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January 1, 1964
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1964 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/05/20: CIA-RDP66B00403R000300080008-4 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD ? SENATE unending attention and care of this Presi- dent and for the city worker; for North and for the South; for East and for the West. This is our President. President Lyndon Johnson represents?in fact he is the embodiment of the spirit of national unity, the embodiment of national purpose, the man in whose hands we place our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. I am proud to be the friend of this great President. I am very proud that he has asked this convention to select me as his running mate. And I ask you, my fellow Americans?I ask you?to walk with us, to work with us, to march forward with us?to help Presi- dent Johnson build the great society for America of the future. Yes, let us continue. Let us, fellow Demo- crats and fellow Americans, go forward. Let us take those giant steps forward to which the President has called us, to end the shame of poverty, to end the injustice of prejudice and the denial of opportunity, to build the great society and ,to secure the freedom of man and the peace of the world. We can do no less, and to this, tonight, let us resolve to pledge our every effort. Thank you. DELINQUENT PARENTS CAUSE DE- LINQUENT CHILDREN Mr. WALTERS. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent to have printed in the RECORD an editorial, from the Knoxville News-Sentinel, citing the actions of Judge Kenneth Turner, a member of the juvenile court in Memphis. Judge Turner puts his finger on the source of much of our juvenile delinquency prob- lem when he states that the behavior of children stems in large part from the training and guidance they receive at home. His formula for assessment of the parents for the cost of maintaining their offspring who are sentenced to con- finement in an institution is a good one. If Judge Turner's actions were copied more widely, I feel sure there would be a marked improvement in parental su- pervision, which ultimately would lead to a lower rate of juvenile delinquency. There being no objection, the editorial was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, as follows: [From the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Sept. 4, 1964] ADULT DELINQUENTS In Memphis, a juvenile court judge, Ken- neth Turner, bases his decisions on a cen- tral policy: "I've always felt that delinquent parents caused delinquent children in 95 percent of the cases, and I'm trying in every way pos- sible to hold such parents responsible for their behavior." Judge Turner even has gone to the length of assessing parents for the cost of maintain- ing juvenile delinquents in institutions. If they don't pay, he cites them for contempt. Of all that has been said and written about juvenile delinquency and its causes, Judge Turner has come closer to the real issue. If .his policy were followed generally, there would be a substantial decline in juvenile delinquency. THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE ABANDONS HIS POLICY OF FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. WALTERS in the chair) . The Senator from Wisconsin is recognized. Mr. PROXMIRE. Mr. President, the distinguished junior Senator from Ari- zona [Mr. GOLDWATER], the Republican nominee for President of the United States, is recognized throughout the country and the world as a man who is fiscally conservative. For this reason, I was very much disappointed with his speech of last night, in which he advo- cated a cut in income taxes of 25 percent. The only way in which I can construe his position is that the distinguished Senator from Arizona [Mr. GOLDWATER] walked out on his, fiscal responsibility when he advocated a tax cut and stated that he would cut taxes 25 percent with- out cutting Federal spending. Senator GOLDWATER'S proposal would drive prices up cruelly. Senator GOLD- WATER and I both voted against the re- cent administration-backed tax cut. We opposed it because a tax cut that reduced revenue below spending in this booming period of prosperity is irrespon- sible and inflationary. I do not believe the Senator can have it both ways. Either the distinguished Senator from Arizona is for a balanced budget or he is not. If he has reversed his position on tax reduction, he should admit that he erred when he had the opportunity to support a tax cut, and not merely talk about it. Why was the Senator against tax cuts then, and why is he for them now? Senator GOLDWATER'S proposals would cost some $3.8 billion in revenue a year? more than double the anticipated cash deficit for this fiscal year. In total, the Goldwater proposals would mean nearly $19 billion of additional tax loss on top of the less than $12 billion already pro- posed and adopted. The Goldwater proposal takes no ac- count of the state of the economy, whether inflationary forces are strong, and the level of unemployment high or low. What happened to the need for running a budget surplus so that we might retire some of the oppressive na- tional debt? What happened to the need for reform in our tax structure? Has the Senator from Arizona repudi- ated his own prior expenditure views, or the Republican platform? He has pro- posed increases in military expenditures alone costing an additional $5 billion a year for every year in the next decade. This means a total of $50 billion of addi- tional expenditures. In addition, he has advocated increased veterans' benefits and a central Arizona TVA which would cost billions more. On the tax side, the Republican plat- form has recommended tax credits for elderly, medical and hospital care, edu- cation, and fishing vessels that would cost at least $2 billion annually in lost revenue, as well as excise tax cuts and tax transfers to the States. Such unpremeditated slaughter of the balanced-budget concept is irresponsibje. It would truly create a Federal vern ment that was an engine o 21095 ther the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and for other purposes. AMENDMENT NO. 1234 Mr. JAVITS. Mr. President, I send to the desk my amendment No. 1234, co- sponsored by the junior Senator from Minnesota [Mr. MCCARTHY], to the amendment proposed by the Senator from Illinois [Mr. DIRKSEN] and the Senator from Montana [Mr. MANSFIELD] to H.R. 11380, for reading under the rule. Mr. President, I ask unanimous con- sent that further reading may be dis- pensed with, and that the amendment may be deemed to have been read in compliance with the rule. , The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered. The amendment of Mr. JAVITS is as follows: Strike out all on and after line 1, page 1, and insert in lieu thereof the following: "SEC. 402. It is the sense of the Congress that in any action or proceeding in any court of the United States or before any justice or judge of the United States in which there is placed in question the validity of the composition of any house of the legis- lature of any State or the apportionment of the membership thereof, adequate time shOuld be accorded (1) to such State to con- form to the requirements of the Constitu- tion of the United States ? relating to such composition or apportionment consistently with its electoral procedures and proceed- ings and with its procedure and proceedings for the amendment of the constitution of such State, and (2) for consideration by the States of any proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to the composition of the legislatures of the several States, or- -to the apportionment of the membership thereof, which shall have tbeen duly submitted by the Congress to the States for ratification." THE CHILEAN ELECTION Mr. JAVITS: Mr. President, all Americans have cause to rejoice over the decisive victory- of Eduardo Frei, the Christian Democratic Party's candidate for President of Chile. His decisive de- feat of Salvador Allende, a Socialist who headed the four-party leftist coalition FRAP which included the Communists, is of great importance not only to Chile? where it represents a massive popular endorsement of orderly and lawful social change long overdue in that country? but to the cause of economic progress within a democratic framework, which is the basic goal of the Alliance for Prog- ress. Senator Frei's election is also signifi- cant, because this is the first national victory by a Christian Democratic Party in the Western Hemisphere, whereas, if the coalition including the Communists had been elected, it would have been the first time that a freely elected national government, including Communists, was installed in any free world country. Last March I visited Chile and talked ith the Chilean leaders, including Sen- r Frei, who has now been elected resident, Senator Julio Duran, the can- didate of the Radical Party, and Presi- dent Allesandri. I reported to the Sen- ate at that time the possibility that a Communist-Socialist coalition regime could be elected legally in that country. I then reported that it would be the first AMENDMENT OF FOREIGN ASSI - ANCE ACT OF 1961?CLOTURE MOTION The Senate resumed the consideration of the bill (H.R. 11380) to amend fur- Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/05/20: CIA-RDP66B00403R000300080008-4