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December 16, 2016
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December 16, 2004
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June 18, 1964
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Approved For Release 2005/01/05 : CIA-RDP66BQ0403R000100"080007-4 House of Representatives testimony on our opening day due to the fact the House met at 11 a.m. Fifty minutes of that hour were taken up by the gentleman from New York [Mr. CELLER] reading a prepared state- ment, leaving 10 minutes for questions by members of the subcommittee. Our hearings were recessed subject to a date convenient for the gentleman from New York [Mr. CELLER] to reappear and com- plete his testimony. Today was set as the time convenient, after agreement was reached with the gentleman from New York [Mr. CELLER]. But Mr. CEL- LER later refused to reappear and com- plete his.testimony. Mr. Speaker, our subcommittee has lost one week, of hearings in, an effort to accommodate the gentleman from New York [Mr. CELLER]. Therefore, I now ask unanimous con- sent that our subcommittee may, this afternoon, sit and hear testimony from interested Members of the House, while the House is in the Committee of the Whole. The SPEAKER. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from Ohio? Mr. POFF. Mr. Speaker, reserving the right to object, and may I say fur- ther I shall not,ol}ject, I understand that the request Js confined .to time during general debate in the House today? Mr. FEIGHAN. Yes. Mr. POFF. May I also say it has been the custom in the past to, make such a request only on a day-to-day basis. I assume the gentleman expects to pursue that practice? Mr. FEIGHAN. My request is for this afternoon only. Mr. POFF. I understand the gentle- man does not anticipate some time later to make the request beyond one day? Mr. FEIGHAN. No, not at all. The SPEAKER. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from Ohio? There was no,objection. COMMITTEE ON INTERIOR AND INSULAR AFFAIRS Mr. HALEY. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that the Committee on Interior and -Insular Affairs may sit today during general debate in the House. The, SPEAKER. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from Florida? There was no objection. VENEZUELA'S PROPOSED SANC- TIONS AGAINST CUBA (Mr. ROGERS of Florida asked and was given permission to _ address the commercial aircraft independent of tA- Approved For Release 2005/01/05 : CIA-RDP60BO0403R000100080007-4- The House met at 42 o'clock noon. The Chaplain, Rev.Bernard Braskamp, offered tke.following prayer: Colossians 3: 23: And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. 0 Thou God of. infinite grace, give us a calm and courageous spirit and an in- trepid and, an indomitable faith as we daily find ourselves challenged by Thy greatness and goodness, and constrained by Thy love and care to serve Thee and our fellow men. May the least as well as the greatest, the weakest as well as the strongest have a share in rendering faithful and valu- able service to our beloved country and all mankind. Grant that our minds and hearts may never accept the verdict of those mo- ments of futility and frustration or take counsel with our moods of anxiety and fear. Inspire us to attempt great ventures in the ways of living that are noble and magnanimous and may our whole life be manifestly a glorious witness to the spirit of good will toward all the mem- bers of the human family. Hear us in the name of our blessed Lord. Amen. The Journal of the proceedings of yesterday was read and approved. MESSAGE FROM THE SENATE A message from the Senate by Mr. Arrington, one of its clerks, announced that the President pro tempore, pur- suant to 49 Stat. 425, as amended. by Public. Law 85-474, appointed the fol- lowing Members on the part of the Sen- ate to the Interparliamentary Union Conference to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 20 to 28, 1964: Mr. ROBERTSON, Mr. TALMADGE, Mr. THUR- MOND, Mrs. NEUBERGER, Mr. METCALF, Mr. MORTON, and Mr. TOWER. (Mr. FEIGHAN asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his re- marks.) Mr. FEIGHAN. Mr. Speaker, hear- ings on pending immigration legislation were opened 1 week ago today by the Subcommittee on Immigration and Na- tionality. Our first witness was Con- gressman EMANUEL CELLER, chairman of. the House Judiciary Committee and sponsor of H.R. 7700, the major pending ,bill. We were limited to 1 hour of House for 1 minute and to revise and ex- tend his remarks.) Mr. ROGERS of Florida. Mr. Speak- er, latest reports that Venezuela has formally proposed that the nations of the hemisphere adopt strong sanctions against Cuba gives renewed opportunity for U.S. leadership within the Organiza- tion of American States. The Venezuelan proposal calls for col- lective break in diplomatic relations with the