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December 9, 2016
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November 7, 2000
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Approved For Re a 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638ROW00150093-5 CONFIDENTIAL PROPOSED LETTER TO CHAIRMAN KHRUSHCHE'V' On'February, 2:2 last I wrote you that:-.I was :instructing ,appropriate officers of this government to prepare.concrete proposal for immediate projects of common action in the exploration of space. We have long felt that. cooperation in the explorationc.of space would be highly desirable and .we therefore welcomed your statement of February 21 affirm- ing the same view. I believe that the peoples of our countries and of the whole world will now welcome evidence of our readiness to translate this accord.into specific practice. , The exploration of space is a broad .and varied activity and the possibilities for cooperation are many. In suggest- ing the possible first steps which are:set out below, I do not intend to limit our mutual consideration of desirable cooperative.activities. On the contrary, I will welcome your concrete suggestions along these orother..lines. 1. Perhaps we could render no greater service to mankind through.our space programs than by the joint establishment of an early. system. Such a system would-be-designed to provide global CONFIDEMTIAL `-State Dept d 's Ne tbAf&29 V@ a SR C X84 8844( 150093-5 Approved For Ree 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638R0100150093-5 CONFIDENTIAL for prompt use by, any, nation. To initiate this service, Y propose that the Uni.ted.S.tates and the Soviet-Union each launch a. satellite~to photograph cloud- cover and provide other.agreed meteorological services .for all nations. The two satellites would be near-polar -orbits. in .planes approximately.. perpendicular to each other, thus providing regular. coverage of all areas. This immensely,valuable data would then be disseminated .through normal international meteorological channels and would make a significant contribution to the research and service programs. now under. study, by, the .World Meteorological Organization. in response to Resolution :1721.(XVI) adopted by. the UnitedNations General Assembly on December 20, 1961. .2. It of great interest:to those responsible for the conduct. of our respective space programs.if they could obtain operational tracking. services from each other's territories. Accordingly, I propose that each of our .countries:establishand operate a radio tracking station .to provide traeking.._servicesto the other, utilizing equip- ment which we-would each.provideto the other. Thus, the United .States would provide the technical. equipment for a CONFIDENTIAL _._Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP66R00638R000100150093-5 Approved For Relbege 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638R0QW00150093-5 CONFIDENTIAL tracking station to be established in the Soviet Union and to be operated by Soviet. technicians. The United States would in turn establish and operate a radio tracking station .utilizing Soviet.. equipment. would train the other's technicians in the operatioii.of its equipment, would utilize the station located on.its territory to pro- vide tracking. services to the other, and would afford such access as may, be necessary to accommodate modifications and maintenance of equipment from. time to time. 3. In the field of the earth sciences, the precise character.of the earth's magnetic. field is central to many scientific problems. I propose therefore that we cooperate .in mapping the earth's magnetic field in space by utiliz- ing two satellites, one in a near-earth. orbit and the second in.a more distant orbit. The United States would launch one of these satellites while the Soviet Union would launch.the other. The data would be exchanged throughout the world scientific community, and opportunities for 'correlation of supporting data obtained on the ground would be arranged. CONFIDENTIAL __.Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638R000100150093=5 Approved For Rese 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP66R00638R1'100150093-5 CONFIDENTIAL -4,- 4. In the field of experimental ,satellite,. the 'u'nited States has already undertaken arrange- vents to test.and demonstrate the feasibility of inter- continental transmissions. A number of countries are :constructing equipment suitable for participation in such, testing. I would welcome-the Soviet Union's joining in this. cooperative effort which will be a step toward meeting the objective, contained in United Nations General Assembly ,Resolution 1721-(XVI), means of satellites should be available to the nations of the world as soon as.:practicable on a global and non-discriminatory .,basis. I note also that Secretary;Rusk has broached the -subject of cooperation in this field with I1inister'Gromyko. and that Plr. Cromyko has expressed some interest. 'Out technical-representatives might now discuss specific.possi- this field. 5. Given our common .. interestinmanned and in insuring man's ability to survive in space 'and return safely, I propose that.we pool our efforts and exchange our:knowledge in.the field of space medicine, CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638R000100150093-5_ Approved For RAvdse 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP66R00638R100150093-5 CONFIDENTIAL -5- where future research can be. pursued in cooperation with scientists from various countries. Beyond these ects we are prepared now to discuss broader cooperation in the still more. challenging projects which must be undertaken in the exploration of outer space. The tasks are so challenging, the costs so great, and the risks to the.brave men who space exploration so grave, that 'e must. in all good conscience try every possibility of sharing these-tasks-and costs and of minimizing these risks. Leaders of the United States space .program have developed detailed plans for an orderly ,sequence of manned and unmanned flights for exploration of space and the planets.. Out-of discussion of these plans, and of your own, for undertaking the- tasks of this decade would undoubtedly,emerge possibilities for substantive .scientific.and.technical cooperation in manned and.unmanned investigations. Some possibilities are not yet precisely identifiable; but. should. become clear as the :space programs...of'our.-two countries proceed. In the case .of-others it may be possible to start planning together CONFIDENTIAL. ---Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638R000100150093-5 Approved For Rese 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638R0 100150093-5 CONFIDENTIAL -6- now. For example, we might cooperate in unmanned explora- tion of the lunar. surface, or we might commence now the mutual definition. of. steps to be taken in sequence for an exhaustive scientific investigation of the planets Mars or Venus, including consideration. of the possible utility of manned flight in such programs. When a proper. sequence for experiments has been determined, we might share responsi- -bility for the necessary projects. All data would be made freely,:available. I believe it is both appropriate and.desirable that we take full cognizance of.the scientific and other contribuy tions;which other states the world over might be able to such programs. As: agreements.' are reached between -on .any_:parts of these or. similar programs, I propose that we report the United.Nations Committee on the Peaceful .Uses of Outer Space. The Committee offers a .variety of additional. opportunities for. joint. cooperative .efforts within the framework of.its mandate asset.forth _in General Assembly,'1.esolutions.1472 (XIV) and 1721 (XVI). CONFIDENTIAL. .Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638R000100150093-5 Approved For Rise 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP66R00638Rq,100150093-5 CONFIDENTIAL -7- X am designating. technical representatives who will be prepared to meet, in Moscow or elsewhere as you may suggest, and discuss with your representatives our ideas and yours in a spirit of practical cooperation. I hope this maybe accomplished at an early. date. CONFIDENTIAL __.-Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP66R00638R000100150093-5