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December 27, 2016
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January 7, 2014
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August 6, 1963
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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/07: CIA-RDP65B00383R000500080001-3 ? mmll?????10 ne 1963 - Paws. L. Gamma . . ',Philip L. Graham, president of the Wash- , ington Post Co., Would have excelled in whatever field commanded his energy and ? ability; He chose journalism,'and leaves' as his legacy lin independent newspaper with ?.an international reputation, .an?Jmpressive _range of achievements in public-service end a host of memories of a gallant figure. It is a legacy that will endure. his associates on this ilea/simper. kr. Graham 'Was' as much a friend Ss an cm- 'ployer. There Was no detail of Jciurnalisin he regarded as too trifling to engage his ? sympathetic attention and no person beyond ,reach of his coneern., ,His rangy ,figure and quicksilver wit were as familiar a part of our enterprise as the fonts of type in our composing room. *In .all that he dealt with at the Washington Post and its related ven- tures, he was broadly liberal, eminently prac- tical and endowed with an intuitive grasp of coming needs. ' '? . ? , . Trained as a lawyer, Mr. Graham served as law secretary. to both Mr. Justice Frank- furter and Mr. Justice Reed; he never lost his concern with law and justice?or a. ca- pacity for generous anger when either. was ignored. After rising from private to major in the Army Air Force, he returned- to the Capital after the war and gave his full ener- gies to the Washington Post. The record speaks for itself. ..In 1946, Mr. Graham became publisher a newspaper then ranked third in -circula- tion in Washington and that incurred drain- -4 lug deficits. In collaboration ? With Eugene Meyer, Mr. Graham gave a secure foundation to the Post. -A new plant Was built, the Times-Herald purchased, and a television rand radio division, including WTOP in Washington and WJXT in Jacksonville, was ._formed. The partnership of Mr. Meyer and Mr. Graham transcended normal business relations and family ties; there was a fra- ternal affinity between two persons of corn- ? plementary character whose closeness as- sured executive continuity when, in 1959, Mr. Meyer died. Growth continued in recent years as the Post expanded its facilities, acquired News- week and Art News, and -established a news ' service. in -partnership with the Los-Angeles Times. The range of Mr. Graham's interest and acquaintanceship was extraordinary, and though his contribution of signed articles- _ was infrequent, his suggestions were not. They gave depth and authority to much that appeared under the name of others. If the .. Post today is both prospergus and influen- tial, a full measure of -credit is owed to Philip L. Graham. ? His country and city commanded much of. his time. Through his father, who was an . influential State senator in Florida, Mr. Gra- ham early in life acquired an insight into the skills of politics. He could combine moral courage, wit, and tact in dealing with others, and his ability profited S bewildering diversity of causes?everything from the Ad- vertising Council, the United Givers Fund, the Federal City 'Council, the Committee for Economic Development, and George Wash- ington University to? the Communications Satellite Corp. Mr. Graham invested the full capacity of his mind and heart in anything that deeply moved and interested him. He" was not -a person given to qualified commitments to his country, his enterprise, or his friends. '-It was this quality that precipitated .the illness that led to his death. Our sense of loss is total; he was a?rean neither easily forgotten nor found again.. ? . ? : OPERATION' SWIFT STRIKE ? "(Mr.. GEBBGNS asked and?wai. given permission to address the? House /or 1 - minute and to revise and extend-his -re- marks.) :CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -HOUSE . e13509 c:: Mr. 