Castro regime, thus affecting Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, and Bolivia, the only countries in Latin America continuing such relations. Venezuela also wants suspension of trade between OAS mem- ber nations and Cuba, and is also press- ing for a halt to air and sea traffic to and from Cuba and Latin America. Adoption of such steps would do much to further U.S. policy of placing Castro in solitary confinement within this hem- isphere. I have long advocated strong action by the OAS in meeting the Cuban threat to this hemisphere, and have also urged that air and sea access to and from Cuba and OAS nations be closed, along with telegraph communications as well. The Venezuelan Government is to be commended for its initiative, and I cer- tainly support adoption of these meas- ures by the OAS. June 24 marks the date when votes will be taken on the Venezuelan proposal to bring the matter before the OAS con- vened in Washington. I, urge that the United States undertake ' new efforts to assure that the question be carried be- fore the full organization of American States, and that U.S. representatives will press vigorously for adoption of strong sanctions against Communist Castro. GUNS IN AIRPLANES (Mr. WYMAN asked and was given permission to address the House "for I minute and to revise and extend his re- marks.) Mr. WYMAN. Mr. Speaker, since the recent slaying of pilot and crew of a com- mercial F-27 in California recently, the problem of passenger and crew air safety is recognized more clearly as serious and urgent. I have been drafting legislation in this field for some time. Today I am introducing this. legislation, convinced that the proposals to date have not gone far enough in the public protection. My bill will prohibit the act of carry- ing firearms or explosives on board com- mercial aircraft without first declaring them. It will Apply to all except the Secret Service, the FBI, and FAA inspec- tors. It will give the carriers the right to search baggage and person at the car- rier's option, and it will punish the act 1904 Approved For Release 2005/01/05 : CIA-RDP66B00403R000100080007-4 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE . 13843 Uri agencies, and also further our objec- tiv , our worldwide objectives. fir. Bell said: e strongly support this proposal. seq ently submitted a statement which wa made a part of the hearing record which said "the Department of Agri- cul ure favors enactment of the amend- me t." pir at the end of this year and there is wi a bipartisan support for its exten- sion, In view of the widespread agree.- meat on the desirability of amending it in tits way, I hope that title II of Public La 480 can be amended as provided in th new bill when the act is extended by the Congress this year. i ask unanimous consent that the text of RE wi he bill be printed at this point in the ;ORB: he PRESIDING OFFICER. The bill be received and appropriately re- ferlred; and, without objection, the bill wi'l be printed in the RECORD. of Public Law 480, 83d Congress, to au- thorize the use of foreign currencies by the President to carry out more effec- tively programs undertaken under title II and II, introduced by Mr. MCGOvERN, w received, read twice by its title, re- ferred to the Committee on Agriculture an Forestry, and ordered to be printed in he RECORD, as follows: Be. it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That see- ti 203 203 of the Agricultural Trade Develop- it and Assistance Act of 1954 (Public Law 48 , Eighty-third Congress), as amended, is "o 1o ins; new sentence: "In addition to other fu ds available for such purposes under any of er Act, funds made available under this ti e may be used to purchase foreign cur- re ties accruing under title I in order to m et costa (except the personnel and admin- trlbuting agencies, and recipient agencies) designed to assure that commodities made avi.lable under this title or under title III are used to carry out more effectively the p poses for which such commodities are m ide available or to promote community a d other self-help activities designed to al- leviate the causes of the need for such as- st tar.Lce: Provided, however, That such funds shall be used only to supplement, and not substitute for, funds normally available f such purposes from other non-United States Government sources." "or for the purchase of foreign currencies". CIVIL RIGHTS-AMENDMENT (AMENDMENT NO. 1057) Mr. GORE submitted an amendment (No. 1057), intended to be proposed by him to House bill 7152, the so-called civil rights bill, which was received, read, ordered to be printed, and lie on the table. TABULATION OF THE TIME FOR DEBATE REMAINING TO EACH SENATOR Mr. HART. