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November 17, 2016
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January 13, 1999
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November 14, 1961
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Approved For Release 2000/08/28 CIA-RDP66RO0546000200060036-9 U.S4 AIR FORCE SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOA PANEL ON GEOPHYSICS Nt; November 14, 1961 MEMORANDUM TO MEMBERS AND CONSULTANTS SUBJECT: Chairman's Notes on Panel Meeting at Chandler, Arizona, November 7, 1961. Also attending: 'Kaplan, Shapley, Whipple>ia Masson, Trakowski, Stanbaugh, and Howard. Absent: Dessler, Goldberg, Wheelon, and Zmuda. After hearing from Col. Trakowski on Air Force desires for Panel at- tention to the program of environmental sciences, established the following schedule of meetings: Cambridge Research Center (GRD). General review of Air Force program in geophysics and related activities. On January 15-17 Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Briefing on MATS Operation with par- ticular attention to Air Weather Service problems. Ballistic Systems Division, Inglewood, Calif. Continued Review of Air Force environmental sciences program, and draft of report or re- commendations. (The locations of the January and March meetings may have to be re- versed pending consultation with Air Force activities at Scott Air Force Base and Ballistic Systems Division.) At the meeting of December 11-12, the nature of the request:from the Chief of Staff to the SAB will be discussed, and more details of the subsequent meetings will be determined. Some of the outstanding items on the Panel's a- genda will also be completed. An agenda for the first meetings will be issued by the Secretary at an early date. The Panel also heard a brief oral report from Reed on his recent tour of Arctic installations with ONR. A written summary of'this trip will be prepared for the Panel. C;~_; Paul K. Smith Chairman PAS:jp . Approved For Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00546R000200060036-9 Approved For.Rele se 2000/08/28 :CIA-RDP66R00544 R000200060036-9 U. S. AIR FORCE SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD PANEL ON GEOPHYSICS. SUBJECT: Chairman's Notes on Panel Meeting of June 18-22 On June 19, inspected and was briefed on the Strategic Air Command operations at Offutt'AFB, including the "Underground", Communications, Weather Support Services, "Looking Glass", and Missile Site C at Missouri .Valley, Iowa. Holzer, Chairman of the Ad hoc Committee on Iono- spheric modification assisted by Wheelon and Villard, summarized the tentative conclusions of the committee for the Panel and SAC personnel attending. On June 20, at Holloman AFB was briefed on activities of AFMTC including bal- loon launching projects, "Facet Eye"; witnessed a firing of an ARCAS Robin, a GAM 77; inspected the facilities at the rocket track, and held a brief executive session to consider the current and future work of the Panel including suggestions made by Col. Gasser, Lt. Col. Trakowski, and members of the Panel. The Panel also attended the evening address by Kuiper on the Planet Earth for the American Rocket Society. On June 21, at Sacramento Peak Observatory, discussed with the Director and his staff the current and projected program, and inspected the instru- ments and facilities of the observatory. On June 22, met with General Harrison, at Tucker Air Force Base for lunch, and learned something of the activities of this large and important maintenance installation. Because of other commitments of many Panel'Members, the next meeting will not be held before September. In the meantime the members and consultants of the Panel should inform the Secretary of any comments or suggestions they may have on new items for future consideration. The Chairman and Secretary then will, in consultation with the staff arrange for the next meeting and inform the Panel as soon as practicable. Paul A. Smith PAS:jp Approved For Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00546R000200060036-9