Federal cost shar- under congressional consideration since botto one bet your then, th at It -will you still have ing on constructing swimming pools, rodent the advent in 1945 of the atomic bomb. one left year then, hat it will will back again control, exotic plants, beautifying the TVA, next year and the battle will of rose who and building fishponds, as examples. Talk In that year, the Congress, on recom- Idon't follow the reasoning of those who about boondoggles. Here are some specific mendations of administrative authorities, want Americans repeal to this tfIn a entre r ris . In- examples of how your tax dollars are being enacted Public Law 280, 79th Congress, vestment Invest free s spent under the guise of aiding unemploy- authorizing the Governor of the Panama vestmt in private e enterprise e creates more e ment: Canal-now Canal Zone-to study the jobs, tools up industry, keeps us in a con- A recreational facility at Lexington City, means for increasing the capacity and p position with foreign imparts and Mo , will cost $881,000 and employ 9 people. Security of the Panama Canal to meet provides self-respecting people with needed This Is $90.000 per man per year. the future needs of interoeeanle com- self-earned incomes. Of course. I can under- A municipal stadium In Bridgeport, Conn., merce and national defense, including stand why this existing incentive program $475 000 loca- is repulsive to the "concentration of power A lagoon in Choctaw. Ale., $292.000. consideration of canals at other loca- to think thhat at kin tha e boys, of pr pro ofit m t motiv ve Is whom somehow seem Fish ponds in Oklahoma. $121,000. tions, and a restudy of the Third Locks to A recreational facility to San Juan, P.R.. project authorized by act approved outmoded, a "cliche," and maybe a little &00.00o. August 11, 1939. "Immoral." This list goes on and on, but what's sig- This construction phurriedly project, They would much rather resort to the bu- niflcant is that the entire $460 million will started in 1940 without adequate study, reaucrat's dream world of the thirties and employ only 50,000 people, less than 2 per- to the alphabetical agencies such as the cent of the present unemployed. if make- was suspended in May 1942 by the Sec- Y ex- Of course, none of these programs were swer to they unemployment s prto be oblem, ethen penditure of some $75 million of the tax- able to solve the Nation's No. 1 problem of the cost of employing 1 million of the nearly payers' money, mainly on lock-site ex- the thirties-unemployment: and even So- 5 million unemployed would be $10 billion Cavations for parallel acts of larger locks cialist Henry Wallace finally admitted this or $10,000 per man employed per year. at Gatun and Miraflores, most of which fact on a television broadcast 2 weeks ago. It's obvious that this is not the answer to Only private enterprise. with its profit meeting this pressing problem. Encourage- can the be used in suspension of the that future. project Fortunaunattely, ly motive, has made the United States first ry couragementls the way to bring a perma- before excavation was started at Pedro production, In standard of living. In military preparedness, and in the eyes of the world. nent end to serious unemployment. Miguel. Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 Approved For~le, ?J/. 31ja ff U gNffi 0200240029-5 hrough the Eyes of L.B.J. and direction. Top ranking officials of the De- partment have recently appeared to suggest that the United States must purchase Arab support, almost unconditionally, as the only means of immunizing that area. from Soviet influence. This is the core of the present American position, a position which we believe to be' shortsighted and counterproductive. The blackmailer is never satisfied with his last payment. And the compliant disposition of the State Department invites further exploi- tation and ever more stringent demands. Moreover this acquiescence carries no assur- ance, even no likelihood, that our country thereby will gain steadfast allies. On the contrary, the Arab States have freely pro- claimed their decision' to play both sides of the cold war against the middle and to turn to any source whenever expedient. The one nation in the Near East that has shown an overriding and steady attachment both to the principles of freedom and to the positions of the free world has been the Government of Israel. Yet it is conceivable, unless clear limits are drawn, that the UAR, as a condition for rejecting Soviet assistance, might well demand that the United States remain aloof and- detached while the new unified Arab military machine seeks to over- run the State of Israel. We cannot accept the consoling assurances of those officials, in the United States who dismiss the inflammatory, warmongering statements of President Nasser as political pablum intended only for internal demagogic purposes. It will be too late to rectify this error of judgment once Nasser's rockets be- gin to fly across sovereign borders. There will then be time only for regrets, not for assistance. As we meet, the UAR is seeking to over- throw more Middle East governments not now included in the new federation of Arab states. These attempts proceed initially by way of infiltration and subversion. This pat- tern, we may expect, will be followed by the kind of military assault which had its prec- edent in the Egyptian expedition in Yemen. Unless those governments that can yet be influential in'the Middle East, such as our own, express themselves with greater vigor than they have yet demonstrated, we fear these developments are imminent and al- most