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December 16, 2016
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January 3, 2005
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September 9, 1964
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11964 'Approved For EE291X tQM7RIlMRDP-a6flq R 200170010-9 In his campaign Senator Frei promised the Chilean people progress with free- dom-to be achieved through hard work. That is a pledge of a statesman, not a demagog. As a statesman he did not de- ceive the people by easy promises and baseless pledges. He stated candidly what is known to political leaders in every country on every continent: that rapid social and economic progress is not easily achieved, that sound enlightened policies and discipline, sacrifice, and hard work are required. In Chile, as else- where, there is no progress in evasion, no solution in abdication-no relief in irresponsibility. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The .time of the Senator has expired. Mr. HUMPHREY, Mr, President, I ask unanimous consent to have an additional 5 minutes. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered. Mr. HUMPRRFX Senator Frei has indicated that there will be national bur- dens to be shared as, well as individual burdens to be lifted. His ?determination to follow enlightened policies and to mo- bilize the resources of Chilean society to meet the needs of his people should be matched by a parallel willingness on the part of the U.S. Government, European governments, and international agencies to assist the new Government in achiev- ing economic growth and social improve- ment. The U.S. Government should give strong suonOrt to tha new Chilean (Thy.. ernment in implementing policies fur- rnowever, a problem exists which is tween s u. For none separate us. By your ernmeg economic development and so- much closer to us than the events in side I stood in my country when powerful vial progress just as it has given strong Chile, and that is the problem of Cuba. pro-Soviet agents began to slander and support to progressive governments like Absolutely nothing has come out of curse you. I came to your country when that of Betancourt and Leoni in Vene- the administration or the State Depart- I could no longer materially protect those zuela. ment as to a policy with respect to Cuba. ideals that strongly compose the historical J found with its new pro- No matter how many times we have dis- I cameetion not of our In pressing ahead seeking for a pespeoplaace ce to to e es. keep on came on gram, the Frei" government will enjoy cussed the situation, all we have had to living, but rather, for a beachhead to keep the advantages of a close relationship greet us is dead silence. There has been on fighting for those ideals. with Western Europe developed over a no move to permit democratic processes I maintain my faith in you. In your period of centuries, Europe has already to operate in Cuba. All we have had people I can see unending sources of energy. assisted Chile in establishing a vast net- has been a continued infiltration from To me, you are far from being the land of work of private and governmental orga- Castro's communism into Latin Amer- youthful gangsters or of the hysterical teen- agers. Yours is the land of the brave and nizations specifically geared to coping ican countries. I behold you as the birthplace of those who with the problems of an advanced tech- To keynote this situation, I refer to a through concentrated effort and well-rooted nological society. In the coming years, letter dated September 2, 1964, from the heroism have built up a nation where all European countries whichare..linked to Cuban Circle of Denver, Colo. The let- liberties exist and all rights are respected; Chile by culture, religion, and commerce ter has attached to it "An Open Letter even those of the young gangsters and of the will have a new opportunity to contribute to Uncle Sam," or to the U.S. Govern- hysterical teenagers. to the success of the new Ggvernmerit. men'. However, I must sincerely advise you that this is an erhaps youharernot of recedin tide for ou. In pursuing its goals of economic mod- It is of sufficient importance that I P aware how fast the tide ernization and greater social equality, feel it should be placed in the RECORD. is receding, probably because your good the new Government may seek a role for Before I do so, I wish to quote two para- Judgment appears shadowed precisely by the state closer, to that of modern Euro- graphs, which I believe to be of extreme your unlimited resources at hand. Perhaps pean nations than to that prevailing in importance. They read as follows: your own powers distract you and your over- the United States. But it would be a mis- And when will you finally be convinced whelming achievements have given you ex- you. to the extent that they take at this time to categorize the new that as long as Fidel Castro exists in Amer- have a confidence Government as "statist" in its orienta- ica, you will enjoy