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December 15, 2016
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August 29, 2003
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Approved For Release 2003/11/21: CIA-RDP66R00638R000100160010-5 ILLEGIB ~f O S? MAY 86? 238 WHICH 15 OBSOLETE FROM A C 0 N DOCUMENT CONTROL ILLEGIB SUSPENSE DATE POINT OF FILING State Department review completed Approved For Release 2003/11/21: CIA-RDP66R00638R000100160010-5 Approved ~ ILLEGIB o0I9se2003/11 /21 : CIA-RDP66R006000100160010 1 DD& CONFIDENTIAL TO: NASC PSAC NASA USIA DOD/ISA FCC JUSTICE AEC Dr. Welsh Dr, Wiesner Mr, Webb Mr, Wilson/ Mr. Nitze Mr, Minow Mr, Reis Ilgc ichelderferv ricCo} Dr. Seaborg FROM: 10 - Woodruff Wallnerv SUBJECT: Position Paler for United Nations Outer Space Committee On Thursdays September 6, at 2:30 P. M.s there will be a meeting in Department of State Conference Room. 1105. The meeting will consider the attached draft United States Position Paper for the meeting of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space to be held in New York September 10-15, 1r, Cleveland, Assistant Secretary of International Organi- zation Affairss will chair the meeting. I hope you will be able to attend or send an appropriate representative. We plan to discuss the attached paper section by section and hope to reach agreement on a final version which can then be made available for the use of our Delegation in New York. In order to facilitate our discussion on Thursdays I hope that you will formulate such suggestions as you may have in terms of specific proposals for language changes., thus expediting whatever revisions prove necessary in the position paper. 10: UN1P:G11of fitt: rr 8/31/62 CONFIDE TIAL Approved For Release 2003/11/21: CIA-RDP66R00638R000100160010-5 Approve ILLEGIB S' ATES DE1 ,GATION Fo lease 20:Y,11j,21,,-, fi 1-RDP66R006 000100160010-5 3 ,COT'TD MEETING OF M l1 U'N.VMD NATIONS COMMITTEE ON TT PEACEFUL USED OF OUJ!EB SPACE lkei^cy United Nations Coo iltee on the Peaceful. Uses of Outer Space is c ii du .ecz to most on September 10. A provisional a.gen .a as been su ;ssted Say 4.e- _simit,tce Chairman, Arab tssador Matach of Auatriao The subs' Live 3 ):,(-i1r a o that agenda ca l.1 for the Co: n.tttee (1) to consider the report of ~3ca =f cn ta.iic and Technical Guuco entt tee which met in Geneva on May 2b-