certain. We are gratified that the Secretary of State and the President have found occasion in recent days to express "interest in the in- dependence and security" of those Middle East governments who are not within the UAR. But these assurances have been casual and intermittent. There is still no clearcut pronouncement of our governmental policy. Above all else, such a declaration is called for now. The United Arab Republic poses an urgent threat to the security of all of its neighbors, Arab and non-Arab alike. It is therefore vital that our Government reaffirm unequiv- ocally its policy of friendly and peaceful rela- tions with all presently existing countries in the area and serve clear and unmistakable notice that it will respond promptly and de- cisively to any threat to the peace, or to any provocative military buildup that is intended to precipitate a war. Our hope is that our Government can thus help procure a long and extended inter- val of peaceful development for all coun- tries in that much harassed region. We urge the constructive adaptation of Amer- ican policies in the Middle East to replace regional arms competition with regional eco- nomic cooperation. In this way the national interests of the United States can be realized and promoted, the security of the small na- tions of the 4rea can be protected and the redemption of the masses of underprivileged and deprived peoples of the Middle East can begin in earnest. rough the Eyes of Latin America EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. GLENN CUNNINGHAM OF NEBRASKA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Wednesday, May 8, 1963 Mr. CUNNINGHAM. Mr. Speaker, I found two articles in the papers over the weekend most interesting in their ob- viously different assessment of Cuba. First there was the AP report of Vice President LYNDON JoHNsoN's political speech to a $100-a-plate Democratic fund-raising rally in Milwaukee Satur- day night. Then there was Bob Considine's re- port on an article in Vision, described by Considine as "probably Latin Amer- ica's best informed periodical." The subject, in both cases, was Cuba. According to the AP report, the Vice President "insisted the administration policy on Cuba `is to get rid of commu- nism and Castro.'" Citing economic ills in Cuba, L.B.J. said this is "a record of proud American responsibility. We are determined that communism in Cuba. must go-and shall go." According to Considine, Vision states, "The Kennedy administration has launched a propaganda campaign to prove its 'isolation' policy renders Castro harmless; that Cuba is just a small pawn in the overall global struggle, and that no decisive action is possible without risking nuclear war," but the Latin American periodical adds that the argu- ment is "demonstrably false." I now include that portion of the AP story and that portion of the Considine article which deal with this subject: JOHNSON LABELS CUBA RED FAILURE SHOWCASE MILWAUKEE, May 4.-Vice President JOHN- SON pictured Cuba tonight as "a showcase of Communist failure that is costing the Soviet Union more than $1 million a day to prevent complete and final collapse." In a speech prepared for a $100-a-plate Democratic. fundraising dinner, the Texan attacked the Republican Party and its spokesmen and insisted the administration policy on Cuba "is to got rid of communism and Castro." -. Calling President Kennedy "the strong young man in the White House," Mr. JOHN- SON said the President "stood up to the ag- gressor and drew the fangs of aggression." He listed these as results of Fidel Castro's Cuban Communist regime: "Cuba's gross national product has fallen 25 percent: "Agriculture is failing under communism there as everywhere else. "Food consumption is down. 15 percent. The 1963 sugar crop is the smallest since World War II. "A quarter million Cubans have left Cuba-and we have received 300,000 individ- ual Cuba requests for visa waivers to come to this country. "Free world trade with Cuba last year was one-tenth what it was before Castro-and it will be only a trickle this year. Trade be- tween Cuba and Latin America will virtually disappear in 1963." Apparently answering critics of United States policies toward Cuba, Mr. JOHNSON called this "a record of proud American re- sponsibility," adding: A2859 "We are determined that communism in Cuba must go-and shall go." ON THE LINE (By Bob Considine) "Vision," probably Latin America's best in- formed periodical, dourly concludes in the wake of Castro's triumphant reception in the Soviet Union.: "Years of fumbling U.S. efforts to free Cuba have ended in utter failure. This con- stitutes the biggest setback to U.S. foreign policy since the fall of China.. In Washing- ton, this defeat is recognized but never ad- mitted. The. Kennedy administration has launched a propaganda campaign to prove that its 'isolation' policy renders Castro harmless; that Cuba is just a small pawn in the overall global struggle, and that no de- cisive action is possible without risking nu- clear war. All three arguments are demon- strably false. "In the first instance, Cuba is not isolated at all. Various hemispheric states still main- tain diplomatic, trade, and travel connec- tions with the island. A steady flow of young Latin American leftists arrives in Cuba every day, destined for Che Guevara's revolutionary schools * * * nations outside the hemisphere scoff at U.S. pleas to halt Cuban Shipping. "The second point is still more unrealis- tic-that Cuba is merely a cold war pawn, something like Laos but closer to home. Castro's position atop the Lenin mausoleum last Sunday proves that the Kremlin takes a much different view. The Cuban take- over is a hugely successful Communist pene- tration right into the zone of prime U.S. in- terest, the first step along the road to Latin American conquest. "The final argument-that there is noth- ing we can do about Castro-is just plain defeatism." I'Vision's" recommendations: J.F.K. should again declare unequivocally that getting rid of Castro is a cardinal goal of U.S. policy. Create a big Caribbean task force to restore morale inside Cuba. J.F.K. "should publicly warn that the United States will not be responsible for Russian lives nor be deterred by their presence from taking any course of action it deems necessary. A strong promise of aid to post-Castro Cuba should be made, along with a pledge of non- interference in the country's internal affairs." 