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July 19, 2000
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January 13, 1948
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NSCID 3 Approved Foelease 2001/07/26: CIA-RDP67-00054W001000709fET 13 January 19+8 COPY NO. NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE NO. _I COORDINATION OF INTELLIGENCE PRODUCTION Pursuant to the provisions of Section 102 of the National Securit Act of 1 47, and for the purposes enunciated in para- graphs (d) and (e) thereof, the National Security Council here- by authorizes and directs that the following over-all policies and objectives are established for the coordination of the production of intelligence: 1. In order that all facilities of the Government may be utilized to their capacity and the responsibilities of each agency may be clearly defined in accordance with its mission, dominant interest, and capabilities, the whole field of intelligence production is divided into the fol- lowing categories, and responsibilities are allocated as indicated: a. Basic IntelliZence (1) Basic intelligence is that factual_ in- telli ence which results from thee col. atio-n of en yclopec is information of a more or less permanent or static nature and general interest which, as a result of evaluation and interpre- tation, is determined to be the best available. (C) An outline of a basic intelligence re uired by__the Government shall be prepared by t e A in collabora on-with the appropriate agencies. This outline shall be broken down into chapters, sections, and sub-sections which shall be allocated as production and maintenance responsibilities to CIA and those agencies of the Government which are best qualified by reason of their intelligence requirements, production capabilities, and dominant interest to assume the production and maintenance responsibility. (3) When completed, this outline and tenta- tive allocations of production and maintenance responsibilities shall be submitted for NSC ap- proval and issued as an implementation of this Directive. It is expected that as the result of constant consultation with the agencies by the Director of Central Intelligence, both the out- NSCID 3 - 1 - SECRET Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000100070025-6 Approved Fo Release 2001/07/26: CIA-RDP67-0005Q.M 00100070025-6 SECRET line and the allocations will be revised from time to time to insure the production of the basic intelli- gence required by the agencies and the fullest possi- ble use of current agency capabilities. Changes in the outline or allocations shall be effected by agree- ment between the Director of Central Intelligence and the agencies concerned. (4) This basic intelligence shall be compiled and continuously maintained in National Intelligence Surveys to cover foreign countries, areas, or broad special subjects as appropriate. The National Intelli- gence Surveys will be disseminated in such form as shall be determined by the Director of Central Intelli- gence and the agencies concerned. (5) The Director of Central Intelligence shall be responsible for coordinating production and maintenance and for accomplishing the editing, publication, and dissemination of these National Intelligence Surveys and shall make such requests on the agencies as are necessary for their proper development and maintenance. (6) -Departments or agencies to be called on for contributions to this undertaking may include agencies other than those represented permanently in the IAC. b. Current Intelligence (1) Current intelligence is that spot information or intelligence of all types and forms ediatq interest and value to operati-~ a,r___policy_ staffs. which is used by them usually without the delays ncent to complete evaluation or interpretation. (2) The CIA and the several agencies shall pro- duce and disseminate such current intelligence as may be necessary to meet their own internal requirements or external responsibilities. (3) Interagency dissemination of current intelli- gence shall be based on interagency agreement.includ:ng NSC Intelligence Directive No. 1 and the principle of informing all who need to know. C. Staff Intelligence (1) Staff intelligence is that intelligence ared by any department or agency t"rough the corre- a ion and interpretation of all intelligence materials NSCID 3 - 2 - SECRET Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000100070025-6 Approved Fd elease 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP67-0005WO00100070025-6 SECRET available to it in its snecifi. require,- and res.ons ilities. (2) Each intelligence agency has the ultimate responsibility for the preparation of such staff in- telligence as its own department shall require. It is recognized that the staff intelligence of each of the departments must be broader in scope than any allo- cation of collection responsibility or recognition of dominant interest might indicate. In fact, the full foreign intelligence picture is of interest in varying degrees at different times to each of the departments. (3) Any intelligence agency, either through the Directarof Central Intelligence nr dire .iii, may ca.l upon other appropriate agencies ence which does not fall within its own field of dominant interest. Such requests shall be made upon the agencies in ac- cordance with their production capabilities and dominant interest.. (ii.) As a part of the coordination program, the Director of Central Intelligence will seek the assist- ance of the IAC intelligence agencies in minimizing the necessity for any agency to develop intelligence in fields outside its dominant interests. (5) The CIA and the agencies shall, for purposes of coordination, exchange information on projects and plans for the production of staff intelligence. (6) It shall be normal practice that staff in- telligence of one agency is available to the other intelligence agencies permanently represented on the IAC. d. Departmental Intelligence (1) Departmental intelligence is that intelli- Bence(including basic, current, and staff!intelli.gen^?) nee by_ a Department or independent Agency of tl,e e eral Government and the subordinate units thcr' D. to execute its mission and to discharge it. lawf.'u responsibilities. e. National Intelligence (1) National intelligence is integrated depart- mental intelligence tha covers the brad aspectP of national policy and national security, is of concern to more than one Department or Agency, and transcends NSCID Approved For Release 2001/07/25 3CIA-RDP67-00059A000100070025=6 RET Approved F 'elease 2001/07/26: CIA-RDP67-0005QA00100070QK)O-CRET the exclusive competence of a single Department or Agency or-the Military Establishment. (2) The Director of Central Intelligence shall produce and disseminate national intelligence. (3) The Director of Central Intelligence shall plan and develop the production of national intelligence in coordination with the IAC Agencies in order that he may obtain from them within the limits of their capa- bilities the departmental intelligence which will assist him in the production of national intelligence. (4) The Director of Central Intelligence shall, by agreement with the pertinent Agency or Agencies, request and receive such special estimates, reports, and periodic briefs or summaries prepared by the indi- vidual Departments or Agencies in their fields of dominant interest or in accordance with their production capabilities as may be necessary in the production of intelligence reports or estimates undertaken mutually. 2. The research facilities required by any agency to process its own current and staff intelligence shall be adequate to satisfy its individual needs after taking full cognizance of the facilities of the other agencies. Each agency shall endeavor to maintain adequate research facili- ties, not only to accomplish the intelligence production tasks allocated to it directly under the foregoing pro- visions but also to provide such additional intelligence reports or estimates within its field of dominant interest as may be necessary to satisfy the requirements of the other agencies under such allocations. 3. For the purposes of intelligence production, the following division of interests, subject to refinement through a continuous program of coordination by the Director of Central Intelligence, shall serve as a general delineation of dominant interests: Political, Cultural, Sociological Intelligence..Department of State Military Intelligence. ...,...Department of the Army Naval Intelligence ........... Department of the Navy Air Intelligence .............Department of the Air Force Economic, Scientific, and. Each agency in accord- Technological ante with its respec- Intelligence ...............tive needs NSCID 3 4 - SECRET Approved For Release 2001/07/26 :.CIA-RDP67-00059A000100070025-6