'GIBBONS.' ??: Mr. -Speaker; have :Once said, "lam Insatiably curious about 'Just returned' from a 2-day' inspection 'the state of our worid,"and? this attitude 'trip of Operation. Swift Strikeill- down leeemedlto motivate hint toward-the field ? in the Carolinas. When I returned home of communications. Phil -felt 'deeply:I last-night I Was surprised and -shocked --think, that democracy can /all -when a ,to see a story in the Washington Post -government fails to explain.itself thor.?_. attributed the Associated Press that -oughly and candidlyi?to Its citizens -and -gives what I !consider ,to?=be.' w mistaken ;that success rests upon the to ? -impression of ' this wcombined ? military einterpret what the government is saying. ' training. ",._Opeiation lnvoIving :;?100,000 t Man -Influential shaPer Of Otienational ' character Phil attempted_ &nth:I-U(12y to ? . Mr. Speaker, I. Want to.. report ? to. the 7determine the qtfalitt-aflifdfinT'tht ',SO- ? _Members of this House, as a .trained ob- :aiety? he-Served:414e 'regar'dekthia-read- server of military operations, -II-think iers -as free -Perscins..sWho-need4(?berin-. %Operation Swift Strike _M is not' only :formed,*- not -as; obiectst of,' propaganda. excellently planned but has-peen superb- bWe shall aff miss this man-0-"ainanneith- - 1.9 executed. Our -soldiers,-officers, and ter ?easily.forgottenntripuisdagairV!-frx men jparticipating In 'Ms -.realistic op- '''.ThOse who knew Phil Grahani Will find _eration show that they are Well trained, . that the August 121.11stte Of Newsweek z?well directed, and are.doing,lheir .japs ,.captured sonic of his greatness In enthusiastically. tIcle'which I4 disk.leaVeL47 eitelid.beloW; ? .?I 'want to remind. those Who ? 'would .tr;???: PonaP ii:;kilasifeac,-391543;W47.V4 '-dwell upon a few 'accidents such as a .0; ?eV ishort-moilths 6011141'p Lealie:Clia; -.fallen bulldozer 'and 'a .--ouple 'Of jeeps ?r.liamr the. Controllintivolee Aitad'f.-Informing 'that Eime to the ground; WithoWthe 7"sPh?Itor:this rasgaidnelaPoiseabout himself benefit of parachutes, that-e, 'great ins- -14,,_-1%' gre`uP:af'Nflinnve?k? lority of the 'eqUip.ment air4rOPPed hito -,-eranndce eats, .;!1-'I-tolournalisni:.quite by he said--Flrain anOtheraincieriCand- - this operation landed intact ? Within the -ht IA -tont; hgt-ag the ???,-1 _drop zones atnd that-the fighting -Calla- ,Saki--iiivexplanation- otltielircniti.toiznent . . ?;bilities of Our soldiers were not impaired ?iit that minorttrof-vem'gribdiatvyst 'by the small amount of ? accidents that -she law Is altisiOnS:inistrawd??-?"*. ? -occurred. - It -1.5. my 'belief ? that 'the in-' -t 'IN? 'doubt that: iswet.trfuLstajment .tof hutists were f the - - rate f stretches good-men-who. engage-in any Jury o parac ex -.tremely .19w ill this very, realistic .--100eariously Intenectual ?viocation-..:=Whert.. X think ..of - few.-sextows knirnalista I 'have .tary . operation. I believe ,we. have every . =pain, ? I know that .the,lealous :demands of reason to be pi:6nd, of our Aimed Forces excellence in Our ?eaffing have: borne 'down . as they have been displayed In,hI train-- "?on them heavily.and'?deenlY ing opeiation in the Carolinas..?!,_ rrtilig.itred enlarging them ? 11 Americans should be aSsured ?that their ? ' 'am Insatlablr.curious a . estate o our world. I revel in the recitation of -top military and civilian -leaders have d v - d been diligently. examining . the...state :of "ith/Ch0V; gristeekly af e, is thaff' training and . readineil:Pf our ? Armed nc;? one, yet has b able . to ureuce wheat Forces during this arduous test:, I ob- :Without chaff: And net evenis3ueh garrulous served' Gen. Paul Adams, Commander !romantics as Fidel Castro or such transcend- - ' In Chief, tr.p. Strike Command, -Gen. - -ext spirits as Abraham Lincoln can produce a history. which does- not rest ,on. slounda, ?tion of tedium and detail.