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that there be printed in the RECORD a statement of the time for debate remaining to each Senator. There being no objection, the state- ment was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, as follows: Minutes Aiken--------------------------------- 52 A.llott--------------------------------- 53 Anderson------------------------------ 59 Bartlett------------------------------- 42 Bayh -- ------- -------------- 60 Beall -- ---------------------- 58 Bennett --- ---------------------- 50 Bible--------------------------------- 53 Boggs--------------------------------- 60 Brewster------------------------------ 57 Burdick--- --------------------- -- 60 Byrd of Virginia---------------------- 49 Byrd of West Virginia----------------- 31 Cannon------------------------------- 51 Carlson------------------------------- 60 Case---------------------------------- 28 Church------------------------------- 59 Clark--------------------------------- 58 Cooper --------------------------------- 31 Cotton------------------ ------------- 32 Curtis------------------ ------------ 36 Dirksen------------------------------- 38 Dodd--------------------------------- 51 Dominick----------------------------- 48 Douglas----------------------------- 49 Eastland------------------------------ 17 Edmondson-------------.-------------- 60 Ellender------------------------------- 7 Engle--------------------------------- 60 Ervin-------------------------------- 0 Fong ----------------------------------8 Fulbright------------------------------ 58 Goldwater ----------------------------- 51 Gore--------------------------------- 17 Greening----------------------------- 60 Hart-------------------------------- 50 Hartke-------------------------------- 45 Hayden----------------------------- 60 Hickenlooper -------------------------- 57 Hill- ---------------------------------- 8 Holland----------------------------- 15 Hruaka -------------------------------- 42 Humphrey----------------------------- 14 Inouye------------------------------- 60 Jackson------------------------------- 60 Javits--------------------------------- 21 Johnston------------------------------ 40 Jordan of North Carolina ---------- - __- 60 Jordan of Idaho ------------------------ 60 Keating------------------------------- 42 Kennedy------------------------------ 60 Kuchel----------------------------- -- 55 Minutes Lausche------------------------------- 13 Long of Missouri----------------------- 60 Long of Louisiana ---------------------- 11 Magnuson----------------------------- 31 Mansfield----------------------------- 47 McCarthy----------------------------- 58 McClellan----------------------------- 19 McGee--------------------- --------- 58 McGovern------------------------------ 53 McIntyre------------------------------- 60 McNamara---------------------------- 53 Mechem-------------------------------- Metcalf------------------------------- Miller--------------------------------- Monroney---------------------------- Morse---------------------------------- Morton------------------------------- Moss----------------------------------- Mundt-------------------------------- Muskie-------------------._------------ Nelson--------------------------------- Neuberger----------------------------- Pastore------------------------------- Pearson------------------------------- Pell------------------------------------ Prouty--------------------------------- Proxmire-----------------.. ------------ Randolph----------------------------- Ribicoff-------------------------------- Robertson------------------------------ Russell-------------------------------- Saltonstall---------------------------- Scott--------------------------------- Simpson------------------------------ 43 Smathers------------------------------ 39 Smith--------------------------------- 56 Sparkman------------------------------ 3 Stennis------------------------------- 0 Symington----------------------------- 57 Talmadge------------------------------ 27 Thurmond---------------------------- 5 Tower--------------------------------- 26 Walters-------------------------------- 60 Williams of New Jersey ------------------ 52 Williams of Delaware ------------------- 40 Yarborough--------------------------- 54 Young of North Dakota ----------------- 57 Young of Ohio ------------ -------------- 60 RECESS TO 11 A.M. TOMORROW Mr. HART. Mr. President, if there is no further; business to be transacted, I move, pursuant to the order earlier en- tered, that the Senate stand in recess until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. The motion was agreed to; and (at 7 o'clock and 51 minutes p.m.) the Senate took a recess, under the order previously entered, until tomorrow, Fri- day, June 19, 1964, at 11 o'clock a.m. NOMINATION Executive nomination received by the Senate June 18 (legislative day of March 30), 1964: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Solis Horwitz, of Pennsylvania, to be an Assistant Secretary of Defense. Approved For Release 2005/01/05 : CIA-RDP66B00403R000100080007-4