'Indiana Boy Proves Youth Are Not Irresponsible EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. VANCE HARTKE OF INDIANA IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES Wednesday, May 8, 1963 Mr. HARTIE.. Mr. President there appeared a recent editorial in the Rich- mond, Ind., Palladium-Item, in which an Indiana youth, Larry Williams, 14- year-old of Centerville, was cited as a responsible boy and a hero. As a matter of fact, Mr. President, Larry is responsible for saving the lives of several of his schoolmates when a careening automobile suddenly lunged toward them when he was on school patrol. Larry is one of several young- sters soon to be given a medal by Presi- dent Kennedy for his act of heroism. The editorial also points out that not all boys are juvenile delinquents. Be- cause the editorial is worthy of consider- Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5 A2860 Approved W&z, M3 A4[0%?3CbJ1A-RDAAP5BENDI38000200240029-5 May 8 ation by my distinguished colleagues I ask unanimous consent that it be printed in the Appendix of the RECORD. There being no objection, the editorial was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, as.follows: YOUTH DEPENDABLE, Too The weighty evidence of juvenile delin- quency is proof of one of the Nation's most serious problems. But It is unjust to put the tag of Irresponsibility on all youngsters. Larry Williams, 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James V. Williams, of Centerville, is a case In point, He was on the job as a school safety patrol member last November when an automobile suddenly lunged toward a line of children. With his arms outstretched Larry jumped in front of the children and pushed them out of the auto's path. After an investigation of the Incident, the American Automobile Association awarded Larry its medal for "a lifesaving act involving heroism." President Kennedy will present the medal in ceremonies at the White House next month. Larry obviously has learned the lessons of responsibility. He took seriously the duties of his safety patrol assignment and his quick thinking may have saved the lives of one or more of the children. Economy Buying EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. CLARENCE J. BROWN or OHIO IN THE HOUSE OF RE?RESENTATIVES Wednesday, May 8, 1963 Mr. BROWN of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, in view of the fact I was the originator and author of the legislation which created the two Commissions on the Re- organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, better known as the two Hoover Commissions, and was the member of the Commission who devoted the most attention to correction of pro- curement practices in the Federal Gov- ernment, especially In the Department of National Defense, I take great pleasure in calling attention of the Congress and the country to the following editorial which appeared in the Washington Star on April 30, which points out the savings being made, and destined to be made in the future, from the implementation of recommendations made by the Hoover Commission on procurement matters: ECONOMY BUYING One of the major and, as events have turned out, most fruitful recommendations of the old Hoover Commission advocated the consolidation of purchasing activities in the Defense Department. Several days ago, the Joint Economic Committee headed by Sena- tor Douglas concluded a series of hearings to review the effects of the single Defense Sup- ply Agency and other steps Initiated along these lines by Secretary McNamara. The results are impressive. While these programs have been underway for only a little more than a year. savings actually reflected in the defense budget for the fiscal year 1964 amount to about $750 million. In addition, Mr. McNamara expressed confidence that additional actions now under study will increase the rate of savings to over $3.4 billion annually by the end of 1985--savings considerably in excess of the $2 to $3 billion which the Hoover Commission had antici- pated might be realized from such action. In discussing the wider ramifications of the subject, the Secretary also had this to say: "The basic principle that there should be a single agency to procure and manage com- mon items of supply or services for all users is, as this committee has repeatedly pointed out, as valid for the Government as a whole as it Is for the Department of Defense. Therefore, In our own efforts to obtain greater efficiency through the consolidation of common logistics support activities, we should not restrict ourselves to Defense agencies alone. Whenever we find that it is more economical to use the capabilities or facilities of other Government agencies, with no loss in military effectiv?ness, and at the same or less coat, we should not and have