-and .even sheer ? ' ? and key members of their staffs, actively -drudgery. ? ? inspecting, examining- and evaluating . "So-let us drudge on about our inescapably our personnel, and equipment under real- ? impossible ,task .of providing, overr,'week- a ? -Istic. battlefield 1 conditions.. .Our .able first rough 'draft-. Of a history that will never. Secretary of the Army Cyrus Vance, and be completed about wbrld' We ,ein citeler key- civilian -personnel of -the Depart- ? underbtsnev .-.07 To the many who will hold his memory men of the Ax?my, were in?the area vi g- * dear, this is pure"Phil." When he spoke, he . orously carrying out. ? their duties and ..jiad a wit which could, dissolve pomposity responsibilities. j - t ? ? . _end Lighten tedium; a. htg.h...,.seriaaanen ' I feel that I should report to Congress . Which could endow_ the. attrivisl Drab- _that? our Forces are ably led, adequately lam with dignity;? a certitude-that Stemmed equiPped, and sufficiently trained to give from an instinct fo"he highest standards, a sympathy which extended to the great and a fine accounting for themselves should i to the- weak alike. -He Was alWays electric, the need arise. I-hope that -Americans, :.?eitb a, kind of complex, stormy !,1111TnimitY as well as our enemy, will not be misled that- somehow led him, last Saturday after- by inadequate newspaper reporting. -- ;noon, to take his life .at his farm in Virginia,? - ?Jost a short. drive ,f.roni Washiagt. 9n,..?D.C.. . ? ? ' ? where his career in law and letters PHILIP GRAHAM, 191543, SHAPER OF-'Washington was Mr. Grahamli,itYIt ? OUR NATIONAL CHARACTER wa% there, in 1940, that he Married Katharine ? 'Meyer, daughter 'Ortale-latti Eugene Meyer. ? . - (Mr. MOORHEAD (at the request of Who then 'owned: the--washingtonlpoSt.-.4ft Mr. ALBERT) was -granted permission to ;wee ,there they -raised their fotis:;'ehildren. extend his remarks at this point in the In the 23 years he lived in Vasiiington,. he RECORD and. to include' eitranions.mat- :Paw !I'Mat1612?414,14"41117hiell, . ter.) .5 one'among,"ffieni;;?0,,i124.,,lkime . ? ? a r?olithial. ;isocctiorit1C:Will?mtlttary Mr. M-IPPRREAD-? 2111:, ini.gaker; I was =telt in tali, wora whewhionaitecofewa- , stunned by the unexpected death-of a Week's zWeekly?editoriattimeatirigaksin--,New close personal friend, PhiliP.L. Graham-- York, -he 'a1wayireenVeyed:71." sertseat...high lest'.tveekend. Paising.iitiot only a excitement about' -the power and *appoint - deep loss tii all Of Us Who loved hini?but ?;hility?that isenvert?witb..4i-40;-, also a teniliorary Setback-'foe the defense t- -- of a free Soddy.':,.1/401119.1"TeterrYe h'e?grew!71'wt-iipnerend;hwen'T:4"at to ?ioirehr-Plii=.- Phil was one, of those few pitiPli-t-vho -"and euuege: and oamPridge; cared deeply': titiotit idefuclend ? handled -11 4itterided Karver tiaw:Scih3d1k-aiidi became them with both skill and pleasure. He president Of the 'Law Review.. This distino: ' A . ? ? - - . . ??? ???. Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/07 :.CIA-RDP65B00383R000600080001-3 Declassified in Part: Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/07 : CIA-RDP65B00383R000500080001-3 43510 CONGRESSIONAL7RECOR'D ? 711 . .Augu-st. 6 ' l% led him. to serve as law secretary to bath ''-Although the MCI intrOdUced merino . ?;-1., c.isc;i:t7c?-?.r1oN . .-.- .. . Juistice -Stanley Reed ..end austioe ? Felix minimum age and would allow Federal em... .f.i,?,,_ .......,,,,?,......__,._ _ ;III- - ?-_,...