no loyalty, no respect, no have tion, thereby ignoring the pluralist phi- truthfulness, no peace, no Alliance for stands above But there softened is you. your strength and fact your losophy Progress? accomplishments. ntngth andabove of Senator Frei and his party Those accomplishments nts which has always accorded to private Yes, Uncle Sam, as long as Fidel Castro and the authority that preserves them are nongovernmental . agencies a large role tramps in Communist Cuba you will con- today being threatened by communism. in the governing of society. The new tinue to go through a period of discredit. In view of this menace you cling to your You may not think so because, surrounded by nuclear power. Some of your key policy- Chile will not be the same-but we your nuclear powers, you imagine that noth- makers believe that, in the last instance, should not confuse rapid changes that ing can discredit you. But the rest of the "we have such a tremendous destructive are needed with violent changes that are world thinks differently. As long as Fidel power that it will force the enemy to hesi- dangerous, The new Government will Castro can vituperate and slander you, con- tate before launching any attack on our meet its problems in its own way. Chile fiscate your property without compensation; country." is a country with a great respect for law threaten you with rockets, cut your water Wrong, communism does not intend to and for peaceful change. And we c supply from Guantanamo Naval Base; while wage a declared war. Its aim is to suffocate take heart acef the new Govnd we c n a Russian puppet can shout insults to you at you. , Its tactics are to surround you with arms reach as Fidel has done, your capital hostility, creating and extending all over committed to. realizing the objectives of stock as a world power deteriorates and your the world zones of unfriendliness and dis- the Alliance for Progress, that It is a leadership becomes questionable. affection; introducing mistrust and division- A. 21113 government that is pro-Western in a I believe that these two paragraphs profound sense, that it is a government are of tremendous significance with re- dedicated to the preservation and prog- spect. to our relationships with Latin ress of the inter-American system. America and our, relationships with all President Johnson has already indi- our allies. The letter is of such import cated the willingness of our Government that I ask unanimous consent that it be to cooperate with the new Government. included in the RECORD at this point of I look forward to cooperating with a new my remarks. partner in the Alliance for Progress pro- There being no objection, the letter gram, my esteemed friend, Senator was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, Eduardo Frei. as follows: It has been my privilege to know this AN OPEN LETTER TO UNCLE SAM distinguished Senator in the Chilean . (NOTE.-This letter was prepared and read Government; and I am delighted that by Dr. Humberto Medrano, ex-subdirector .his efforts have been crowned by victory. of the newspaper Prensa Libre, of Havana, It speaks well for progress and freedom Cuba, at present editorialist of Diana Las in America. Every citizen of the United Americas in Miami, Fla., at the 1964 pa- States should be grateful that the pros- triotic "Grito de Baire" celebration, spun- of democracy have once again sores by Accion Civico-Economica Cubans (an organization that groups men from proved to be valid and have brought forth Cuba's extinguished free enterprise) at a government which is responsible and Hotel La Concha, San Juan, P.R.) forward looking, for the benefit of a great UNCLE SAM: This is a letter from a real Of my admiration there is an adequate rec- ord. I am an exiled Cuban. M il y ex e does not come from the fact that THE THREAT OF CAST10'S CUBA I was materially affected; rather, because my Mr. DOMINICK. Mr. President, I personal principles were betrayed. As it is, agree with what the Senator from Min- I chose to sacrifice material belongings in nesota has =said, and I am delighted to behalf of my principles. note what has happened my principles was my loyalty to in Chile. It is your Nation; a loyalty inspired mostly in an extremely welcome development for what this Nation means and represents as the whole democratic process and for an image of my political creed and as a the Western Hemisphere. We were all banner of my faith. concerned about the situation, and the Let it then stand that whatever I may results have been most gratifying. say herein arises from these ties that bind Approved For Release 2005/01/27 CIA-RDP66B00403R000200170010-9 21114 Oi% Approved FoltM At27R IWP6W$ 8000200170010-teptember 9 lam among your allies; undermining your rearguard through the subversion and con- trol of Latin America. Communism knows that when you lose Latin America, you have lost America. Be- cause, once fenced in within your vital space and overtaken your last geopolitical bul- warks, your atomic powers will have been invalidated. You