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December 12, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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March 15, 1948
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SKR Et Approved For Relate 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDrot-00059A0001110100055-9 Executive for drninietration Chief Reference Center Agenda for the meeting on March 22n1 of the IAC standing Committee gin iNtagem Reference Center has no comment to offer concerning Scientific Attaches except that, if the lemented, Reference Center will provide such machine be requested for the indexing and listing of the Attaches' n put. It is aloo auggeeted that Scientific Attaches, if the la in consequence of this proposal, should receive care- trination by Biographical Intelligence Register and Foreign ustrial Register in CIA before setting forth. 2. Oipgrgnhic Datil 9 ientificeTsonaMti9p. The proposal that CIA assume primary respox$bt1itj for this category of biographic intel- ligence originated in Reference Center after coneiderable discussion with biographic analysts in the other IAC agencies. The following points deserve mentiont There is now gr a In comp Department analy proportion of their t ication of effort among the IAC ?reign scientific pereonaliti eir clerical help spend u very in abstracting such data from and War Department forms. The we're is true in both the and War Departments, where analysts must deal with the tion received on Navy Department forms. Files and dossiers maintained in the several departments overlap. b. Overlap, and duplication of effort, sre far Iea ex- ANe in those categorise of biographic intelligence where ry responsibility elis been ascumed by specifIc agenciee. w turn to State for data on political personalities, to data on ev.)-itary pereonalities, and to Ravy for data on naval personalities. If primary responsibility for scien- tific persona/itis is concentrated in CIA, (1) enelysts of other agencies need no longer devote extensive attention to such data when received from sources external to their own agency, (2) they will be able to devote more concentrated attention and deal more thoroughly with such data when received through their own agencies' sources, and (3) they vill be aaeured of a single complete file in CIA of all such data received from all IAC agencies. 25X1B Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000100100055-9 SECRET Approved For Relate 2002/01/10 : 67-00059A0001'00100055-9 25X1B a- between CIA and other IC agencies now (I) te Department files are currently being exploIt for index larposes0 by CIA personnel '.efrkiag in :tate De sent. This project is proving of mutual advantage to both office r the machine index reveals duplications within State L!partrnent files which would not otherwise come to light. (2) Na to CIA C01446 that coopers currently traas atific personallt on on the working level is ruonabj great value 2.5 believed ffective. 3) The 8cientiftc Branch, ONI? 16 cooperative but has transmitted fe date ave on specific request. It is believed to be too short of personnel to exploit fully the data 011 scientific personaUties which it receives. On the working level this office has expressed the belief that its afficioneY will be improved if it is tuthorised by ONI to cease abstract? ing data from rar Department and State Department forme, and to concentrate its abstracting work on data from Navy sources. Such authorisation by OE would depend, presumably, upon the effectivenese of CIA in providing a central service for all IAC agencies. (4) The Air Forces,. T-2 pro at real value. rright Field through believed to have come into possession information which should be centrally dad some piece?meal data foreign scientists, ie onsiderable biographic ed. Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000100100055-9 NEWT Approved For Release 2002/01/10: 0059A000100100055-9 mment is offered on the propo&I con ig the Inter? ntelligence Production Program. 25X1A SECREND Approved For Release 2002/01/1_ 67-00059A000100100055-9 25X1A Ap d For Re se 2006/01/10 IA-RDP67-00059A00 00100055-9 Gr- 13 jvire e?-- 44- ? ? frit C A A-14A' 2 /.3 Approved For Release 2002/01/10 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000100100055-9