___. AL - publisher Frankfurter. ,In 1946, Mx. Graham. became ployees with 80: years .of .service to ;,4..07.p.wns XII? i7).1a7laest seicinoltoDs?rexten% publither of the Washington Poet. ?Behind any age. I would to 1:$1ree to express my sup- !DEE him were 4 years in the Armi and st.Legion port for ,other. bills before fore '''""' working with bir.'hieyer,, Mr. Grabs& biiilt iit;age 55. 3' 'would ' prefer to see one of my , 1.Idr.4711/8g.-d.jzstroeaker?yester ay 8 ? --1 - --?Ms reiliititil*,-AIRD0olsklii the RECORD of Merit for his service** the Pacific. ;-. to alloW11111. 61'41.111,1;1es. to 80-year enlP.?1?S.5 %fin. d' to, Inelude_ielititiii*-0*, 1.4.,... ....,....:?04,..,..ttar. - ??d) the Post into one of the most prosperous and ,!awn billainactedbut_t realize thacit they ., ;,4,,,,,,iiiiisaithi3O :?indlientlia rieWSielPers'41ii ????-the '!.country. istrongerk.-OPPOsition. from ,,the the ity4?!taxiz.6.7. tift.-arrt0.1901?ciniirr-otre. fall inzti4 . before..he had a' natural and :extraordinary 'latter bills .obvioUsly?.haveL.rauch.;#1.1/! , 211?-5, .IS,Ittk.t.' Co! ,__,. _ n,.i_-so .w1.45. ;Though ?he -had no journalistic 'experience Commission than the age 55 bills.4 . ,.,:_ . _?:-.?._, ...,........- ...-14 .11 ta...., ..i.- ;tee' -'for.. news. .4s. well, as eiburdness ,sense -"ProsPeets for APProVel; / am MOSt. happy to .3F11.12412.!etTtilq49. r 111.d U,S,F? 121 -.which led him to a widening series ?Ulan- lend them my ;141 and complete ilaripPqq?4:a TRI_l_r_FIF!e-te '.' us '--Partii?41?tIc!cir ? -hitiona and successful ventures. -Anew plant -71t,These hills caul Orl ,ii Ilrado ,3',. ?vagricut ana4 . " for 'the Poet- built in 1951,"the Times- process of liberalizing .th.10)1vllifierviQ Re' itelegrainaln ....-"Ongl ' sumort?oi' 'the Cooley 'Herald wail purchaired, a radio' and television tiro:neat-Act:to' make it more affective1n- Ihilufsonctheatt,thetvatlifornia division was established,, and in 1981 News- Strument La attracting and .holding. capable IDepartment-61-Agrietiltur(iiind from the ,week was added -to' the organization. .More -workers in _theederal service-1,i ell - it .7.ksaiskairnia-haser r_b? irmte:-Ihsta..taarketing recently, Mr. Graham acquired Art News and Retirement Act Was first laMieteSAll______A9'.20. '` . tiiie-_,thiril ffijfj.tjfe'.ircitt,t4ifirOcil'Art 'call- -Portfolio .and . launched a, n.ews service with 'curled no ;ProVielOD ,'! far :OorlY retirement one-third of? . ;the Los Angeles Tunes. -, ,:_,,, -.,..,--,,.. ? The law was amended In 1O ' to. allow, for .,,;O.?;1131,4,,,...+.tleositcboxisnra, _ , eys...cohRinre an,_ But these activities consumed only, a' part optional retirement 2 .Yearsbefore". the re-_?3,,equal A , zz...,111.40,.. _ ,_ 14:14,,,...F.9 In- cf Mr. GrahamR restless energies: . Over the quired age.. It was later amended in 1942 to ',-dustrY.',.-7Z7 .,:,..;"4?.;.- .-?,,,ehrx? blif",1,1?0 ?-: -se file- . ' himself to a 'ffreet--Veriety:of provide a reduced annuity atageas with in .41hatginitied lit,b9zq'ecogisieetthis is private and ? public .causes.. In an ?unotlicial actuarial' reduction of approalmateiy 0.5 per-'? %iiiio -- Nay he, plunged deeply into the political and -cent Of_._.the_.__MiollitY :for_ _,_;each year... theein- .nji?ist-------,jecetv'.rtheed.l.xotifflills5Wir, friends in .Government-not , to. speak 4of tuarial 'reduction ?was ,1 ,.rcoll if":1=f7 S.._ ,, Itclegle.. 111.1vimaini hRRVe. diplomatic life ? of the ?Nation.,'Io- list , his PloYee Was ?floer...f3o? years 6-f.-!!!'!?.;:tElls'at `Cla:Z.eeff,siseifetarrqor', t CentTal- Labor .busLness, the professions. and the; ar- 'percent a year In 1948 and allairl.ij 5tou 1Fhei...J.,i..,ufee-.. 1,..auflinC.;.-11. -P-114-1. 1 - .*-.a.' ' -41.-,,_ A84---,' - -e,--c-,:C4),eY:11,0tis?Vs. ' .tileoilld be to sound a rolicall of almost all who 'ant 1 percents 'year in 1258. ? ? . iti,.....,:. .. .1.t.Ti.....,4.fer3 egi.--,_24....tiiii. le ,AL.Er. 'are distinguished ? in American -life. -4,11.