will then have to face sur- render without firing a single shot. A defeat to which many of 'our "fifth columnists" with democratic credentials, will have contributed from the inside with a cry for surrender, as they now cry for ap- peasement. To this purpose your enemies are progress- ing. But you seem not to realize it or to have fairly judged how far they have ad- vanced. The fact that you are constantly losing the support of your allies, as well as zones of influence everywhere, should grant you the measure of your losses, or of their gains. You declared an economic embargo on communistic Cuba. Yet Britain, France, Spain, Canada. Japan, Morocco, Sweden, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay, all of which are your would-be allies, trade with Castro com- munism. We all know it displeases you. But they don't care. Why? There is only one reason. Uncle Sam: They consider you weak and in retreat. Your associates no longer have faith in you and seem eager to dissolve the partnership. They believe that their political shares will be under better protection If they follow their own policies or merge with the rising stocks of socialism. Whether we like It or not, Uncle Sam. crowds always follow the stronger and prefer a winner. For quite some time these coun- tries may have thought that while right is on your side, aggressiveness and power are on the side of Russia. Are they wrong? Yes, but It doesn't mat- ter. That you continue to be the leader and your powers instead of weakening have in- creased? Correct. but that does not show up in appearance. You are strong, but look weak. Russia may be weak, but appears strong. And unfortunately, people are led by appearances. If It were not so, Fidel Castro would not be there now. There is no doubt, Uncle Sam, that your atomic power is greater than Russia's, but Russia's power of motivated propaganda is greater than yours. You know how to manu- facture and sell refrigerators better than anyone else, but Russia knows how to con- vince those that lack refrigerators that you are to blame that they do not have them. Russia has studied youfor 40 years. Dur- ing that period they have learned that due to your enormous productive capacity, they could not lick you face to face by force. Therefore, the Pavlov Institute arrived at the conclusion that they must face you through the psychological low blows of a cold war, which, after all, is a war of propaganda. In this sense they have a big advantage over you. Why? Because you are guided by good faith while Russia is not. You stand on truth which receives less dissemina- tion. Whereas. Russia leans on spectacular lies, which, unfortunately, find greater echo. In this manner they have been able to convince many that, in spite of your driving Initiative, to side with you is to side with a declining world, while lining up with com- munism (which Is a system of failures In- capable of supporting itself) in like falling in line for the world of tomorrow. To these contradictions are added others well elaborated and further broadcasted: That your liberties are unfair while com- munistic slavery is just; that you, paying the highest wages, exploit workers, while they, who pay least, redeem workers. That -your magnanimous aid, even to non-Demo- cratic countries, should be despised. and that they who despise everything noncommu- nistic, should be aided. They have pierced so deeply In this respect that even you are by now a victim of their propaganda. The proof is that while they emphasize the weakness of capitalism you help them make good their failures with wheat and rice from your reserves. While you respect their "vital space," they take a foothold on yours. Why do you allow this. Uncle Sam? Why do you accept the stigma of imperialism which you do not deserve? Why don't you use your mighty strength to clean enemies out of your vital spaces? If you did it, you would not only remove the sword from your back. but you would also recover your prestige, revitalize yourself, and regain authority at home and abroad. Should you do it you would end the nu- merous conflicts that beset you everywhere. Furthermore, you would regain the respect of the old nations and share It with the new ones. Your friends would stop flirting with your enemies and no one would dare dishonor your flag. To counteract the corrosive action of com- munism within your vitalspace in America you have devised the Alliance for Progress. A wonderful project on a long-term basis. However, you should not overlook the fact that communism disrupts on a short-term basis. Its challenge and its sources of dis- turbance are there, right at your doorstep, only 90 miles from your coastline or found in a load of weapons on a Venezuelan beach. This produces one of the great obstacles to the "Alianza": fear. Those who must yield something, do not, for fear of losing it all. Unfortunate, but human. Besides, when will you be convinced that loyalty has nothing to do with money? Hasn't history taught us that men are capa- ble of