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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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December 12, 1947
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SECRET NSCID i SECRET 12 December 1947 COPY NO. S7 NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE NO. 1 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Pursuant to the provisions of Section 102 of the National Security Act of 1 47, and for the purposes enunciated in para- graphs (d) and (e) thereof, the National Security Council here- by authorizes and directs that: 1. To maintain the relationship essential to coordi- nation between the Central Intelligence Agency and the intelligence organizations, an Intelligence Advisory Com- mittee consisting of the respective intelligence chiefs from the Departments of State, Army, Navy, and Air Force, and from the Joint Staff (JCS), and the Atomic Energy Com- mission, or their representatives, shall be established-lo- advise the Director of Central Intelligence. The Director o entral Intelligence will invite the chief, or his repre- sentative,, of any other intelligence Agency having functions related to the national security to sit with the Intelligence Advisory Committee whenever matters within the purview of his Agency are to be discussed. 2. To the extent authorized by Section 102 (e) of the National Security Act of 1947, the Director of Central In- telligence, or representatives designated by him, by arrange- ment with the head of the department or agency concerned, siall make such surve s and inspections of departmental in- e aence materia o the various federal Iepartments and Age cies re ating to the national security as may. deem necessary in connection with his duty to advise the NSC and o make recommendations for the coordination of intelligence activities. 3. Coordination of intelligence activities should be designed primarily to strengthen the overall governmental intelligence structure. Primary departmental requirements shall be recognized and shall receive the cooperation and support of the Central Intelligence Agency. a. The Director of Central Intelligence shall, in making recommendations or giving advice to the' National Security Council pertaining to the intelli- gence activities of the various Departments and Agencies., transmit therewith a statement indicating the concur- rence or non-concurrence of the members of the Intelli- NSCID 1 - 1 - SECRET Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100070032-8 SECRET SECRET Approved For Rise 2001/07/26: CIA-RDP67-00059A09V00070032SECRET gence Advisory Committee; provided that, when una- nimity is not obtained among the Department heads of the National Military Establishment, the Director of Central Intelligence shall refer the problem to the Secretary of Defense before presenting it to the National Security Council. b. Recommendations of the Director of Central Intelligence shall, when approved by the National Se- curity Council, issue as Council Directives to the Director of Central Intelligence. The respective in- telligence chiefs shall be responsible for insuring that such orders or directives, when applicable, are implemented within their intelligence organizations. c The Director of Central Intelligence shall. act for the National Security Council to insure full nd proper implementation of Council directives by issuing such supplementary DCI directives as may be required. Such implementing directives in which the Ishall be issued by the Director of Central Intelligence, , - .------ __S 4- th T)--4-men4- 0 and te hi e gencies as provided in paragraph b. where disagree- ent arises between the Director of Central Intelli- gence and one or more members of the Intelligence Ad- visory Committee over such d.irectives?, the proposed rence, shall be forwarded to the NSC for decision as tprovided in paragraph a. 4 The Director of Central Intelligence shall pro- duce intelligence relating to -the national security, here- after referred to as as national ntellgence.~.,~n so far as practicable, he shall not duplicate the intelligence ac- tivities and research of the various arEmenn a and gen- t es- u s a make use o existing me lgence facilities and shall utilize departmental intelligence for such pro- duction purposes. For definitions see NSCID No. 3. 5. The Director of Central Intelligence shall dis- seminate National Intelligence to the President, to mem- bers of the National Security Council, to the Intelligence Chiefs of the IAC Agencies, and to such Governmental De- partments and Agencies as the National Security Council from time-to time may designate. Intelligence so dissemi- nated shall be officially concurred in by the Intelligence Agencies or shall carry an agreed statement of substantial dissent. NSCID 1 --- - - ---2 =---- ----- - --- --------- -SECRET SECRET Approved For R&q, se 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP67-00059A0 900070032-8 SEC" ET SECRET 6. When Security Regulations of the originating Agency permit., the Director of Central Intelligence shall disseminate to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other Departments or Agencies intelligence or intelligence information which he may possess when he deems such dis- semination appropriate to their functions relating to the national security. 7. The Director of Central Intelligence shall per- form for the benefit of the existing intelligence Agencies such services of common concern to these Agencies as the National Security Council determines can be more efficient- ly accomplished centrally. 8. The intelligence organizations in each of the De- partments and Agencies shall maintain with the Central In- telligence Agency and with each other, as appropriate to their respective responsibilities, a continuing interchange of intelligence information and intelligence available to them. 9. The intelligence files in each intelligence or- ganization, including the CIA, shall be made available under security regulations of the Department or Agency con- cerned to the others for consultation. 10; The intelligence organizations within the limits of their capabilities shall provide, or procure, such in- telligence as may be requested by the Director of Central Intelligence or by one of the other Departments or Agencies. 11, The Director of Central Intelligence shall make arrangements with the respective Departments and Agencies to assign to the Central Intelligence Agency such experi- enced and qualified officers and members as maybe of ad- vantage for advisory, operational, or other purposes, in addition to such personnel as the Director of Central In- telligence may directly employ, In each case, such depart- mental personnel will be subject to the necessary. personnel procedures of each Department. NSCIDAplproved For Release 2001/07/26: CA-RDP67-00059A000100070032 gFCRET SECR~T