- v..?;.The present bilis,7iiiezi, ToOnld_Caiiy,, out ...fauer.i,jstillt,.__'..1,1,wuzi ii....* ,-..:;.1-. ri....-?,.., stormed. -of his death as he cruised on;the ,tills procees'of liberalizirig, the lawIty elimi- r;I!!F,11,?,/11 r; Purin6otoa. tz;?447ries- tkitT-.aliti.iisd. .11tmey- Fitz,: President Kennedy; made :the Eating the rednetion-in thee annuity:;idto- ,:. , vela statement:..."The death . of. Philip Graham r gether, &aft:Mlle of i the - 0ounties.A274-410-Nenetat tacordlugust mired his integrity and ability-H.1s a per- ;the age, 55 requirement totneallo;hich;,e ??,.T.II'lla-.,anle- .1.2iintH. , : . _.: IL til-- .:1477131-e1-1.001"1",;-tha ,,. Cooley .13 a. serious loss to . all who knew and ad- , introduced, would in, addition do away with ..., .. ..bilf,tiThci.m.m.. _.,,Itithotatinder pres. aortal 'lois to me ? and all 'of hi friends. --:, He `may .aitat so years al"s`etVioe.,..,: ?uirii: lion: ?sun .imitiariarluientio*esitz._The . '',was. a distinguished publisher: 'anion whose 44.=/-ein nivi ".tiiiiii-tilit:Tailii is. suc.h . a -Are. " coofiii-ii bin ocs3-7,ideitirice-torotectionsoc. cmcii 'quiet and effective leadership contributed so ...ineidonechange it. taielisi..itts ietuarisj -*,.... ..._. _,bittsire,ditsiieousiklirget,-trowers Much to this community and his Nation. -cost is only sixteen one-hundredths '-ortl ,He will be greatly missed by all of us." rkf cspercent of .payroll.. -.Most-employees 'who 're- ??;aewbeull,Thetaki43Cuts4il'Iric :2itthc,-;ltricidu-succer'Lliere"uon--recaleif.0e-- 'r .Philip Graham. ivill be missed .byall, _but main in service for 80 .years.woukl, not czar: &- there Is a special .poignance . of the, grief of clse ,the In retire early,Inst eigetinerrjel./Ineo wciald.caetu.',J,frt: competition those those who knew him long and 'intimately. as .most,do? not exercise ,the present option. ' Ai the Washington Post, which was so much iconif about _ii-pereent of those eligible to .T-U?'? ?-?"--th-71.H.83k4:56Cur? Ornia.i.. wouldbeneflt by a part of his life, said: "Mr. Graham invested retire before age sii, with' 5Cryears'. service are -,..?..-.....,..z...? . ,1741-. ?.4.i,--.ffitregm'An- !:.Ar???:,... 'the full capacity of his mind and heart in doing ii&i.'The:-change 'Made ' by 'these lire- .:AP, egget'aryZoiniral Labot:eouncil of Fres- ? anything that . deeply moved and interested posale-r--ellieinating-theSPereent.e:yeersre-..."r6,..airtinditadert-CasiiVei:t?':_tr ,:-..?."-. -Re was not a person given to qualified -.duction-,would not be enough of an -induce- ' !....,,,, . -, :_. ..-?::!..-- -- ?_;;;..c,-14..,..-t-h;:::.-t,i. 't ? commitments to his country, his enterprise. _ment to increase this rate substantially .:?4".n.: -$;":7:tri.--Vr r .. .... .. ... !;?/..:#1:,-' ... ? '-' .4_0T hia. friends. . ? -- .' -' -- -;_,,:t.4,..`4_.__07;;?-,i?,...r...-13., ' '4,:At tita earna4ine..thrriaSitleile-4-ailla lie% ' j% OLDETrAMEItICAiliaritcatte 1,96 e of loss is to.....: he..assa .......- . e th :reit l'' ' add b -. . . ILLEGIB .110?1111.111 , ,, ? , ei ei? y forgottennor found again."--, ? : . .. . tellose whahitve good reasons toeetire:before ?t?z-kl*Mr."FOGARTY," Ott' the "request of - ,,:.,' s.;, k.,?....:. 3efie' 6.5. The ? majority of ; those .,who retire slotehAiireitrrWasiltituitedirertnisslon to EMEN'I' FOR i.:iv.u., HERVIcs _:__ rex-, so. 'Year's' service ' before afge7.80 do in ;eateiid his-Teinerhs it .:thhtzte.hit nthe . or reasons of ill'health-or 'inability to kee ? , -?:Ricone inchideektialiecnniliiat- ;HumbYEES ' AFTER .30 ....:YEARS pace with .their.-duties.;t1t - is 'an unfair v , WITHOUT REDUCTIO* IN .AN. -penalty 'to reduce _the. retirement benefits -of 't'er.).;;,=-",i3:'e::.',W.''; these workers as the 'present . law : requires. "Mr. FOGARTY:i Mr- ElPeakenstcdaY .