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December 12, 2016
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August 24, 2000
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April 23, 1948
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7 LA t7T. i'C)r..x~~E C ~,~NT?p L trl LLL 9142 TANDARD FORM NO. 64 F,f Approved elease 02/010 : CIAA-RDP67-0005p$A OA.1.0J 01000L3L9-L76 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO . 'exec. for Adm. and an. FROM : Chief, Reference Center SUBJECT: Current Objectives; Biographic Intelligence DATE: 23 April 194.8 1. NSCID No. S, probably to be issued in the near future, will assign to CIA primary responsibility among thy; IAC Agencies for biographic intelli- gence concerning foreign scientists. Biographic Register does rot now have available a sufficient number.of cleared personnel to maintain all current operations while, in addition, making a concentrated effort to meet its new responsibility. It therefore bedmmes necessary to reorient current operations and to schedule the most efficient possible deployment of available manpower. The following plan will be put into effect upon the issuance of the Directive: 25X1A 2. Current services to CIA analysts, and to outside agencies through OCD, must be continued. (Chief of the Intelligence Section in the Biographic Intelligence Register), and three of his five analysts will remain on deck in the M-Building to service all requests. 3. The State Department Indexing Service will be discontinued, for the time being, unless State is willing that it be continued by provision- ally cleared personnel. All cleared personnel must be employed upon classified work in the areas of primary responsibility. 4. Navy Department files will be dealt with first. Two of the five 25X1A intelligence analysts, probably will be directed to report daily to Room 1 2-, avy Department ey will take with them the analyst reports already prepared by CIA for foreign scien- tists, together with an alphabetic index to them.They will then check the analyst reports and index against Navy Department filed, adding new information to the analyst reports as necessary and making up new reports for scientists not in the CIA index.. They will stick to this job until the Navy Department files on foreign scientists are completely exploited. If the Davy Department offers, as it did a year ago, to lend segments of its files to CIA then the two analysts will perform the same duties but in the M-Building. Air Force Files, now being developed, will be dealt with by as may be necessary, and will extend all possible assistance to Air Forces in the planning of their operation. Insofar as possible he will ensure that tabulation and coding systems used at Wright Field are identical with those used by CIA. He will also attempt to arrange exchange of biographic data between CIA and Wright riihld in the form of punched cards and abstracts. 6. War Department files will be approached only after the Navy files have been exploited, as it is likel3 that Army cooperation will be less (Acting Chief of the Register). He will maintain close contact with the Air Force project, making such trips to Wright Field Approved For ease rO/OlE POO Approved For Re we 2002/01/10: ( a6-9+00059A 010 039- reluctant when CIA has more to offer from its own files. 7. State Department files will be dealt with last, as it is unlikely that they contain records on foreign scientists who are not also recorded in files of the other agencies. . 8. Reference Center will make every effort to obtain additional cleared personnel for Biographic Intelligence Register. U Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : IA7-00059A000100100039-7