selling themselves for money but that only for Ideals will men stay loyal, fight and even die? And when will you finally be convinced that as long as Fidel Castro exists in Amer- lea, you will enjoy no loyalty, no respect, no truthfulness, no peace, no Alliance for Progress? Yes Uncle Sam, as long as Fidel Castro tramps in Communist Cuba you will con- tinue to go through a period of discredit. You may not think so because surrounded by your nuclear powers, you Imagine that nothing can discredit you. But the rest of the world thinks differently. As long as Fidel Castro can vituperate and slander you, confiscate your property without compensa- tion: threaten you with rockets, cut your water supply from Guantanamo Naval Base; while a Russian puppet can shout insults to you at arms reach as Fidel has done, your capital stock as a world power deteriorates and your leadership becomes questionable. Leadership is not attained by forbearance, but by the proper exercise of power. Real leadership implies recognition from those being led and such acknowledgement Im- plies demonstration. You are a natural leader. Uncle Sam, and you have ample qualifications to be one and to act accord- ingly. But show it now; prove to the world and prove it to yourself as you have done so many times before. You will see how soon Insults and disturbances will disappear and above all, how blackmailing from certain Latin American countries will end. By no means think that the undersigned Is asking you to send the "Marines" into Cuba for them to gift us with a free country. You would have to fight according to rules and the rules say that territories to be taken must be first bombarded. I do not want devastation nor occupation for my Cuba un- less we Cubans are in the first fighting line. I do not want, dear Uncle Sam. any flag above my flag. I want your friendship for Cuba and I want Cuba to be always a friendly territory to you. I want Cuba to be a fruitful land for your Investments and a fraternal country for your ideals. But I also want a free and respected nation. I want you to respect our little island just as we respect your great United States. I want Cuba and the United States to have common interest and objec- tives and I do not want you ever to feel threatened or unsafe when you think of Cuba. As well, I want you to look to Cuba as a sister nation. In pursuit of such friendly collaboration, the only thing that we exiled Cubans whole- heartedly request from you is that you help us today. That you give us that help as openly and as decisively as Russia helps her followers. If you really help us. Uncle Sam, if you give us the green light now, allowing us to fight for our country-which Is the least you can do for us-we will regain Cuba, not only for the sake of Cuban liberation, but for the sake of continental solidarity. Wlien this comes to pass, you will have not only recovered a friendly nation, but you will have protected your front-door and your rearguard and you will hold the guarantee that even if Russia harasses you In Africa, America will be faithful. You will never attain such faithfulness as long as Cuba re- mains a military and political base of the Soviet Union. Fraternally yours. BuMBLRTO MEDRANO. SENATOR FULBRIGHT'S SPEECH ON "BASIC ISSUES" Mr. TOWER. Mr. President, Senator FQtBRIGIiT typifies-indeed he often molds-the foreign policy thinkingof the Democratic administration. This think- ing is marked by its misunderstanding of communism, Its misreading of history, its deliberate falsification of the Republi- can position and its intellectual dishon- esty with itself and with the American people. All of these elements are con- tained In the vicious and distorted rend- ering Senator FIJLBBIGHT gave on this floor yesterday during the morning hour. He called his speech, the "Basic Issues." It would have been more appropriately termed "the basest issues." The Senator's misunderstanding of communism is perhaps best illustrated by his writings. In 1946, for example, during the Stalinist period, he wrote in defense of the Russian Communist revo- lution. saying: Since we have been the most successful revolutionary people in history, why are we so critical of others who follow our example? The Senator has been amazingly con- sistent in his interpretation of com- munism down through the years, never letting the facts of history or the atroc- ities of communism alter his belief that the American revolutionaries and the Communist revolutionaries somehow had something in common or that the two systems are not only basically compatible but contain identical elements. His misreading of history is evident in the above as well as in many passages of his vitriolic attack on Senator GOLD- WATER yesterday. For example, he dis- puted the historically documentable fact that communism itself perceives the cold war as a struggle between two conflicting Ideologies of which one must eventually give way to the other. He ascribes this Approved For Release 2005/01/27 : CIA-RDP66B00403R000200170010-9