not hesitated to do so." These are encouraging words-and they mark progress. Mr. McNamara Is to be com- mended for taking actions now which should have been taken long ago to avoid waste. These efforts deserve encouragement, and the Joint Economic Committee and other groups should see to it that they receive every assistance. Former Oklahoma Congressman Cele- brates 90th Birthday EXTENSION OF REMARKS or HON. ED EDMONDSON Or OHLAHo}A IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Wednesday, May 8,1963 Mr. EDMONDSON. Mr. Speaker, on April 28, an Oklahoman who throughout his life has served his fellow man with distinguished honor celebrated his 90th birthday. I am speaking of our distin- guished former colleague, the Honorable Charles Edward Creager, of my home- town of Muskogee, Okla. It is a privilege for me to Join his legion of friends and admirers in congratulat- ing C. E. Creager on his birthday and wishing him many more happy returns in the years ahead. Charles Creager Is one of the pioneer builders and developers of eastern Okla- homa. He was the second Member of Congress after Oklahoma's statehood to serve many of the counties in the dis- trict which I now represent. C. E. Creager has led a rich and full life for which he can take great personal satisfaction. He was a journalist who reported some of the significant events in the history of our Nation, an author who recorded histories of the Ohio Na- tional Guard Masonry in Oklahoma, a public servant who served In Congress and in Indian Service, and a civic leader who authored Muskogee's form of city government under which our com- munity now lives. Such a distinguished life Is enjoyed by few persons. Charles Creager's contri- butions to society are Indeed manifold. It is a life to which every Oklahoma owes a great debt of gratitude. At this time, I ask permission to insert into the RECORD the text of a story about former Congressman Creager which ap- peared in the Muskogee (Okla.) Phoenix. This story written by a Phoenix staff writer, Mort Glassner, is a colorful re- view of the career of this distinguished American : COLORFUL MUSKOGEEAN MARKS 90TH BIRTHDAY (By Mort Glasener) Congressman, Army sergeant, war corre- spondent, oilman, supervisor of field clerks in the Indian Service, author, schoolteacher, cub reporter, police reporter, political re- porter, city editor, oil editor, publisher, Office of Price Administration Chief Clerk, and U.S. oil inspector. Blend all of the above-mentioned occupa- tions and vocations Into one person and you'll come up with one person-Charles Ed- ward Creager, of 6404 West Okmulgee. Creager, Oklahoma's first Republican Con- gressman and the State's second Congress- man, observes his 90th birthday anniversary Sunday. The tall, slender Muskogeean doesn't plan anything special for the observ- ance. "I and my wife Elizabeth plan to spend a quiet day and I doubt if we have many visitors," Creager said Saturday. The native Ohioan has one son, one grand- son, and four great-grandchildren. Baron Creager, the son, lives in Dallas, Tex., and is Southwest editor for an automobile trade journal. Baron's son is Mack Creager of Tulsa who Is a sportscaster. The Mack Creag- era have four children. To say that Creager has been versatile dur- ing his 90 years would be understating the case. Creager authored the charter under which Muskogee's managerial form of govern- ment operates. As a Congressman, he ob- tained the necessary $500,000 appropriation to build Muskogee's Federal Building at North Fifth and West Broadway. It was Creager who persuaded Suma Rose- man, a Creek Indian woman from Sapulpa, to sell the old General Hospital building here to the city for practically nothing. At the same time, he talked her into donating $5,000 to the hospital to be used for indigent Indi- ana who might need hospitalization. Creager is an honorary member of the Creek Tribal Council. Creager served in Congress from 1909 to 1910 after defeating Democrat James Dav- enport of Vinita who is deceased. However, Davenport turned the tables on Creager in 1910 and won a House seat. The former Buckeye Stater still keeps ac- tive In politics. He was a delegate to the recent State GOP convention but gave his proxy to someone else. Creager was born near Dayton, Ohio, on April 28, 1873. In high school, he was the top student scholastically in his senior class. "There were only three students in the class." he quipped Saturday. "I was thrown out bodily from a private military school, flunked out of a normal school and because of boredom I dropped out of the University of Indiana," Creager dis- closed. Somewhere along the way, Creaker says, he migrated "rather innocently" into the Day- ton News and went to work as a cub re- porter. Seeking more action, he later moved into a pollee reporter's job on the Columbus, Ohio, Press-Post, working his way up to city editor. He also worked as a political reporter for the Columbus Dispatch but it was during his tenure with the Press-Post that he be- came a widely read war correspondent. While with the Press-Post, Creager joined the Ohio National Guard. In 1898, he found himself in Puerto Rico playing a dual role in the Spanish-American War. He was forced to split his time in the service be- tween being a sergeant major (and later cap- tain) and reporting the war to his newspaper back home. Following the war, Creager returned to his newspaper job In Dayton only to discover he was dissatisfied with his $16 a week salary which he relates, was "hiked two bucks be- Approved For Release 2004/06/23 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000200240029-5