` NULL Y ? ' ? ? ,-, ? ,. -4zioreoser,. i ieel. that the Coat 'argument 'I :havi?Intrositified 'my bill tc;.bur'; known - --(Mr. MULTER (at *the' req.; est. of Mr. . 'against these bills has been overemphasized, as the Older -AmerlearacAoror`1963. - ? ALBERT) was granted Permission to ex- .true that the. cost to the retirement , Its' stated purpose Is: -.-???714 ' " -.- -.:1;r7,- ? tend sills remarks at this point in the :- To provide Iiinditisilei'lliiiitaftveroPment ; system will be increased slightly.. But it.: - RECORD and to include extraneous mat- from-many of' these early retirements in'a "" f n ? ' ' -- ewp or improved- prOgraina-t) help ? older is alio true that the Government will'beneflt ,4i-o' ter.) ' ? ':' , - ? .. . ..? ?41, . 10.? ? ?-? . ? , persons through pante to. the . States. for number of ways. They will allow the aov- . community 10,runtng ;and- seiviceiviind -for ???? ? ' 7 Mr. MUL'LER. Mr.. Speaker,*the fol- ernment. to. replace older, in some ? cases Per- ' training, _through .research.ldevelopment."or lowing is.'a statement that I ,submitted ? tially. disabled, .workers .with younger more ? .trainnag -project;grants.!,and'itt.o7estattlish to the Post Office and Civil Service Com- vIVraus ?workers. These younger ' worker* ..within .thesDePartment of ,liealthoMdtica- niittee in support of the proposal to allow Will in almost all cases be paid less than their , tion, - eivil service employees to retire after. preddeecveelsnoz ftoileperformict ng theoisdamerewdouritri!L bedesanign.,d:.W.tedeltat..?ase _iairthe,;.:14... ,30 years Without a .recluction. in annuity who retire to-take another:job; the Govern- ? --Aging''') ., * -'''' P'r .: ? '-'*-141?- ?e---.'- ,andwithout regard to age: :21:','? '7.?; .- ? merit . is going . to. realize . some-return. . of its - :;????"-With the. hatroductioir ;Of "this:, bill,! orerinciavr, oi How. .Alatnera J. Mtn:rim, ' funds. in the form of income tax that they 'Ina expreaemy'dieliTenitEeiii..thit'ile- ,. 1Dr.srocium, or-New roam ETTORE , TNT POST ..wilfpay..on.l.heir combined inuar?tept and ra- tion has hesiciao.ionedeaved?th awarea 0vsrcx AND Glyn. Ssavics Sunco,aurrnis on tirernent benefits- ;:1---,?;:...;:''..t,...:.-..16.--7-/' ?. - so vital to ths s-ocial ahd seehougo:statua -il awn; signet ON arm SIMMS .rPTIISZTSSIft ,1 believe that . these amendments for ,full - -,Arrint, 30 TT.ASS? Ssaincs,-, JuLX181, s 1983; . :annuities after -80 years ;of 'eervice-.--, with or- - a the Nation 'a '18?inon:pinsona..67er ? *.igilttu:Cliairman: firuld like lii..eilniicri iiy 'without the `age 55 requirefareit-lzwould Int- *- ' . ? age .85.7; It 18-1115r holiest -conviction that . , , , 'appreciation for this ,opPortanity to speak in prove the Civil , Beryls*, Retirement Act Con- - .Ifew issues have come hefOre,...theiCon- support.:of the legislation:beim* you to ad- .siderably ' at ; very; little ? ?Ott -2, t They ;would Brest; that have .such -a great, potential, - low civil service, retirement mars= annuity Improve: the,-eituation.of those -choosing -to ,? not only for .the.individuals ,allected_by - after 80 years of. service. -,--:::,,l-er -`,treT,17--. retire ,betere age ;60. and ,they.tvould benefit the .:legislatiori:.but? also -for.ithe I,Nation , For a number Or years I .bave.introduced ithe qov.ernment,finst. by niaking it possible that can only beneflt.from the -untapped legislation to emend the civil seffice Retire- to replace 'tor/rent who are partially disabled manpower .. , aunt' Act- to allow employees to -retire at any or-Nebo have slowed down-in. their work, and reServe,:that?418 4 represented. - among. thkranics of our-, older. citizens. age after ? 80? years service without reduction ateetidlif,,by 'liberalizing the'retirernent?sys'? ...? ,..... ,a,?,_,_._. .______,, , ,.....?, .?. ,. - *.hasividx lot beneflte... 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