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December 16, 2016
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March 2, 2005
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April 10, 1964
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Approved For Release 2005/03/15: WI P 403R000200220063-5 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 10 April 1964 1. Representative Sam Gibbons (Fla.) i i1_ _ A 1,4 c imtlrPRCirI'Y1C during his recent visit to Chile. Those present included While Mr. Gibbons had nothing startling by way of information, he did want to register his deep concern about the forth- coming elections in Chile indicating he believed it would be a catastrophe if the Communists were permitted to win there. It was indicated that we would register his concern both within the Agency and with the Department of State. 25X1 2. Talked with Russ Blandford, House Armed Services Committee staff, as to the next step before Rules Committee on the resolution for a Joint Committee on Intelligence. Mr. Blandford indicated that in confidence he wanted us to know that Judge Smith had indicated to Mr. Arends and Mr. Vinson that it would not be necessary for them to present their case. In effect, there was an arrangement and the Rules Committee will not take favorable action to permit this resolution to go to the floor. It is likely that there will be no overt action by the Rules Committee and that they will simply sit on the matter. 3. 1 Provided Miss Cleary, Secretary to Senator Eugene McCarthy, with a copy of an unclassified paper on the Cuban economy. Miss Cleary indicated that no attribution would be made as to source. 4. I I Provided Mr. Francis McNamara, Director, HCUA, with a listing of overt sources on certain biographic items he had requested concerningi 25X1 5. ( Provided a copy of the Department of State April 1964 release concerning charges made by to Congressmen Ford and Arends, and to Mr. J. Russell Blandford, Counsel, House Committee on Armed Services. Approved For Release 2005/03k: CIA-RbPG6'B00403R000200220063-5 Approved For Release 2005/03/15: CIA-RDO 3Rbbb200220063-5 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Friday - 10 April 1964 6. ) Met with Mr. William Pitts, Administrative Assistant to Representative Leslie Arends, who provided me with a copy of a letter from W. W. Norton & Company, Publishers, New York City, taking exception to certain remarks on the floor of the House by Congressman Arends. Guidance was requested in responding to the letter. Mr. Pitts also indicated he had received a call from Senator Warren G. Magnuson's office requestin information as to the investigation by House Armed Services Committee Mr. Pitts relayed this only as an. item of information. 7. Met with Representative William T. Cahill (R., N.J.) concerning the case of New Jersey. Congressman Cahill is equally at a loss on how to approach this matter but suggested that it might be worthwhile if the Agency would contact either the local or state police authorities through Jim Oakley, resident agent of the FBI in Camden, New Jersey, and advise him of the situation. Congressman Cahill also asked that we keep him advised. 8, In the absence of Representative E.C. Gathings, I spoke with his Legislative Assistant Mr. Fred Ward regarding the Congressman's letter to General Carter. In the letter, Mr. Gathings had extracted parts of a communication he had received from letter raised questions regarding the Japanese youth who stabbed Ambassador Reischauer. I gave Ward back- ground information indicating there was no evidence of Communist conspiracy or other involvement but rather this was an isolated situation of a mentally deranged person. Ward said he "had kind of expected that we would be up to see them on this letter," was most appreciative of the information we provided and will reply to Mr. without referring to the Agency as the source of the information. JOHN S. WARNER Legislative Counsel cc: Ex/Dir DD /S Mr. Chretienl~Dp, Approved For Release 2005/03/15 : CIA-RDP66B00403R000200220063-5 Sc 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1